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"This special coupon is only good THRU SATURDAY the 2nd!"

One of the benefits of being a small business is that we can make our own rules without jumping through a lot of hoops.

So five minutes ago, we decided, "Let's give EVERYONE a 10% COUPON CODE that applies to all our downloads!"

Sure, why not!!

So here you go!   Coupon code: DLMINUS10

Just use DLMINUS10 on the checkout page when purchasing any of our downloads, and save an extra 10% off the total!

Get access to your downloads immediately (if a returning customer), or within the business hour if you're brand new!

1.  Browse all our 3000+ downloads here:

2.  Enter DLMINUS10 into the COUPON box during the checkout page.

3.  Have fun learning all the new tricks!

This DLMINUS10 coupon code can be used as many times as you want.  However, it is only good THRU SATURDAY the 2nd.   After that and it will be deactivated!




To help you out, here is a list of the current bestselling downloads over the past 30 days:

(Last 30 Days)


1. Headache by Jay Grill - Video DOWNLOAD Headache by Jay Grill - Video DOWNLOAD
$9.95 - A pen through dollar effect like no other! *Everything can be borrowed, examined before and after! *Bill can be signed! NO HOLES or SLITS in BILL!! *Easy to do /End Clean!... more info
2. The Vault - Induction by Spidey video DOWNLOAD The Vault - Induction by Spidey video DOWNLOAD
$49.95 - Learn Hypnosis! "If you are looking for practical information on building a show, I think you will be sufficiently impressed with Induction ." - John Wilson, Magic Magazine "Spidey is without a doubt the busiest hypnotist I know in today's market and THE authority on modern stage...... more info
3. The Vault - The Rice Project by Danny Urbanus video DOWNLOAD The Vault - The Rice Project by Danny Urbanus video DOWNLOAD
$10.00 - At the beginning The Ambitious Riser seems daunting, maybe even impossible! But after practicing it for a while you start to get the hang of it. But now what? Did you just learn the move for the sake of it? Are there any applications at all? In this project Danny will teach you many different ideas...... more info
4. Talos by Geni video DOWNLOAD Talos by Geni video DOWNLOAD
$9.00 - This trick only requires 11 card! Imagine the magician shows a spectator 11 facedown cards. The spectator thinks of any number from 0 to 10. After that, they move that amount of cards they thought of from the top of pack to the bottom of the pack. The magician can figured out what number they...... more info
5. EZ4s by Matthew Wright video DOWNLOAD EZ4s by Matthew Wright video DOWNLOAD
$25.00 - EZ-4s is an incredible and simple way way to force anything on your iPhone. With an easy set up and no nonsense handling EZ-4s allows to to force anything you can see on your phone without the need for external apps or websites. Everything is self contained on your own iPhone and can be customized...... more info
6. Flawless by Shin Lim - video DOWNLOAD Flawless by Shin Lim - video DOWNLOAD
$5.95 -   FLAWLESS is an impromptu way to (actually) place a selected signed card into the centerof the pack, and with no apparent moves bring it back to the top. And since itinstantly resets, FLAWLESS is a perfect addition to any Ambitious card routine. Taught inintricate detail and shot in 1080p...... more info
7. Pop! by Ralf Rudolph - video DOWNLOAD Pop! by Ralf Rudolph - video DOWNLOAD
$5.00 - Pop any Balloon with you mind! With this method you where able to burst any borrowed balloon at your fingertips! Even better! Lay the Balloon on the table and blow on it. A moment later the Balloon pop without touching !!!! No Electronics No Magnets No threads No PK Rings... more info
8. Sequence 3 By Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD Sequence 3 By Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD
$10.00 - Three coins appear, disappear and then reappear again in one perfect sequence! Learn brand new moves, transfers, and nuances.  Download it today!... more info
9. No Way Sandwich by Joseph B video DOWNLOAD No Way Sandwich by Joseph B video DOWNLOAD
$10.00 - A sandwich routine like no other! Look carefully because this effect is a REAL FOOLER! I have shown it to many magicians and no one of them had a clue! This is the perfect ending to your sandwich card routine! It really looks like REAL magic! The two queens inexplicably approach each other inside...... more info
10. ANT Change by Isak Fridman - video DOWNLOAD ANT Change by Isak Fridman - video DOWNLOAD
