Sunday, May 30, 2021

"A multi-phase gem of increasing impossibility!" - David Regal


"It starts simple and then just builds and builds. Remarkable." - Tom Stone

E WAVE (Gimmick and Online instructions) by Marc Oberon - Trick

Grant the power of ESP to anyone!

E WAVE is Marc Oberon's latest creation, and it starts with a super clean 50/50 'which hand' style effect and builds progressively towards a staggering climax.

This combination of methods allows the spectator to correctly guess the position of any symbol.

No procedure, nor mental gymnastics, no memorization needed - This is direct, effective mentalism.

Watch the video trailer:

  • Innocent looking precision made props made in high quality materials.
  • Any symbol, any position.
  • FREE USA SHIPPING available on any order that purchases it!

The size is roughly 18" x 13", so it's easy to use in both close-up and stage environments!

Supply is LIMITED and we will only be getting a small batch on this initial release!  Be sure to order yours today and we will ship out very soon!

E WAVE by Marc Oberon -



This Monday is a special day here in the USA, where we honor those in our armed forces who are no longer with us.  Many paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, and we hope everyone takes a moment to be thankful for what they sacrificed.

Since all shipping companies are not running on Monday, we will not be shipping anything or coming into the office that day.    We will return on Tuesday to process all our orders and emails, so thank you for understanding.



A wife calls her husband.

"The plumber is gonna come at 11:00am to fix the clogged sink."

"Oh no," the husband says.  "Do you think he's still angry at me from the last time?"

"What happened last time?" asks the wife.

"He said he was here to replace the toilet. So I pissed on him."


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