Monday, May 24, 2021

"WOW 3.0 - Make ANYTHING appear from a BLANK card!"


"One of the hottest product lines for years, just got an incredible addition. WOW 3 Blank."

WOW 3.0 Blank (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Masuda - Trick

I don't care who you are.......every one of you needs to have one of these........And that's unfortunate because we only have a limited small supply of them.

WOW 3.0 is amazing.   You take a blank card, insert it into a clear, transparent sleeve........and like magic, you can make ANYTHING appear on the card!

Watch the full demo video here:

You are only limited by your imagination!  Are you performing for a corporation or company?   You can make their logo or slogan appear.    Locations, names, dates, playing card predictions or personal messages can all slowly appear in front of your spectator's eyes. 

Improvements over past versions are many:

  • Display is clearer and higher resolution than ever before
  • Made from high quality polycarbonate, so it has a glass-like shine on the surface
  • Thinner than previous models


Get your WOW 3.0 Blank Version today -



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