Monday, April 23, 2018

"The gimmick is very clever!" - David Penn

"Wait until you see what you can do with this thing!!!"

UNLOAD 2.0 by Anthony Stan and Magic Smile Productions

What if I told you that we could give you a utility that would make an entire deck disappear?  But it could also do a Rising Card effect?   How about if it could also allow you to secretly and quickly EXTRACT cards from it?   How about color changes?

This utility gimmick will do all of that and MORE!

It comes in red and blue, so be sure to choose the color deck that you prefer to use:
This is expected to sell out, so preorder it now and we will ship it out in a few days when it's released!


I was up all night wondering where the sun had gone.   Then it dawned on me.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

MJM Magic Update: Your Downloads Access now even EASIER!

We hope you all had a great weekend.   I ended up putting in a lot of time to make a huge improvement to our website, and specifically, the way you can access your purchased downloads.

You see, in the past, whenever you purchased a download, the company who streams it to your account provided you with a SEPARATE PASSWORD to access it.

This led to a lot of confusion, because our customers now had to juggle two different passwords.   One was to SHOP with their account, and the other was to ACCESS their downloads.

WE NEVER LIKED THAT.......but we really didn't have any other option.   We had to deal with it.

Until now.  :)

I worked all weekend, and I think I have come up with a better solution for you guys.   Let me know what you think:

1.   You no longer need TWO passwords for anything on our website.  The only password that you use is the one to log into your customer account!

2.  To access your download purchases, you simply would log into your customer account first (as you normally would to shop), and then head to the new Downloads Access page:   It will automatically display your downloads whenever you're logged in!

(If you try to access the downloads without being logged in, it will simply tell you to log in first.)

After you log in and go back, your downloads will be displayed automatically.

It's not a perfect workflow, and I may need to tweak it a bit, but I think it's VASTLY IMPROVED over how it used to be. 

For those of you who have purchased downloads in the past, give it a shot and let me know if you have any problems! 

And if you haven't purchased downloads, here is a FREE DOWNLOAD you can add to your empty shopping cart to try it out at no cost:

Just push that through as a new order, and then access the downloads page to watch it!

So in closing:

1.  Log into your customer account first here:

2.  Then head over to the new Downloads Area (link in the footer of our website, or here):

That's it!    Hope it helps ease some headaches for those of you who were confused by the old two-password system. 

If you have any suggestions, comments, or trouble, feel free to contact me through the website and let me know.

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash, CEO


Why don't Jamaican people secure their homes?  Because they dread locks!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

"Learn this one in minutes. Use it for a lifetime!" - Download Today!

In today's VAULT, we are unleashing one of the best impromptu bill effects we've ever seen.

The Vault - Energy Bill by Andrew Gerard video DOWNLOAD

A bill is borrowed, signed, and placed on the table. Held at the performer's fingertips, the bill starts to move. The performer lets go of the bill and steps a few feet away... the bill continues to move! Finally, the performer gestures and the bill falls over!

Watch the DEMO VIDEO:

Energy Bill has the potential to devastate even the most hardened skeptic...
  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • No static
  • No blowing
  • Performed with a borrowed bill/no switches
  • Examinable before and after
  • No devices used of any kind
Download the video and learn to do this amazing feat!


 Why do lots of Americans wear tank tops?  Because they have a right to bare arms!

Friday, April 13, 2018

"This will allow you to make a signed card appear ANYWHERE!!"

To me, the best kind of magic trick is where you SWITCH something right in front of the spectator, and it's completely INVISIBLE and UNDETECTABLE to them!

Why does that feel so good?!   It's because YOU KNOW that THEY have NO IDEA what just took place.   You literally switch something in the OPEN, and it's so deceptively easy and satisfying to pull the wool over their eyes!

Check out this new effect at MJM Magic called "NO BOX", which we're sure you're going to love!

NO BOX by Gonçalo Gil and MacGimmick

This special gimmick will allow you to make a signed card appear anywhere, limited only by your imagination.

And remember:
  • Everything can be examined
  • The cards can be given to your spectators as a souvenir
  • You can apply the gimmick to different locations/objects
  • No black art
  • No pre-show work
Order now and we will ship it out when it's released in about a week's time:


R.I.P. Boiling Water.   You will be mist.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

"Two Incredible Card Forces that you can download today!"

The Vault - Two Incredible Forces by Lubor Fiedler and Gary Ouellet (From the Hand Picked Astonishments Series Volume #2) video DOWNLOAD

Can I be honest with you?   I'm of the firm belief that CARD FORCES are one of the best "magic tricks" out there.   Why?   Because if you have the power to force a card on someone, you can literally come up with HUNDREDS of tricks with it.

This is why in today's VAULT, we are teaching you two extremely deceptive card forces.

Check them out here and begin learning these today:

The demo video is for the entire Card Forces DVD (which teaches 10 different forces for $19.95), but in this special VAULT file, you will get access to TWO of them at half the price.

These are simple and sure-fire card forces that you can add to your ninja skill set today.

