Saturday, April 07, 2018

"Six Powerful Card Effects plus Two Bonuses for only $25.00!"

There are a few facts in life.   We all like hugs.   We all think farts are gross.   And anyone who loves card magic gets EXCITED whenever John Bannon comes out with new material!

Dealing With It Season 1 by John Bannon Check out this upcoming DVD which we are proud to carry:

The demo video is only a teaser trailer, but if you know John Bannon's material, then you already know that it's going to be good.

I personally watched him explain some of the effects on this DVD and it's well worth the price.  Wait until you see him perform (and explain) "Cross Eyed Jacks", an amazing sandwich effect where a spectator's card ends up between two Jacks with handling so devious, it happens under the spectator's nose without them noticing anything!

Also, "Rendezvous" is a story-telling effect that is sure to captivate your audience!

This DVD is only $25.00 but you learn SIX amazing routines with a regular deck of playing cards.   That's only $4.16 per routine which is a STEAL for these hard-hitting effects!  

In addition, he also teaches you two bonuses: the Hybrid Holdout and the Double Dutch False Cut (a false cut so deceiving, you'd swear it was mixed up even though every card is kept in the same order).

Preorder it now and it will automatically ship to you in about a week:


 A magician was driving down the street......He turned into a driveway.

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