$0.99 - The ant change is a cool, visual, and clean change. Just by twirling the card around your fingers it changes!   This download includes: Over the shoulder instructions Slow motion explanation 3 different angles... more info
11. Half Changes by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD Half Changes by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD
$8.00 - A unique card change! Visual and stunning! Easy to do and practical No flaps No threads No magnets LEARN IT NOW!... more info
12. Top To Middle by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD Top To Middle by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD
$6.00 - A reverse ambitious! Place a card on top of the deck and with just a flick it goes to the middle. It's really impossible and magical. After that the card can be given directly to the audience for inspection. No magnets No pulls or rolls No threads Super visual Fully examinable Simple practical and...... more info
13. WRECK CUP by Arnel Renegado - video DOWNLOAD WRECK CUP by Arnel Renegado - video DOWNLOAD
$3.95 - With just a wave of the hand, water boils inside a Styrofoam cup causing the cup to cut in half. Fully examinable Easy to do Spectator can hold the cup Perform it hands off Spectator can examine the cup before and after the effect... more info
14. Pocket Riser by Ralf Rudolph - video DOWNLOAD Pocket Riser by Ralf Rudolph - video DOWNLOAD
$4.00 - Draw a wrong prediction of a playing Card on a sticky note pad. The chosen card rise out of the same picture! Give it away as an impossible souvenir!... more info
15. Bloody Mary by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD Bloody Mary by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD
$9.95 - Extract your blood and reveal a chosen card. A spectator selects a card and loses it in the pack, after that you ask your spectator to pour water into your palm. Suddenly blood appears and forms their chosen card. A combination of a card routine using blood to create a bizarre moment. Easy to do...... more info
16. Rubberband Vol #1 by Dan Harlan video DOWNLOAD Rubberband Vol #1 by Dan Harlan video DOWNLOAD
$34.95 - Dan's name was synonymous with the resurgence of rubber band magic when his initial creations were passed among a select few professionals. Now his vast repertoire is respected worldwide, and explained here for you , close up and in detail. Instead of presenting puzzles, or single tricks, Dan has...... more info
17. The Vault - Daryl's Rope Routine video DOWNLOAD The Vault - Daryl's Rope Routine video DOWNLOAD
$10.00 - A definitive master class in rope magic! Learn Daryl's award winning performance and explanation of Daryl's Rope Routine . Features Preparation and Set-Up Pulling Off the Ends Cutting the Rope With the Fingers Rope Restoration The Jumping Ends Pulling a Piece Off of the Rope The Pretzel Knot...... more info
18. Super Clean Coins Across by David Roth - DOWNLOAD Super Clean Coins Across by David Roth - DOWNLOAD
$5.95 -   Taken from Stars Of Magic #9 (David Roth)   David Roth is, without a doubt, the finest coin magician the world has ever known. Here is your chance to learn from the master with these incredible "Live Lecture" titles:   FROM DAVID ROTH LIVE IN LONDON (VOL 14)   Super...... more info
19. The Vault - Fantasy by Patricio Teran video DOWNLOAD The Vault - Fantasy by Patricio Teran video DOWNLOAD
$19.95 - "This is madness! My mind is exploding!" - Avi Yap "I'm a big fan of the matrix routine. Patricio's routine is so unique and his touches are beautiful" - Jeki Yoo With the Fantasy project you will learn Patricio's underground and personal favorite routines evolved to a whole new level. No special...... more info
20. The Vault - The Fog by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD The Vault - The Fog by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD
$10.00 - A spooky reveal that happens with their water bottle and in their own hands! You ask your spectator to choose any card they want. You borrow their bottled water and ask them to hold it between both hands. They see nothing on the bottle until an image slowly appears on the bottle -- it's their...... more info
Remember, the DLMINUS10 coupon is good on ALL our downloads (not just the trending 20 listed above).   So to see all 3000+ downloads, click this link:



What do you call a group of rabbits hopping backwards?

A receding hareline.



Monday, August 28, 2023

"I can't figure out how he did THIS!" - HEADACHE DOWNLOAD!


