Friday, April 30, 2021

"Do THIS with all that Amazon plastic packaging material!"


"A stunning card penetration that gets incredible reactions!"

The Vault - Air Lock by Ryan Joyce video DOWNLOAD

Let me have ordered something off Amazon before, am I right?   How's THAT for mentalism,  folks!  :)

Chances are, if you've purchased anything from Amazon, you've gotten those puffy, air-filled packaging protectors in the box.   Most of us just throw that away (or POP it out loud to scare a child or family pet)!

But now you can use to perform some great virtual magic!

Check out AIR LOCK by Ryan Joyce:

Openly push the spectator's freely chosen playing card into the center of a packaging air bubble.

It's a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED and MIND-BLOWING moment for your audience, PLUS it makes a KILLER ENDING to your existing card routines.

Effect: Tell your audience you have an unique way to keep special memories. You introduce a packaging air cushion and their chosen card. You openly and freely PUSH their card into the center which is shown from ALL angles

Download AIR LOCK today -



It hasn't even been one day since we announced the newest product, Pi Revelations by David Penn......and yet, we're almost sold out!   This item is arriving tomorrow, and we only have about 6 units left for purchase.

(The supplier is already sold out and no telling when more will be coming back).

Pi Revelations allows you to have a spectator name ANY FOUR DIGIT NUMBER, and you will be able to tell them exactly where it's located in a number that's over 50,000 digits long!

Read more about it here:



Side effects may include weight gain, irritability, and loss of sex drive.

Ask your doctor if marriage is right for you.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

"This makes you appear to have the abilities of 'Rain Man', and then some." - Peter Turner


"The secret is just as mind blowing as the revelation itself."

Pi Revelations by David Penn - Book

This is incredible.  In fact, BEFORE YOU WATCH the video, let me explain what the basic routine is.

The Effect: You explain about the number Pi, which is '3' followed by an infinite amount of random numbers.   So large, in fact, that you hand out a book which has Pi printed out to 50,000 decimal places.

You explain that it's such a magical number that ANY COMBINATION OF NUMBERS will be found SOMEWHERE in the number of Pi.   To prove it, you perform an amazing demonstration.

You take out your iPhone, and you hand it to one, two, or even three spectators.  Each one will type in a random number.

For example, the first person may type in the year they were born.   The second may type in their house  number.   The third person is told to put something that means something to them which no one else could their PIN number.

You then end up with a random 4 digit number.  Let's pretend that the number comes up to 9535.

Even though the numbers were randomly generated, you will be able to tell the spectator which PAGE number, which LINE number, and how many digits across to count in the book......and there, they will see their exact four digit number - 9535!   (This number could be different for you, so when you perform, it might be 1022, or 9788, etc).

IMPOSSIBLE!  How could you know the exact location of that random number?!!? 

That alone is enough to make you a LEGEND.  But there's more!

Even though the third spectator never told you their secret four digit pin number, you have them say it out loud for the first time.  Let's say they declare, "My secret number was 7289." 

(They don't have to say it out loud if you're only performing for them.......but saying it out loud in front of others will be more powerful).

You then tell them exactly where THAT NUMBER is located in the Pi book from your own memory!  "Please go to page 74, then go 5 lines down, and count across to the 12th digit."    They will be floored to see their PIN NUMBER at the exact spot!

Watch the demo videos:

With this purchase, you will get the physical Pi Revelation book, and it will come with access to an easy-to-follow instructional video with David Penn!

It's SUPER EASY to perform!   Use your own iPhone and it doesn't require you to download any apps!  You will look like a super-computer with your ability to find random four digit numbers!  

Although the Pi Revelation could also be used with other magic-related apps that you may have purchased in the it has a lot of built-in value with other products!

But believe me, this is strong enough to perform exactly as described above!

Shipping this week, so order yours today to get it first!

Pi Revelation by David Penn

BONUS TIP: You will get FREE USA SHIPPING on any order that purchases this item!
BONUS TIP #2: There are many magic-related apps on the market which now integrate themselves with the Pi Revelation book.   For example, one of them which we sell is Inject 2 by Greg Rostrami.  So if you already own Inject 2, then you will be happy to know that it's now updated to incorporate the Pi Revelation system into it!  



