Wednesday, April 28, 2021

"This makes you appear to have the abilities of 'Rain Man', and then some." - Peter Turner


"The secret is just as mind blowing as the revelation itself."

Pi Revelations by David Penn - Book

This is incredible.  In fact, BEFORE YOU WATCH the video, let me explain what the basic routine is.

The Effect: You explain about the number Pi, which is '3' followed by an infinite amount of random numbers.   So large, in fact, that you hand out a book which has Pi printed out to 50,000 decimal places.

You explain that it's such a magical number that ANY COMBINATION OF NUMBERS will be found SOMEWHERE in the number of Pi.   To prove it, you perform an amazing demonstration.

You take out your iPhone, and you hand it to one, two, or even three spectators.  Each one will type in a random number.

For example, the first person may type in the year they were born.   The second may type in their house  number.   The third person is told to put something that means something to them which no one else could their PIN number.

You then end up with a random 4 digit number.  Let's pretend that the number comes up to 9535.

Even though the numbers were randomly generated, you will be able to tell the spectator which PAGE number, which LINE number, and how many digits across to count in the book......and there, they will see their exact four digit number - 9535!   (This number could be different for you, so when you perform, it might be 1022, or 9788, etc).

IMPOSSIBLE!  How could you know the exact location of that random number?!!? 

That alone is enough to make you a LEGEND.  But there's more!

Even though the third spectator never told you their secret four digit pin number, you have them say it out loud for the first time.  Let's say they declare, "My secret number was 7289." 

(They don't have to say it out loud if you're only performing for them.......but saying it out loud in front of others will be more powerful).

You then tell them exactly where THAT NUMBER is located in the Pi book from your own memory!  "Please go to page 74, then go 5 lines down, and count across to the 12th digit."    They will be floored to see their PIN NUMBER at the exact spot!

Watch the demo videos:

With this purchase, you will get the physical Pi Revelation book, and it will come with access to an easy-to-follow instructional video with David Penn!

It's SUPER EASY to perform!   Use your own iPhone and it doesn't require you to download any apps!  You will look like a super-computer with your ability to find random four digit numbers!  

Although the Pi Revelation could also be used with other magic-related apps that you may have purchased in the it has a lot of built-in value with other products!

But believe me, this is strong enough to perform exactly as described above!

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Pi Revelation by David Penn

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