Monday, January 17, 2022

"The Hopping Half but with Chinese Coins!"


Just wait until you see how smoothly these coins fit together!  It even shows a demonstration on the demo video and it's as smooth as butter!

Check it out:

The HCC Coin Set is the latest release by N2G, so you know these are going to sell fast.  It's the classic Hopping Half routine, but with Chinese coins.

Effect: Put two coins in your hand and take out one at a time, but there are always two coins in your hand. Then they disappear and are found in your pocket or purse.

Plus, you can do color changes (red to black, etc) as demonstrated on their video.

  •     Perform The Hopping Half, but with Chinese coins!
  •     Contains a full set of prop coins as well as 2 real coins
  •     Includes detailed online instructions

With the high-quality coin workmanship as always, HCC is your best choice for a hopping coin set!

Order your HCC Coin Set today:



MJM Magic is proud to present a ton of new products from the Ellusionist Brand!

Check them all out here:

You can view our Ellusionist products right here:



As you may know, we launched an awesome NEW FEATURE on our website that gives you up to 90% OFF certain items all throughout the day.

Up until now, you could find the current Quick Grab Sale product on the right hand menu of our website.........but it was a little harder for mobile / smartphone users to find it (because we don't have side menus for those platforms).

So now, if you're visiting our website on a mobile device, you can find the Quick Grab Sale product now displayed on our home page (it will be the first item displayed!)  It will look like the screenshot shown on the right.

It will also be displayed near the very bottom of every product page you're viewing as well.

Hope this helps you keep track of these deals happening all throughout the day!




Want to know the easiest way to determine the gender of a cat?

Pour some milk into a bowl and place it next to the cat.   If she drinks it, the cat is a female, but if he drinks it, the cat is a male.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

"A sleeveless vanish of a coin with almost no sleight-of-hand!"


"This is going to become an everyday carry for me." - Eric Jones

Black Ops allows you to do a sleeveless vanish of a coin with almost no sleight of hand.

The gimmick is custom-engineered to decoy as a generic smartwatch. It comes in under the radar and retrieves the coin - RIGHT UNDER THE SPECTATOR'S NOSE.

Before they even know the coin has vanished - it's already hidden, in stealth mode, inside your watch.

Watch the demo video:

Black Ops Watch is as smooth as it is silent. It's there when you need it - and is hidden in plain sight for when you don't.

You can make that coin vanish so freely, so cleanly that the only hard bit is deciding where you're going to make it appear again.

  • In their pocket?
  • Under a glass?
  • In their hat? (In the trailer Ryan used Eric Jones' New Era effect - taught on Collective EP to do this)
  • You can have it appear literally anywhere.


Order yours today:



The bad news: our supplier called us to say that Orphic+ has sold out.

The good news: we reserved an extra amount because we knew it was a solid product.

The bad news: we are down to less than 10 left!

The good news: at the moment of this email, you may be able to get one of those remaining units!

If you don't know what ORPHIC+ is, it's the ultimate everyday-carry wallet for magicians, allowing you to perform peeks, switches, and secrets loads LIKE A BOSS!

You can see all the cool features and performances here:

Unlike other wallets (which may let you peek at a card one type of way), ORPHIC+ gives you multiple ways to peek that information!

There is so much you can do with this!

Order yours today (while supplies last):

And don't worry ---- if you click the link and it's all sold out, we do plan to get more in the future.  It just may be many weeks from now.  Or you can always order the slimmer "business card size" version here.



I decided to stop calling the bathroom "John" and renamed it the "Jim".

I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

"BERMUDA is the perfect torn transposition effect!"


"A perfect demonstration of the Bermuda Triangle mystery!"

You've heard of the Bermuda Triangle, right?  You know, that place where mysterious things happen and objects disappear?

Imagine that you tear off a corner of a card, and you clearly show the corner resting on top of the card.   But then, just like the Bermuda Triangle, the torn corner disappears!   It's GONE.

Only to reappear wherever you want it to: inside the card box, or inside of a sugar packet, etc.

