Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our first blog post!

So this is it.....the official FIRST POST of the MJM Magic Blog! I haven't been this excited since I ended puberty.

Yes, it's taken years for us to hop on board with a blog, but better late than never. So what can you come to expect from this blog?
  • We plan to announce new and upcoming products that deserve special focus
  • We will highlight specials and promotions that you may not be aware of
  • Most importantly, we may simply use it as an outlet to rant and let you know what is going on in our personal lives
Bottom line: when people think of MJM Magic, they think of customer service, and this is one more way for us to bring you into our world. We want to inform you not only of magic related items, but also of things that are important to us.

I know when I shop at a place, I like to feel like I KNOW the people. This is what this blog is all about.

So check back frequently for any new updates.

Keep smiling,
- Jeff

1 comment:

Lance said...

So mad. I pre-ordered Richard Sanders Effect: Identity from his site thinking you would not be able to preorder any else. Boy was I wroung. I should have known. I even paid more for it. I should have known MjM magic would have it for preorder. There the best magic store on line. I buy alot of magic over the past year from these guys and alleays get the best service and the fastest shiping around. Thanks guys never again will I stray away.