Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Buy "Smoke Watch PRO", and we will PAY YOU up to $48.00 back!


"An unbelievable deal for a fantastic product!"

Smoke Watch PRO (Smart Watch) by Joao Miranda Magic - Trick

We will PAY YOU MONEY for getting this item!  Up to $48.00, in fact!  Keep reading!

Magicians are always looking for ways to spice up their magic, and adding smoke to a revelation is always something professional magicians love to use!

With Smoke Watch PRO, you are able to do just that!   This highly crafted watch is the perfect delivery system for producing smoke from your hands!   It fits comfortably on your wrist and it's Smart Watch design is completely modern and organic!

Heck, even David Copperfield used it!

Watch the demo: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/smoke-watch-pro-smart-watch-by-jo%C3%A3o-miranda-magic-trick-p-31573.html

This is a professional device, so the price is aimed at professional magicians.  However, we know you'll love it and we want to PAY YOU BACK for your purchase.

When you purchase our Smoke Watch Pro, we will do the following:

  • Any USA order will get FREE SHIPPING
  • All orders will earn up to $18.00 back in Reward Points
  • Best Part: all orders will also get an ADDITIONAL $30.00 back in reward points as part of our Monthly Achievement Program!   If you're new to MJM Magic, every month we will pay you $30.00 if you ever spend more than $300.00 over the course of the month!   So this one purchase alone will qualify you if you haven't already claimed that reward. **

** The additional $30.00 is only for accounts that haven't already claimed that reward for the month of August.

Because these are so precisely made, the supply will be limited.  Please reserve yours today by clicking the link to purchase below:


OUR RECOMMENDATION: Buy the Smoke Watch Pro, and then immediately email us to claim your $30.00 in free credit!  As long as you haven't already claimed it previously this month, we will then deposit that additional $30.00 into your account which you can use ANYTIME to deduct from your next order!



They are hot, and they are now shipping!   If you're a fan of the Star Wars franchise, be sure to check out our newest Silver Line of cards:



We hope that you all aren't MELTING from this extreme heat wave that is taking place.   Here in our little city of Tracy, California, it hit 110 yesterday.   Today is going to be about the same.   While I can deal with some heat, I can tell you who can't: :BRANDI.   She absolutely hates the heat, and if we don't keep the place at a steady 78 degrees, then we all just tread lightly around her!  :)

Please be safe out there and thank you so much for being a customer of ours!



While filling my car up, I noticed a woman smoking while filling her car up, silly thing to do, but I know better than to confront strangers about their stupidity.

I see two cops on the other side of the street, they can see her but they aren't doing anything about it...

Tax dollars in action I guess.

As I am going to pay I hear this screaming behind me, like "I am dying!" type screaming.

I look around and see that this woman's arm is on fire!

She is literally running around the station waving her arm in the air!

The cops jump into action and put the fire out, then arrest and handcuff her!

I think this is a bit harsh and that the woman should be going to the hospital, not jail so I ask one cop why are they arresting her.

The cop replied, "For waving a firearm in public."


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