Friday, April 30, 2021

"Do THIS with all that Amazon plastic packaging material!"


"A stunning card penetration that gets incredible reactions!"

The Vault - Air Lock by Ryan Joyce video DOWNLOAD

Let me have ordered something off Amazon before, am I right?   How's THAT for mentalism,  folks!  :)

Chances are, if you've purchased anything from Amazon, you've gotten those puffy, air-filled packaging protectors in the box.   Most of us just throw that away (or POP it out loud to scare a child or family pet)!

But now you can use to perform some great virtual magic!

Check out AIR LOCK by Ryan Joyce:

Openly push the spectator's freely chosen playing card into the center of a packaging air bubble.

It's a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED and MIND-BLOWING moment for your audience, PLUS it makes a KILLER ENDING to your existing card routines.

Effect: Tell your audience you have an unique way to keep special memories. You introduce a packaging air cushion and their chosen card. You openly and freely PUSH their card into the center which is shown from ALL angles

Download AIR LOCK today -



It hasn't even been one day since we announced the newest product, Pi Revelations by David Penn......and yet, we're almost sold out!   This item is arriving tomorrow, and we only have about 6 units left for purchase.

(The supplier is already sold out and no telling when more will be coming back).

Pi Revelations allows you to have a spectator name ANY FOUR DIGIT NUMBER, and you will be able to tell them exactly where it's located in a number that's over 50,000 digits long!

Read more about it here:



Side effects may include weight gain, irritability, and loss of sex drive.

Ask your doctor if marriage is right for you.


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