Watch the demo video:

  • No DIY - handmade gimmick comes ready to go

  • Very visual effect, perfect for live or online performances

  • Detailed instructions include SIX unique ways to vanish the corner, multiple ways to reveal the corner, and instructions that guide you through making your own gimmicks so you can use any cards for Bermuda

BERMUDA is available in either red or blue, so choose your preferred color below:



I just watched a beautiful naked woman do stand-up comedy.

Never laughed so hard in my life.


Sunday, January 09, 2022

"The most psychologically deceptive peek EVER!"


"A wallet design so genius, they didn't think it was possible."

If you perform magic, then you should definitely have some kind of magician's wallet.   There's many on the market, but consider this brand new release which has got the pros excited about!

ORPHIC by Lewis Le Val is designed with no moving parts, so nothing will ever break.   With your Orphic wallet, you will be able to easily PEEK information, SWITCH items, and secretly LOAD cards into it without palming!

Watch the demo video:

It's the perfect wallet for both MAGICIANS and for MENTALISTS!

  • - Super high quality, real leather, wallet that can be used as an everyday carry!
  • - Peek, load, and switch functions!
  • - Five different peeking methods taught!
  • - Three mentalism routines from Lewis Lé Val and two magic routines from Craig Petty

The wallet looks good.   It feels good.  And it's functional as both a real wallet and a magic/mentalist tool!

Choose your size below when ordering to get what is best for you:

NOTE: You can do all the same effects with both sizes.  But if you mainly perform with playing cards, you may consider the Orphic+ size which is 1cm wider to hold the cards with more room.



" of the best downloads of the year... I LOVE this trick" - Craig Petty

If you have access to wine glasses, then this will be something you will want to perform!

You have not one but TWO SPECTATORS select two different cards.   Both are signed and both are lost in the middle of the deck.

You then put the deck into a wine glass, cards facing the spectator, so they can see them.........

You cover the wine glass with a napkin, and magically make the first card appear facing the spectators!   You then repeat the process a second time to reveal the second spectator's signed card!

Check out the video:


This is a 31 minute download that you can get immediate access to after purchase!   Just head over to your MJM Magic Downloads Area to access it!

Purchase the Signed Cards in Glass here:



So there I am, alone with my wife (Brandi). She leans closer and whispers in my ear. . .

"Tell me something you've never told anyone at all."

After a pause, I whisper back, "I think the Owl People are already among us."


"Holy crap!!!"


Friday, January 07, 2022

"The TOP FIVE Magic Tricks of 2021"

A few days ago, we published the top 10 bestselling items in our store, but many of those items were playing cards.   So we reached out to our main supplier and asked them for a list of their TOP SELLING MAGIC TRICKS for the year. 

These five items sold more than any other trick in 2021, and for good reason!

1.  COGNITO (Highly Recommended)

The best magic app of 2021, this app keeps on growing bigger and bigger.   The community keeps adding and coming up with new applications for this one, so you keep getting more and more value for one low price.

Honestly, there has never been a more popular magic app for your phone than Cognito.   Simply purchase it from us to get your activation code, and then you can activate the app to use it!

Purchase Cognito:


2.  ECLIPSE (Secretly Marked ESP Cards)

Durable ESP cards that you can read from across the room, by Christopher Dee and The 1914.   This one was completely sold out these past few weeks, but we got a small amount left available!

Eclipse is a secretly marked deck of 25 ESP cards (+ gaffs) meaning that YOU know which card your spectator is holding at any time by secretly glimpsing the marks on the back. But these marks are like NO other.

Purchase Eclipse:


3.  GRAVITY REEL (Levitation Utility Device)

Levitation magic has finally been mastered, and you can master it too with Joao Miranda.  You will learn over 20 EFFECTS AND TIPS in 4+ HOURS of detailed instruction.

Purchase Gravity Reel:


4.  NEXUS WALLET (Multi-Purpose Wallet - Thin Profile)

This modern, minimal wallet is the ultimate wallet for both magicians and mentalists alike.

The Nexus Wallet was developed to make your peek feel so naturally motivated that it flies by even when you know what to look for. You touch the wallet for a brief second as you place it on the table, or onto the spectator's hand, and DING, you've got all the info you need. No suspicious moves, it truly feels like nothing has happened at all.