"Quite possibly our FAVORITE Pen Thru Bill routine because everything is normal and examinable!"

HEADACHEWe're always looking for great tricks that are IMPROMPTU, easy to perform, and FULLY EXAMINABLE.

This is why when we saw HEADACHE, it instantly fooled us.  

Take a pen.  A NORMAL pen.   Take a dollar.   A NORMAL dollar.  Push the pen THROUGH the bill........right through it.

Then take it out, restore the bill, and hand EVERYTHING to your spectator!  Nothing leaves their sight!    Same pen, same dollar!  You are left completely clean!

Watch HEADACHE performed here:

Did we mention this is a normal pen and a normal bill?

This is something you can easily carry with you at all times.   It can even be done with a borrowed bill if you desire!

  • Works with ANY pen or pencil.   Borrowed or not!
  • Can be adapted to ANY currency!
  • Is EASY to perform!
  • FULLY Examinable!  Hand the pen and bill out at the end.  They're both completely NORMAL!

This is a DOWNLOAD, so that means you will be able to learn it RIGHT NOW!  Immediately after purchase, just head to your Downloads Area and start learning this today!

We can't wait to hear how you love it as much as we do!

Download HEADACHE here:




Chaos CubeThis might be the ULTIMATE CUBE SOLVING ROUTINE!

"Chaos Cube" may look impossible, but it's very easy to do. You don't need any sleight of hand or difficult memory work.

First you solve one layer...

Then, you mix it again and solve two layers...

And then, after another mix, you magically solve the whole cube in less than a second!

The best part is "Chaos Cube" is extremely easy to do. You don’t even need to know how to solve a cube.

Purchase CHAOS CUBE here



I got a new stick of deodorant today….

The instructions said, "Remove cap and push up bottom."

Now I can barely walk, but whenever I fart, the room sure smells lovely.


Friday, August 25, 2023

"Learn SELF WORKING HYPNOSIS with this!!!"




We get a LOT of customers asking us about hypnosis.  True hypnotists usually refine their skills over YEARS of practice.

What if we told you that you could perform a hypnosis act with NO FORMAL TRAINING, and NO EXPERIENCE in hypnosis?

What if we told you that with this product, you'll be able to do all of this:

  • Trigger memory loss in one or multiple spectators.
  • Provoke image amnesia - erase viewed images from memory.
  • Elicit hallucinatory visions of nonexistent, imaginary images.
  • Temporarily impair a spectator's reading and speech ability.
  • Induce temporary stuttering.

Check out the PERFORMANCE video here:

Amazing, right?!

HYbNOSIS is completely self-contained and always ready to perform. No pre-show, setup, or reset required. It comes ready to use straight out of the box.

Purchase HYbNOSIS right here:


Order now and get FREE USA SHIPPING and $7.00 back in reward point credit! Preorder period ends when the countdown below expires!!

Timer Countdown

NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS?  If you perform Hybnosis  in SPANISH, GERMAN, JAPANESE, or FRENCH, you can purchase those versions here:



Permanent Record

Your audience will lose their minds when they see that the card printed on the box has transformed to match their selection.

You'll absolutely love performing "Permanent Record". It's a quick, easy, powerful effect that genuinely amazes everyone. Discover why Ben Seidman never leaves home without this in his pocket, and you shouldn't either.

Order your PERMANENT RECORD here:



It came to our attention yesterday that after a recent upgrade, customers were having trouble buying our Download Products.  An error message was popping up, asking about a Shipping Address (which is not needed for downloads).

We believe this error has been corrected, so if you were trying to buy any downloads, please try again.

And if you've never purchased one of our 3,000+ downloads, have a look at that category here:



Son: "Hey dad, I've got a job interview tomorrow. Can you call me an Uber tomorrow at 8am?"

Dad: "Sure thing, that sounds strange, but if that's what you want, you can count on me, son.  Love you, and good night."

At 8:00am the next day:

Dad: "Hey Uber, it's time to wake up!  Aren't you going to an interview?!"


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

"You will make your friend's drinking glass FLOAT AWAY!"


"A gravity defying miracle that can be performed for both large and small settings!"

