Monday, May 03, 2021

"A great trick... a wonderful, wonderful baffling trick!"- Penn Jillette


"It's the most random presentation of a book test, and we love it!"

Random Happenings (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Ryan Schlutz - Trick

Random Happenings is a book test unlike any other. Instead of simply opening a book and choosing a word from it, your spectator gets to completely TEAR THIS BOOK APART, shuffling, mixing and RIPPING pages as they go, until they've made it down to their selection.

Watch the demo:

You do NOT need to destroy an entire book every performance, so don't worry!

The beauty of Random Happenings is that the book completely resets and goes back to new within minutes after being torn apart!

Random Happenings includes enough materials for over 100 performances including a SECOND DIFFERENT BOOK cover & pages along with everything you need to perform this to your heart's desire! You can even pack both books in order to perform a second time instantly!

This is the PERFECT effect for stage or group performances.   There is a small 10 minute setup involved to prepare the book, but it's very easy to do and the payoff is HUGE when you see how effective the trick is with your audience.

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