Sunday, August 30, 2020

"This SELF WORKING effect is fooling everybody!"


"It's SIMPLE and easy to perform!"

Spellebrity by Nikolas Mavresis video DOWNLOAD

This is the best kind of trick.  It uses NO forcing, NO markings used, the spectators FREELY shuffle the cards, and it INSTANTLY resets and repeats with DIFFERENT selections every time.


From a shuffled deck, two spectators choose cards.  One spells out their card while the other mimics the same action.  Both land on their exact matching cards!

You genuinely do not know either spectator's cards, and yet you are able to control the outcome every time. You can then repeat the effect immediately with two completely different cards - it's as automatic, as it is impossible.

It's under $12.00 and because it's a download, you can begin watching and learning Spellebrity immediately!

Get it here:



We are happy to announce that our latest website upgrades are complete!  We hope you like the new One Page Checkout process, which allows you to submit your orders much quicker without going through multiple steps!

And if you're new and don't want to create an account (but still want to purchase anything), we have a new Guest Checkout feature that will accommodate that desire!

Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns with the new checkout process!



Smoking will kill you. Bacon will kill you.

Smoking bacon will cure it.


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

"AIR will make cards VANISH and TELEPORT in the most visual way!"


"This can also be done with coins, banknotes, etc!"

AIR (Gimmicks and online instruction) by Alain Simonov & Shin Lim - Trick

Air by Alain Simonov is more than just a one trick pony. It's a tool that will allow you to perform countless effects combined with different applications and objects. Cards, coins, money, poker chips, the list goes on.

WATCH THE looks like trick photography:

Because of its easy accessibility and usability, Air can be easily applied to your current routine. Both Shin and Alain's goal of this project is to take your current routine to the next level, and apply Air to your repertoire.

Important Note
: Shin Lim's bonus section(the coin through glass). Special coins are needed in order to accomplish this effect, anything that is similar to the sucker punch gimmicked coins will work.

What is included in the Physical Product:

  • Streaming tutorial on AIR
  • Supplies to perform AIR
  • Bonus section: A tutorial on Shin Lim's coin thru glass (sucker punch coins needed)
  • Exclusive zoom interview between Alain and Shin




What do you call 52 slices of bread?

A deck of carbs!


"The best effect of Blackpool 2019!!"

 A better and stronger Coin Thru Glass effect!"

CTG Red (Gimmicks & Online Instruction) by Peter Eggink

It doesn't get more direct then this.   Take a coin, a bank note, or even a spectator's ring.   Make it disappear......and then magically PENETRATE a solid glass!

This is CTG by Peter Eggink:

Keep in mind:

  • Completely hands off
  • Under 100% control at all times
  • Use bills or rings
  • Resets in seconds
  • Durable and reliable
  • Perfect for restaurant workers and street performers

Get your orders in now and take advantage of our Free USA Shipping and extra Reward Points with every purchase!




Just to keep you informed, we are in the middle of upgrading our website.   It's a slow process, and not something you just do willy-nilly.  So if you experience any bugs or errors, please email us with exactly what happens, and I (Jeff) will investigate it immediately!

But when the upgrade is finished, we will be very excited to share some new features with you!



My wife said nothing would make her happier than a diamond necklace.

So I bought her nothing.


Buy "Smoke Watch PRO", and we will PAY YOU up to $48.00 back!


"An unbelievable deal for a fantastic product!"

Smoke Watch PRO (Smart Watch) by Joao Miranda Magic - Trick

We will PAY YOU MONEY for getting this item!  Up to $48.00, in fact!  Keep reading!

Magicians are always looking for ways to spice up their magic, and adding smoke to a revelation is always something professional magicians love to use!

With Smoke Watch PRO, you are able to do just that!   This highly crafted watch is the perfect delivery system for producing smoke from your hands!   It fits comfortably on your wrist and it's Smart Watch design is completely modern and organic!

Heck, even David Copperfield used it!

Watch the demo:

This is a professional device, so the price is aimed at professional magicians.  However, we know you'll love it and we want to PAY YOU BACK for your purchase.

When you purchase our Smoke Watch Pro, we will do the following:

  • Any USA order will get FREE SHIPPING
  • All orders will earn up to $18.00 back in Reward Points
  • Best Part: all orders will also get an ADDITIONAL $30.00 back in reward points as part of our Monthly Achievement Program!   If you're new to MJM Magic, every month we will pay you $30.00 if you ever spend more than $300.00 over the course of the month!   So this one purchase alone will qualify you if you haven't already claimed that reward. **

** The additional $30.00 is only for accounts that haven't already claimed that reward for the month of August.

Because these are so precisely made, the supply will be limited.  Please reserve yours today by clicking the link to purchase below:

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Buy the Smoke Watch Pro, and then immediately email us to claim your $30.00 in free credit!  As long as you haven't already claimed it previously this month, we will then deposit that additional $30.00 into your account which you can use ANYTIME to deduct from your next order!