Carson's Drink

Imagine being in a bar and someone is having a drink.  Now imagine that you magically make their glass float in a very elegant and magical way in front of everyone!

Watch it performed here:

You will be able to perform a very powerful and visual routine and at the end, the spectators will be able to examine everything!

What you'll LOVE about it: it's entirely up to you on how much you want to levitate the glass.  You can just make it rise up and down and be done......or, as Juan Pablo does in the video, you can make it dance around all over the place.  (He teaches you all of it).

It comes with everything you need, and you'll just use whatever drinking glass is available (the kind with a stem, like most wine glasses, champagne glasses, etc).

Carson's Drink has all the benefits of something you want in a magic trick:

  • It's very easy to do
  • It resets instantly
  • Only need to carry a small gimmick in your pocket and you will be ready to do it any time you want

You even get FREE USA SHIPPING on this item, plus earn $2.00 back in credit to apply on your next order!

Pick up Carson's Drink right here:



Pure Psychometry

Perfect for parlor, cabaret and stage.

This psychometry act is one of the most powerful, engaging and truly interactive mentalism demonstrations that you can perform.

Pick up Pure Psychometry right here:



What do you call a person that is happy on a Monday?







Saturday, August 19, 2023


"We finally brought back an exciting new feature!"

At MJM Magic, we're always looking to innovate and IMPROVE your shopping experience.

For example, recently we launched our WISHLIST feature which has been a huge success (allowing you to save items, and even email your Wishlist to others to purchase exactly what you want to have)Click here for details on that.

Now, we have launched our public QUESTION AND ANSWER feature on our product pages.

How does it work?

On each product page, you'll see an "Ask a Question" button.  

Ask a Question button

Previously, whenever we'd answer your questions, it would only go to you (privately).   But now, our answers will be published PUBLICLY on the product's page for all to see.

This will allow you to learn more about the product based on past customer questions!

It may look something like this:

Q and A

Just go to the product on our website, and any Questions and Answers that have been asked will be published BELOW the product description!

We used to have this Q & A feature in the past, but we had to remove it due to SPAM and Form Abusers who weren't playing by the rules.   Hopefully we have a system in place to help prevent that kind of spam abuse this time around.  :)

We hope this new feature will be beneficial to you, and make MJM Magic even more of a resource for you to shop with!




At only $14.95, you can see how this one sells so fast!  You give a normal die to a spectator to hold, and then you show them a white stick (blank on both sides).   With a magic wave, you cause all the black dots to be removed from the die and transferred onto the stick! 

Everything is fully examinable!  The dots really are gone from the die!

When this product came out earlier this year, there was some production quality issues with the die, and this caused the supply to be pulled.

But now it's back - re-manufactured to perfection and ready to ship!

If you want an easy trick to carry in your pocket, fully examinable and instantly reset, then pick this one up!

Order DICEY DOTS here:



A doctor is diagnosing a patient.

"Alright sir, I have your diagnosis," the doctor says to the patient.

The patient says, “Make it quick, will ya?  I don’t got all day.”

"Wow," says the doctor.  "How did you know?”


Friday, August 18, 2023

"Perform PURE PSYCHOMETRY without any guesswork!"


"Beautiful performance of energy reading!"

Pure Psychometry

What if we told you that even though you're blindfolded, you can accurately reveal four different objects that have been placed inside of solid velvet bags!

The bags are inspected, the blindfold is inspected, and you still prove that you can REVEAL what is in each bag.

Check out PURE PSYCHOMETRY here:

Why we think you'll love it:

When it comes to magic or mentalism, most people KNOW that you're using some kind of sleight of hand, or mental phishing.  

But with PURE PSYCHOMETRY, your spectators are truly left BAFFLED, not sure HOW you did what you just did.   It can't be sleight of hand, because you're not doing any tricks.......and it's not guesswork, because you've been completely BLINDFOLDED and the objects are hidden inside of opaque bags.

PURE PSYCHOMETRY plays well in any environment.   Stage, parlor, or just sitting around a table with friends.

It comes with the bags and of course, the blindfold, along with all the instruction you'll need to perform a mentalism routine that fits YOUR style.