Fiedler's Flyer by Lubor Fiedler
This has been one of magic's best kept underground secrets for years. It is a card force and a vanish of the card all at the same time. You ask a spectator to thoroughly shuffle a deck of playing cards. When they are satisfied, you then ask to borrow their driver's license. They stick their driver's license into the deck anywhere they want and are asked to simply look at the random card next to where they stuck their license. They have now chosen a card in the fairest possible manner and are thinking of it in their head. Now... the miracle. You ask them to go through the deck and find the card they were thinking of and... yes, it is gone! The card they are just thinking of can reappear in your wallet, inside your shoe or any other place your creativity takes you.

The Touch Force by Gary Ouellet
The cards are shuffled, and the spectator has a truly free choice to touch the back of any card in the deck. You now open the deck up like a book to show them their card as you clearly turn your head away. You should have no idea what card they have chosen and are now thinking of... but of course you do. This is one of the cleanest and most deceptive forces on the planet and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, on this download you will also learn how this force can double as a card control as well.

Note: As mentioned, both of these forces were taken from The Handpicked Astonishments Series Volume #2 and we highly suggest that you purchase the full download if you enjoy these two exceptional forces:



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As I walked to the door she yelled, "I hope you die a long, slow, painful death."

I turned around and said, "So, you want me to stay?"

Monday, April 09, 2018

"A self-working powerhouse of playing card mentalism!" Blackpool SELL OUT!

We all can agree: performing a card trick that involves MULTIPLE people is always better than a single person.   People like to be included in the fun, and this brand new effect is PERFECT for that!

Omen (DVD and Gimmicks) by Chris Congreave

Consider the following:
  • It's a two person effect (so double the amazement)
  • It's a THREE Phase Climax routine, involving both magic and mentalism!
  • Super easy to perform so you can begin adding this to your regular set!
Check out the demo video and see why this was a SELLOUT at the BLACKPOOL Magic Convention:

Both magicians and laymen RAVED about this one, and we are super excited to present it to you here at MJM Magic!

Order today and we will begin shipping within this next week when it's released:


An elderly couple is in church. The wife says to the husband, "I've let out one of those silent farts, what do I do?"

The husband says, "For starters, change the battery in your hearing aid."

Saturday, April 07, 2018

"Six Powerful Card Effects plus Two Bonuses for only $25.00!"

There are a few facts in life.   We all like hugs.   We all think farts are gross.   And anyone who loves card magic gets EXCITED whenever John Bannon comes out with new material!

Dealing With It Season 1 by John Bannon Check out this upcoming DVD which we are proud to carry:

The demo video is only a teaser trailer, but if you know John Bannon's material, then you already know that it's going to be good.

I personally watched him explain some of the effects on this DVD and it's well worth the price.  Wait until you see him perform (and explain) "Cross Eyed Jacks", an amazing sandwich effect where a spectator's card ends up between two Jacks with handling so devious, it happens under the spectator's nose without them noticing anything!

Also, "Rendezvous" is a story-telling effect that is sure to captivate your audience!

This DVD is only $25.00 but you learn SIX amazing routines with a regular deck of playing cards.   That's only $4.16 per routine which is a STEAL for these hard-hitting effects!  

In addition, he also teaches you two bonuses: the Hybrid Holdout and the Double Dutch False Cut (a false cut so deceiving, you'd swear it was mixed up even though every card is kept in the same order).

Preorder it now and it will automatically ship to you in about a week:


 A magician was driving down the street......He turned into a driveway.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

"This is one of the most SHOCKING impromptu tricks in the world!"

Sometimes, you just need to FREAK PEOPLE OUT.    There's no two ways about it.   Magic is memorable, but when you do something that makes people SQUIRM, it's so much fun!

MJM Magic presents to you the classic Indian Bean Mystery by the great Tom Mullica:

The Vault - Indian Bean Mystery by Tom Mullica video DOWNLOAD

One of the most shocking impromptu tricks in the world!

Tom Mullica teaches you the world's ultimate geek-inspired effect with nothing more than four little objects. Only four objects are ever used!

Simple to do. Freaks people out. Highly Memorable. No Palming, switching, or ditching -- the brilliant structure of the routine puts you way ahead of the game.

Download this fail-safe, anytime anywhere miracle today!



Why is a dog mans best friend?  Lock your dog and your wife in a trunk for an hour and see who's happier to see you when you let them out.

Monday, April 02, 2018

"This is the iPhone trick that everyone is talking about!"

Chris Kenworthey and Mark Mason Present EYEPHONE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Alan Boyd


If you're looking for the perfect peeking device, something that is modern and undetectable, then look no further!

Chris Kenworthey and Mark Mason present EYEPHONE by Alan Boyd:

This is perfect to reveal names, places, or even the LOCK CODE for a spectator's phone!

It has everything you can want with an effect:
  • EVERYDAY OBJECT - check!
  • ANY LANGUAGE - check!
  • NO QUESTIONS - check!
  • NO RESET - check!
  • SUPER EASY - check!
Due to the demand for this product, only an EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY is coming, so if you preorder this now, you will be one of the fortunate few to grab it:

Chris Kenworthey and Mark Mason Present EYEPHONE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Alan Boyd


I accidentally drank the water we used to color eggs for Easter.   I think I dyed a little inside.