A drunk wakes up in jail, "Why am I here officer?"

"For drinking." replies the cop.

"Great," says the man. "When do we start?"


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

"A devious secret that will appeal to all coin workers. I love mine." - Joshua Jay


"Beautifully crafted, simple in design, and diabolical." - Michael Rubinstein

FPS Coin Wallet Black (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Magic Firm - Trick

"It really looks, works, and FEELS great. Millions of possibilities. Highly recommended!" - Nate Kranzo

After months of effort, Brent created the perfect everyday carry coin wallet that is sleek, modern and 100% gorgeous leather.

Check out our newest product, the FPS Coin Wallet -

The FPS Coin Wallet holds up to five half dollar or four dollar size coins but still fits comfortably in your pocket. It also contains a secret weapon... a unique hidden gaff that allows you to easily, quickly, and invisibly sneak coins and other small objects in and out of the wallet.

This means you can have your coins EXAMINED and then effortlessly add coins or gimmicks - or switch coins invisibly...RIGHT UNDER YOUR SPECATOR'S NOSE.

In the video instruction, Brent tips his hand not only on his favorite coin effects using the FPS --but also effects with Sharpies, toys, and more. Also includes routine a from Gregory Wilson.

Choose your color preference:



Two flies are sitting on a dog turd.

One of them farts.

The other says, “Ah, come on man!   I’m trying to eat here!”


Thursday, April 22, 2021

"What?! TRIPLE WHAMMY download for only $6.00!!"


"This super commercial card location routine could not be any more fair."

The Vault - Triple Whammy by Mike Powers video DOWNLOAD

I cannot believe this is being sold for only $6.00! 

Three spectators select and then lose their cards in the deck. You find all of them under the most impossible conditions, and wait until you see the kicker ending!

Watch the ONE SHOT DEMO video here:

It's amazing, it's interactive, and looks extremely fair!

For only $6.00, this is a no-brainer!   Treat yourself to learning this card trick today!



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):

1. Sankey Live! by Jay Sankey - DVD - (5 Available)
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2. Scorpion Moth by Mac King and Peter Studebaker - (1 Available)
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3. Woodyland (4 DVD Set) by Woody Aragon and Luis De Matos - (1 Available)
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4. Automatic Kings Henry Evans - (1 Available)
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5. Unicorn Playing cards (Copper) by Aloy Design Studio USPCC - Trick - (1 Available)
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6. Reloaded by Dani Da Ortiz and Luis de Matos - DVD - (1 Available)
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7. Asymptotes by Ben Blau - Book - (1 Available)
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8. MAGIKUB by Federico Poeymiro - Trick - (1 Available)
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9. AmazeCups (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Danny Orleans - Trick - (1 Available)
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10. Silk 15 in (Half-Dyed) Red & White from Magic by Gosh - (1 Available)
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11. DEAL NOT DEAL Blue (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Mickael Chatelain - Trick - (5 Available)
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12. Alis Luminis The Winged Playing Cards Deck - (1 Available)
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13. Cherry Casino House Deck Playing Cards (Reno Red) by Pure Imagination Projects - (1 Available)
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14. Phantom Pin by BY PAUL VIGIL & TCC-Trick - (1 Available)
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15. Houdini's Card Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong - Trick - (1 Available)
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My First Day as a Pilot.

Tower: "Can you give me your position?"

Me: "I'm next to a cloud that looks like a lion."

Tower: "Can you be more specific?"

Me: "Simba."


Monday, April 19, 2021

"Your Sharpie just became even more PORTABLE with this!!"


"Visually stunning - damn it you fooled me!!!" - Paul Romhany

PORTABLE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Danny Weiser - Trick

If you happen to use a sharpie in your magic, then PORTABLE is for you.   Instead of taking a Sharpie out of your pocket, why not have it transform from a two dimensional wristband into an actual working Sharpie!

Check out our newest effect, PORTABLE by Danny Weiser:

We believe everything you do in your performance should be magical.   I mean, don't just take out a Sharpie pen.   Turn THAT MOMENT into a magical moment.  