Cube 52

This is the PERFECT DECK to upgrade your Rubik's Cube magic!

Order your CUBE 52 by Craig Petty here:



Crazy Sam's Finger Ring

Magicians make money with their hands, and there's no better way to demonstrate how talented your hands are than by performing CRAZY SAM'S FINGER RING!

Just watch the demo to see how FREAKY this is!

Order your ring in multiple sizes and colors here:



Once there was a king who was only 12 inches tall. Terrible king.

But a Great Ruler.


Monday, August 14, 2023

"Don’t just move the rings, move your finger!"


"This trick looks great! I really love it!" - Meir Yedid

Crazy Sam's  Finger Ring

Imagine this.   You show an ordinary ring, and have it jump from your pinky to your ring finger.   Repeat again to move from your ring finger to your middle finger.

AND THEN THE detach your own finger and move it to a different part of your hand!!

Watch the THREE VIDEOS here, including a full performance:

  • No setup.
  • No get ready.
  • 100% examinable.

Crazy Sam's Finger Ring comes in two different colors (Black or Silver), and four different sizes (S/M/L/XL)!  Choose your preference below.

Black Ring:

Silver Ring: 

SIZE CHART: You will size the ring according to your first (INDEX) finger!   Be sure to reference our size chart here to find your right size.





Cube52 is an epic 4 Volume project that comes with a totally unique, fully marked deck of cards unlike any other!

Pick up your CUBE 52 right here:



I took my wife out to a nice restaurant the other night.

She stopped me just as I was about to take the first bite and asked, "Don't we need to pray first?"

I said, "Nah, that's not necessary."

She replied, "But we always pray before we eat at home."

I said, "Yeah, but this chef probably knows what he's doing."


Friday, August 11, 2023

"This is ABSOLUTELY ingenious!" - Henry Harrius


"A totally unique, fully marked deck of cards unlike any other!"

CUBE 52 by Craig Petty

Cube 52The deck is a work of art, and the routines? Prepare to have your mind blown and your jaw drop!

Cube 52 is a deck of playing cards that's going to LEVEL UP your Rubik's Cube magic.   In fact, combine Cube 52 with your own Rubik's Cube and you will perform ABSOLUTE MIRACLES.

Before I continue, please watch Craig explain it all on this video:

This isn't just a deck of cards.   You're also receiving a 9+ HOUR MASTERCLASS that's worth the cost alone. 

And remember, the best part; you don't need to know how to solve a Rubik's Cube and for some tricks... you don't even need one!  That's right, it comes with multiple cube-free routines!

(But if you wanted to pick up a really affordable and smooth turning cube, we got you covered.   Just pick up a Cube3 right here:

And whether you already own a cube or not, be sure to pick up the CUBE 52 by Craig Petty using this  link:



Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. Egg Bag from The Greater Magic Library - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

2. Silver Copper Brass Transposition (CH002) Tango - (1 Available)
Link -

3. Sankey Skutt Sessions by Jay Sankey - DVD - (5 Available)
Link -

4. Sankey Live! by Jay Sankey - DVD - (5 Available)
Link -

5. Magic Coloring Book - Medium (7 x 5.25 inches) - (1 Available)
Link -

6. Magic Coloring Book - Small (5 x 3.75 inches) - (3 Available)
Link -

7. Magic Coloring Book - Super Small (3.5 x 2.5 inches) - (2 Available)
Link -

8. Public Transit by Jay Sankey - DVD - (3 Available)
Link -

9. Master Mindfreaks by Criss Angel - Volume 3 - (8 Available)
Link -

10. Watch Magic by Oz Pearlman - (4 Available)
Link -

11. Open Traveller by David Acer - DVD - (8 Available)
Link -

12. Refill BLANK for Signature Edition Sketchpad Card Rise (24 pack) by Martin Lewis - Trick - (2 Available)
Link -

13. Spellz - Season One - Volume Two (Featuring Jay Sankey) by GAPC Entertainment - DVD - (2 Available)
Link -

14. Spookey (w/DVD) by Jay Sankey - (8 Available)
Link -

15. Perfection Guaranteed by Matthew Leatherbarrow - (3 Available)
Link -

To see the other 100+ items in our Overstock category, please visit this link and take advantage of all our limited deals:



I took a test to see if I have multiple personalities.