They are hot, and they are now shipping!   If you're a fan of the Star Wars franchise, be sure to check out our newest Silver Line of cards:



We hope that you all aren't MELTING from this extreme heat wave that is taking place.   Here in our little city of Tracy, California, it hit 110 yesterday.   Today is going to be about the same.   While I can deal with some heat, I can tell you who can't: :BRANDI.   She absolutely hates the heat, and if we don't keep the place at a steady 78 degrees, then we all just tread lightly around her!  :)

Please be safe out there and thank you so much for being a customer of ours!



While filling my car up, I noticed a woman smoking while filling her car up, silly thing to do, but I know better than to confront strangers about their stupidity.

I see two cops on the other side of the street, they can see her but they aren't doing anything about it...

Tax dollars in action I guess.

As I am going to pay I hear this screaming behind me, like "I am dying!" type screaming.

I look around and see that this woman's arm is on fire!

She is literally running around the station waving her arm in the air!

The cops jump into action and put the fire out, then arrest and handcuff her!

I think this is a bit harsh and that the woman should be going to the hospital, not jail so I ask one cop why are they arresting her.

The cop replied, "For waving a firearm in public."


Friday, August 14, 2020

"This trick is just a MEAN and CRUEL.......we LOVE IT!"


"WARNING - This is incredibly fun to perform, but may cause people to FREAK OUT!!"

iDrop (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Tim Ellis - Trick

Some people don't like to perform practical jokes.   If you are one of those people, then walk away.....this isn't for you!

But if you like playing jokes (and then end with some magic), you will want our new effect, "iDROP by Tim Ellis.

What is iDrop?  In a nutshell, it's a specially crafted iPhone prop that will break pieces when it's dropped!

What can you do with it?  Oh boy, let me tell you.....a LOT!

The sheer TERROR that comes across a person's face when they see their phone SHATTER into a bunch of pieces is something that is hard to describe........but as a magician, you restore the phone and hand it back to them, safe and sound!


But what about people who have a protective phone case around their phone?  That's simple.  You tell them to remove it prior to handing it to you, because "you don't want to damage their case."   They hand you the uncased phone, it gets DROPPED........and........OMG.   Their reactions are priceless.

You can choose to quickly put them out of their misery by restoring their real phone out of the included bag, or you can really make a magic moment out of it by using your own Nested Boxes or another setup that you have.

Everything is explained in the online instructions when you receive your iDrop gimmick!

Order yours today!

Comes with the iPhone and the special bag included!!



Recently, we moved our website to a new that was faster and more modern than our old outdated one.   So far, so good.....just a few little bugs that have popped up.

One of them, it seems, is that some of our emails (to and addresses) seem to be bouncing back to us.   This is something that those companies are doing (not us) and we are trying to figure out WHY.

So if you order something and aren't getting any Order Update emails, or you aren't receiving any Back In Stock notifications on products that you're following, this is the reason why.

Hopefully those emails will be delivered to you by those companies soon.  If not, try getting a free Gmail account and using that for those kinds of messages.



After days of getting the cold shoulder from his wife, Larry finally confronted her.

"Admit it," he said. "The only reason you married me is because my grandfather left me a million dollars."

"Don't be ridiculous!" she shot back. "I don't care who left the money with you."


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

"Download and learn the PRESSURE FORCE right now!!"


"A technique that is PROFOUNDLY powerful and one you will use forever!"

Pressure Force by Dani DaOrtiz - video DOWNLOAD

Imagine, four cards are randomly selected by your spectators. Another spectator deals down to a random amount of cards, stopping only when they want. Impossibly, the random selections are revealed to be a four of a kind.  And if that's not enough, the value exactly matches the number of cards dealt onto the table.


In Pressure Force, Dani reveals the secrets to this REVOLUTIONARY NEW TOOL.  This is a brilliant concept that you can adapt to a limitless number of other routines. You can force single, multiple or ANY number of cards with this technique. Also included is Dani's handling of the Hofzinser plot.

Download it today and begin learning it immediately!!



I just got kicked out of the weirdest Gender Reveal party..

Apparently we had to wear pants.


WALLET has a deceptive secret hidden in plain sight!


Wallet (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Nicholas Lawrence - Trick

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our new NO CHOICE WALLET, which allows you to predict a randomly selected card from a spectator, and everything is fully examinable.   If you haven't yet seen that one, we recommend you click this link to watch the video:

No Choice Wallet:

But if that doesn't interest you, we are pleased to share another wallet that will fit your minimalist needs!

It's simply called......WALLET by Nicholas Lawrence, and here's some things you should know about it:

  • It allows you to do some incredibly visual things (like make things appear, disappear, and change into something else!)
  • It's small and thin profiled.
  • It's made from high quality leather, so it will last a very long time.
  • It is made to be examined by the spectator if you want them to!

Watch the demo video:

If you're looking for a thin profile wallet that can do more than one trick, then WALLET is for you!   We will begin shipping out to you in a just a few days, so get your order in using the links in this email!



Two cowboys are lost in the desert. One cowboy sees a tree that’s draped in bacon.

"A bacon tree ! We’re saved!"  he says.

He runs up to the tree and is immediately shot up with bullets.