PORTABLE is powerful enough to be an opener or closer effect.   In other words, you could do this all by itself and people will be blown away!    But the real power is using PORTABLE to produce a Sharpie for people to use in your other magic effects (like signing cards, coins, etc).  

  • Resets in seconds
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use

Order yours today -



What do you get when you mix a cow and a duck?

Milk and quackers!


Friday, April 16, 2021

"An Unexpected Chop Cup That is So Much Fun!"


"Ideal for any type of shows including virtual ones."

Chop-Doh by J. Natera - Trick

It was bound to happen, and frankly, we don't know why it didn't happen sooner!

Now you can perform a classic CHOP CUP routine but with Play-Doh!   This is PERFECT for the younger spectators because it's something they can relate with.

Check it out:

And look at everything you get with Chop-Doh:

  •     Two regular yellow balls (simulating to be made of Play-Doh)
  •     One chop ball
  •     One regular red ball
  •     One final load ball
  •     One rubber duck
  •     Chop Cup with lid

Also includes access to an online video where you can learn some moves and get some ideas to start to present this trick.

Most other chop cups don't even come with all those extra accessories, and especially not at this price!

Order yours today and we will begin shipping very soon!




Listen up all you card afficionados!   We got the newest edition of the Memento Mori playing cards, and they're fantastic!  

They come in two versions:



I got booed off of the stage at the start of my comedy act for saying that I still live with my parents...

That's the last time I do a gig at an orphanage.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

"The very best overhand false shuffle in the world!" - Download Today!


"The very best natural, in the hands, overhand false shuffle in the world!" - Bro Gilbert

The Vault - The Combination Shuffle by Ben Earl video DOWNLOAD

I'm just going to say it - without a good FALSE SHUFFLE, you are going to severely limit yourself as a magician.

Many false shuffles require you to use a table, or to riffle shuffle.........but CHECK THIS OUT:

It's an OVERHAND shuffle, done in the hands, and you will find it HARD TO BELIEVE that no cards are out of place!   Watch it over and over and you will be fooled!

When you need to control a card and make it appear as though you're mixing up the deck, the Combination Shuffle is the perfect convincer that the deck is being mixed up (when in reality, it's not)!

Download and learn the Combination Shuffle today -

NOTE: What we love about a good false shuffle is that it's almost like a trick all by itself!   You could literally take a new order deck, perform the Combination Shuffle, and then snap your fingers to reveal the deck has remained in the same new deck order!



Me: "You know, since it doesn't have a tail, I'm pretty sure it is actually a hamster."

I.T. Guy: "Okay sir. Please right-click your hamster, and save the file."


Monday, April 12, 2021

"Whaaat?! That just shrunk before my eyes!"

 "Incredible!" - Juan Capilla (Got Talent)

Perspective (Illusion Series) by Julio Montoro - Trick

Some would say that LIFE is all about your perspective......and magic is no different.   You gotta check out our newest effect, "Perspective by Julio Montoro."

Make a playing card or a Starbucks card SHRINK right before your eyes, all messing with your sense of perspective.

You have to watch the trailer to understand how impossible this looks!


This effect is designed specifically for your virtual or social media performances, and it absolutely slays!  Whether you're a professional performing for a virtual client, or a grandfather entertaining the grandkids, this is an illusion that is sure to get people scratching their heads with amazement!

You will receive two amazing perspectives: a King of Clubs and a Starbucks' business card.

You will also get a tutorial where Julio Montoro will show you how to perform this in an amazing way.

You cannot miss this amazing optical illusion! Get yours now!

Purchase Here -



I called my wife from my best friend's phone.

And she answered saying: "Hey baby!"

She loves me so much that she can recognize me without hearing my voice!


Friday, April 09, 2021

"TIMEBOMB discount is now active! Save MORE the sooner you use it!!"



SURPRISE!!!  It's been almost one year since we did this, but we are unleashing another TIMEBOMB discount starting today!