Purchase Nexus Wallet:


5.  PERFECT PEN (Penetrate any paper currency)

John Cornelius takes his classical invention to the next level with his latest version of The Perfect Pen.  You take a dollar bill and penetrate the pen through it.  Then, despite ripping the pen through the bill, it is left unharmed!  The pen and the bill may then be handed out immediately for complete examination! The pen is 100% examinable!! That's right, Nothing added or taken away!! The Pen may be written with and refilled.

Purchase Perfect Pen:



If you ever wanted to take some fake Monopoly and turn it into REAL MONEY, then you'll want to pick this one up!  

It's already SOLD OUT at the supplier level, but because we purchased extra units, we still have them available for you here.

  •     Transform monopoly money into real money!
  •     Comes with bills in different currencies
  •     The bill is immediately inspectable

Check out the demo video and pick this one up here (shipping soon):



What's the opposite of irony?



Monday, January 03, 2022

"A super practical and IMPROMPTU effect! Download right now!"


"There are no gimmicks used. It will be a classic!"

Arguably, the best kind of trick is the one you can perform right now, impromptu, with fully examinable items.  This is why you're going to love "The Mystery of Ten Coins!"

Imagine this: Ten regular coins are left on the table. The spectator separates FIVE of those coins and hides them under his hand or a cup.

Then he grabs the remaining five coins, mixes them thoroughly and drops them onto the table.

You look at how many coins have fallen heads and how many tails. (for example, 3 heads and 2 tails).

Inexplicably, the five coins that the spectator withdrew at the beginning of the effect, exactly match the coins that he mixed himself! 3 heads and 2 tails! Amazing!

Watch the full performance here:

It's like an OUT OF THIS WORLD effect but with regular, non-gimmicked coins!  And it works every time!


  •     Ten regular coins.
  •     Totally impromptu.
  •     Spectator does all the work
  •     A miraculous prediction
  •     A super practical and killer effect.
  •     Easy to do
  •     A very clever method that will blow your mind.

Download this today from our website and begin learning it now:



I asked my girlfriend if I could make her mine.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" she shouted, eyes filled with tears.

"Great!" I said.  "Now take this pick axe and go find me some gold!"


Saturday, January 01, 2022

"Transform Monopoly money into real money!"


"Let's start 2022 with a BANG!"

We hope you all had a great NEW YEAR celebration!  We hope you all find the financial power to create money in 2022.......which is why we're excited to present our latest effect, "MR MONOPOLY by Julio Montoro!"

Do you want to change a monopoly bill into a real one visually? Now you can!

Watch and see how crazy visual this looks:

With this effect you will take a Monopoly bill from your wallet and, in the most visual way you can imagine, you will transform it into a real one. The best part? At this point you can give the real bill to your spectator or pay with it!

The gimmick comes ready to go, and it is fully customizable to any currency in the world. The customization will take you less than 1 min. to do. You will also get extra material for the customization with fake bills of many different currencies, so you don't need to rip any of your bills.

What do you get with it?

  •     A handcrafted Monopoly gimmick ready to go.
  •     A normal Monopoly bill.
  •     Extra material for the customization.

Order MR MONOPOLY today -


QUICK GRAB SALE - Items up to 90% off!!!!

A few days ago, we announced our most exciting new feature to the MJM Magic website: the Quick Grab Sale box!

Every couple of hours, we select a brand new item from our vast inventory warehouse, and we offer it to you for prices LOWER THAN WHOLESALE.  

That would be like shopping at Costco for magic, and then getting a huge employee discount off those already-low items!

Just go to the MJM Magic website and you will see the current Quick Grab Sale item on the right hand side of our website!   (Or if on a mobile device, scroll near the bottom of any page and it will show up there).   It will look like the image you see here.

BONUS - Do you want to be informed every time a new item is thrown up on the Quick Grab Box?  If that's you, then we have an easy solution: follow us here on Facebook or on Twitter.  Both of those platforms will announce when the next item goes live, so you can be notified and click a link to head directly to the next product!



We had so many best selling products, but we filtered our results by the TOP SELLING items in our store.  It's no surprise that many of these are playing cards (because they're inexpensive, but also very popular and eye-catching designs).