It wasn’t a bacon tree, it was a ham bush.


"It's a good trick. Very, very good. I would use that!" - Banachek


"This is a very clean and very direct Think a Card." - Marc Paul

The Vault - ACMTO by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD

We are pulling this one out of the Vault because it deserves a second look!  'A Card Merely Thought Of' is the perfect effect to perform when someone says, "So you're a magician?  Okay then, read my mind!"

Just pull out a deck of cards and you're ready to go!

Watch the demo video.  It's 8 minutes long, starts out slow......but you will eventually see a FULL UNCUT PERFORMANCE:

When I first saw that, I thought, "Ok, it probably has to do with how he's holding the cards."  

But then he performs it again, second time for the same spectator, and this time THEY choose the card without him looking.  He still gets it right!

That's HUGE.  Can I just tell you that one of our most requested things by a customer is, "Can I perform it twice for the same person?"   Many tricks you can't.  Many tricks rely on some gimmick that is always the same card.   But with A Card Merely Thought Of, you can perform it again with a different card......and it FEELS different because the spectator gets to choose it themselves!

Download this one today and begin performing it in person -OR- over video chat!



Last year, we began selling the extremely popular STAR WARS playing cards.  They came in two versions. 

Now we are excited to share with you two more versions that begin shipping in just a few days.  In case you want one, now is the time to preorder it!

Whether you're a collector, or you just want to play with some nice looking cards, these are perfect for any Star Wars fan!


Hang Tight -- WEBSITE MIGRATION is Happening

Just to keep you in the loop, we are migrating our MJM Magic website to a newer, faster server.  If all goes well, you won't see any downtime.  But just in case you come to our website and see a "Down for Maintenance" message, just know that it's only temporary and will go away quickly.

For those non-computer people out there, think of a website like an actual house.  When you move, you put everything into a truck, drive it to another location, and then unpack.

We are trying to do all that in the background so you won't see most of the "moving".   But when the truck leaves the old house and drives to the new one, that is when we might display that "Maintenance" message.

The good news is that our "new house" is very close by the old one, so the "drive" will be less than an hour!

But still, we want to make you aware of it just in case you see anything strange on an upcoming visit!

We will let you know once the move is complete.........hopefully in the next week or so!



Historians have proven that people from every zodiac sign survived the sinking of the Titanic...

Except Leo.


Monday, August 03, 2020

"You predict MULTIPLE choices made by your spectator with Dream Box!"

"Not one but FOUR choices are predicted, and it's really a FREE CHOICE!"

DREAM BOX (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by JOTA - Trick

Your spectator gets to choose where they would like to travel, a band they would be listening to, a drink they would be enjoying, and finally, a celebrity they would take a selfie with.  All free choices made by them.

And all four predictions are PRINTED on a voucher that they was in a VIP Pass around their neck!

Watch the demo:

I know what you're thinking: this is all done with equivoque, and I must force the spectator to choose each item.  NOPE!  The spectator really makes their own choices, and it will always match the printed voucher!

PROS: The trick is reset in seconds, and you can repeat it with different choices to another group!  Perfect for table hopping or even online performances!

We begin shipping shortly so get your order in today!


NOTE: Have any other questions about Dream Box?  Just head over to the product page above, and click the "Ask a Question" link to submit your question through our website!  We will answer quickly!


NO CHOICE WALLET - Limited Supply Available

Our No Choice Wallet was released last week, and quickly sold out worldwide......but we managed to restock a very limited supply.  As in, we have about EIGHT LEFT at the time of this writing.

The No Choice Wallet is very well designed, and it really blows people away!  A freely selected card matches a prediction that you wrote on the back of a currency bill, and the spectator can both remove and examine everything!

Check it out and get yours before they are gone!


(You earn reward points on this purchase AND you can choose FREE USA SHIPPING when this is in your order!)



The shovel was such a great invention.

It was truly groundbreaking.


"This download will SUPERCHARGE all your card magic!"

"Learn the techniques and skills to turn a marked deck into the most powerful magical weapon imaginable."

The Vault - Boris Wild Marked Deck Project by Boris Wild video DOWNLOAD

Just last week, we announced are extremely AFFORDABLE marked deck, which makes it super easy to see what card a spectator is choosing without peeking at the face.

But if you own a marked deck, you can do SO MUCH MORE with it.  Perhaps more than you possibly imagined.

This is why we think you should check out Boris Wild's Marked Deck Project:

It's a two volume set, completely packed with over four hours of instruction.   Just watch the demo video to see one of the tricks he will teach you.  It's AMAZING.

This comes in two formats - either a physical 2-disc DVD that we can ship to you, -OR- you can access it right now as a download through our website!

Choose your version below and have fun unlocking the power of your marked deck!



If you don't already own a marked deck, we got you covered!  In fact, you can get one below for a really low price:

And if you want the exact same kind that Boris Wild uses, you can find his marked deck here:

NOTE: Both these decks will work with the Boris Wild Project.   We are just giving you a couple different options to choose from (Mandolin back vs Bicycle back, etc).



How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?

Once. The second time you would be subtracting 10 from 90.