Beginning right now, you will save on ALL your orders by using the discount code: TIMEBOMB

Just like our past TIMEBOMB events, you will save MORE the sooner you use it.  The longer you wait, the less you will save (but you will still save something, no worries)!

Use it as many times as you want, as long as the TIMEBOMB event is still active.  Just visit our website and look at the top of the webpage to see what the status and conditions are for applying it to your order!

These TIMEBOMB events are rare, so use it to pick up all that magic you've been eyeballing!

NOTE: The discount code can be applied during the checkout page before you submit your order.   It will expire soon, and cannot be used on orders placed before or after the promotion ends.   By visiting our website and looking at the TOP of the page, you will see the current status of the coupon.



Johnny has three pieces of paper, and he rips one.

Anyway, he still has three pieces of paper, but now the room smells.


Thursday, April 08, 2021

"A next level torn and restored card!" - DOWNLOAD Today


"Quick. Visual. Impossible."

The Vault - Recover by Robby Constantine video DOWNLOAD

Imagine this.   A torn and restored card that is fully and immediately examinable,WITHOUT having to switch it!

Most torn and restored card tricks rely heavily on heavy sleight of hand, or complicated steps, angle management, etc.

So why not accomplish the same miracle (restoring a torn card) but make it SIMPLE and VISUAL!

Check out our newest download, RECOVER by Robby Constantine:

  • No palming.
  • Instant reset.
  • Easy to do.
  • No flaps.
  • No magnets.
  • No string.
  • No elastic threads.
  • No black art.

Learn it today -

Monday, April 05, 2021

"Incredibly Commercial! Fits in your pocket, but plays to a large room."


Echo (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Curtis Kam - Trick

What makes a great magic routine?   It's one that slowly cancels out all explanations as the trick goes forward, leaving your spectators more and more BAFFLED at how it could be possible.

This is why ECHO by Curtis Kam is so dang good!

One at a time, five different coins vanish and end up in your pocket.......but each disappearance is more stunning than the last!

WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE LAST COIN VANISH and the reaction it gets!

Watch two uncut performances here:

People are buying this just for that last vanish, but the entire routine is pure gold!

  • The participant is fully engaged, and controls most of the action.
  • No special clothing needed, complicated devices, things that wear out, need replacing, etc.
  • Perfect for close up, walk around, stand up and stage.
  • Easy to do!

FREE USA SHIPPING on this item!!

Get your order in right now and we will ship as soon as they arrive shortly!




I was dismayed this afternoon when my wife told me that my 6 year old son wasn't actually mine.

She then said I need to pay more attention at school pick up.


Friday, April 02, 2021

"It packs flat, easy to carry and can play on the biggest stages."


"This professional stage mentalism act is now complete with ALL the props and gimmicks included."

Master Color Prediction 2.0 by Max Vellucci and Alan Wong - Trick

So you want to perform something on a stage, but you want something that packs FLAT but plays BIG.

Then we recommend you get "Master Color Prediction 2.0!".

You select five random spectators, and hand them five envelopes.   You ask them to position themselves in a seemingly random order.   They then open their envelopes to reveal a different colored card in each one. 

However, this random order happens to match your exact prediction in the exact same order.

Check out the video:

If you're wanting to perform for a group of people, then this is the perfect performance piece that you can easily incorporate into your show.

This has been one of Max Vellucci's best selling effects, but in the past, it only was sold as a single DVD.  Now, you are actually getting all the props, and the updated teaching video is now accessed online from any computer or device!

Order now and get FREE USA SHIPPING with any order that includes this item!




How can you tell the difference between a male door and a female door?

One has a ding-dong and the other has knockers.


Thursday, April 01, 2021

"You shocked me. I can't believe I'm seeing this."


"It's like SAWING a LADY in half, but for walk-around magicians!"

If you've never seen the Zig Zag effect before, then you're going to love this new download we released today.

It's called Social Distancing by Danny Urbanus, and the illusion is powerful.

Watch it performed:

  • The spectator folds up the card and hands it to you.
  • You perform the most incredible Zig Zag illusion with it.
  • You hand it back to the spectator!

Download the video and learn it today!

Link -



What do you call a factory that makes okay products?

A satisfactory....