Some of these are still so popular, they are currently sold out (like ABSEE by Spidey), but we're putting it on the list in case you want to sign up to be notified when it's back in stock.


(2021 Bestselling Items Across our Entire Store)


1. Avengers: Infinity Saga Playing Cards by theory11 Avengers: Infinity Saga Playing Cards by theory11
$9.95 - Premium playing cards inspired by Marvel Studios' The Infinity Saga Since the debut of Iron Man in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has captivated the hearts and minds of loyal fans all over the world. Follow the eleven year journey of Marvel Studios' The Infinity Saga and the adventures...... more info
2. Cognito (App & Online Instructions) by Lloyd Barnes & Owen Garfield - Instant Download Cognito (App & Online Instructions) by Lloyd Barnes & Owen Garfield - Instant Download
$29.95 - "The best app of the decade." - Craig Petty "Cognito is genius. What an incredible tool with limitless possibilities. 11/10" - Christian Grace Magicians and mentalists have strived for centuries to crack the code of real mind reading. COGNITO is the closest you will ever come to...... more info
3. James Bond 007 Playing Cards by theory11 James Bond 007 Playing Cards by theory11
$9.95 - James Bond first appeared on our screens in the classic 1962 film Dr. No. 58 years later, 007 is still our favorite secret agent. In celebration of the twenty-fifth installment in the beloved James Bond series - No Time To Die - theory11 proudly presents James Bond 007 Playing Cards . Elegance,...... more info
4. Star Wars Dark Side Silver Edition Playing Cards (Graphite Grey) by theory11 Star Wars Dark Side Silver Edition Playing Cards (Graphite Grey) by theory11
$9.95 - Channel your inner Sith, join the First Order, or maintain order in the galaxy alongside Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Army. The Dark Side deck features Darth Vader's lightsaber, the Death Star, and the Empire's fleet of starships. "You don't know the power of the dark...... more info
5. Grateful Dead Playing Cards by theory11 Grateful Dead Playing Cards by theory11
$9.95 - Premium playing cards Formed in 1965, the Grateful Dead became a cultural institution that has spanned over half a century. Fusing rock and roll, folk, and jazz with avant-garde, visual, and literary traditions - they became one of the most popular, enduring, and influential bands in American...... more info
6. A.B.See (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Spidey - Trick A.B.See (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Spidey - Trick
$34.95 - "This is sooo good!!! The routines are jaw droppers, the cards are beautifully made and look exactly as they should, the instruction is jam-packed with fantastic info and anyone can learn it in a few minutes. The value here is insane. Kudos to Spidey. This is a home run." - Ben Seidman...... more info
7. Provision Playing Cards by theory11 Provision Playing Cards by theory11
$9.95 - It's been called the birthplace of America. Dating back to 1682, Philadelphia is a city with a history and culture unlike any other. Provision Playing Cards is a monument to the city's historic past and a tribute to its present. Illustrated by hand in Philadelphia, Provision Playing Cards...... more info
8. The Vault - Induction by Spidey video DOWNLOAD The Vault - Induction by Spidey video DOWNLOAD
$49.95 - Learn Hypnosis! "If you are looking for practical information on building a show, I think you will be sufficiently impressed with Induction ." - John Wilson, Magic Magazine "Spidey is without a doubt the busiest hypnotist I know in today's market and THE authority on modern stage...... more info
9. Star Wars Light Side Silver Edition Playing Cards (White) by theory11 Star Wars Light Side Silver Edition Playing Cards (White) by theory11
$9.95 - The Light Side Join Jedi Knights, climb aboard the Millennium Falcon, and become a Rebel or Resistance hero. The LightSide deck features Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, R2-D2, and fighters from the Rebel fleet."May the Force be with you." Light Side - The Box Embossed and foil stamped...... more info
10. Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control - Trick Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control - Trick
Sale: $85.49 - At last, the world's FIRST magic wand in now available for you to buy and own. Perfectly balanced in the hand and weighted for accuracy, the Kymera will allow you to impress and amaze your friends and family with its specially developed "action at a distance" capabilities. No home is...... more info




A drunk wakes up in jail on New Years Day and asks the first police officer he sees, "Why am I here?"

The cop replies, "For drinking."

"Great!" slurs the man. "When do we start?"