I scored 100%, 92%, and 88%.


Tuesday, August 08, 2023

"Something you will ACTUALLY CARRY everyday!"


"An everyday carry that is something you will ACTUALLY carry everyday."

Gatekeeper by Craig Petty

The term "everyday carry" seems to be all the rage now. It seems like every trick is listed as the next everyday carry. Last year we released Keymaster by Craig Petty. It was a huge success and there are a lot of magicians that carry it with them everyday.

Gatekeeper Gatekeeper by Craig Petty matches the design of the Keymaster key but does something that is impossible to do with the Keymaster gimmick. Even though Gatekeeper was designed to be paired with Keymaster it is 100% able to stand on it's own.

Here's what happens:

You introduce a brass key and a coin. You then tell your audience that you will give them $100 if they can push the coin through the hole in the key. After the audience tries and realizes it’s impossible, the magician offers to show them how. With just a rub, the hole in the key magically stretches ten times in size to become a coin-sized slot. The magician can then easily drop the coin through the key before shrinking the hole to its normal size. Everything is examinable.


Gatekeeper will be on your body at all times because:

  1. It matches an extremely popular product.
  2. It is an ordinary item.
  3. The trick is easy to do.
  4. It's magic but also a bar bet.
  5. The trick itself has a built in routine so almost no thought is required.
  6. It's a visual trick with a very ordinary item.


I love Keymaster but for my performing style, Gatekeeper would be my go to trick with an ordinary key. It's visual, it has an engaging presentation and it's completely examinable.  It's a winner.

Preorder your GATEKEEPER now using the link below and we will ship as soon as it's available in our store!




Mo Monte

The problem with most 3 Card Monte routines is that you need a table to perform.   But with Mo Monte, you can do it entirely in your hands!

Mo Monte by Max Maven is quirky, fun and full of shocking moments. It's a quick trick but packed with awesome moments that get reactions.

Watch it performed here:

Like many monte routines you offer to HELP the spectator out so they know what to look out for if they ever play this game. In other words, you are showing them why they should never play the game while you entertain the heck out of them.

Why you'll love Mo Monte: 

  • the price
  • how easy it is to perform
  • you don't need a table
  • comes with everything you need to perform

Like most of Max's tricks Mo Monte has a method that is just as cool and satisfying as the actual trick itself.

Order your Mo Monte today:



A man walks up his bald friend, rubs his head and says, "Smooth. Just like my wife's butt."

The friend reaches up, rubs his own head and replies, "My gosh. You're right!"


"Learn the most CONVINCING full deck false shuffle you'll ever see!"


"Crystal-clear photos that make learning a breeze."

Elusive Illusive book

Elusive Illusive bookThis beautiful hardback book is a must-read for any magician that appreciates strong, entertaining, and inspiring magic. As Pit Hartling perfectly summarized in the introduction, Ben's magic is pure and simple. The plots are clear, the effects are strong and the fun presentations make audiences want to be engaged.

Take a peek inside by watching this video here:

The Elusive Illusive isn't just a regular book.  It contains:

  • 12 one-of a kinds pieces + one of the most convincing full-deck false shuffles you will EVER see.
  • Includes “Hands Off ACAAN” parlor routine
  • Forward by Pit Hartling
  • 3 insightful essays: the value of thinking like a layperson, the classic force and the importance of revisiting old material.

The Elusive Illusive offers more than 200 pages of professional routines that Ben has refined in front of real audiences.

Priced at only $40.00, the value in this book will keep you entertained for years!

Purchase today and add this one to your growing magic library!

The Elusive Illusive book -



Destination Zero by John Bannon


“These effects are not mathematical monstrosities; rather, they are cleverly constructed card tricks that anyone can do… If you want to give your fingers a rest and add some self-working material to your repertoire, then John Bannon’s Destination Zero is a good place to start."   -Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine

In Destination Zero, you're going to learn trick all with regular cards: no gaffs, no crimps, no pencil dots, no "punches," or marks. These highly-refined constructions will change the way you think about self-working card magic.

Our first restock in over THREE YEARS!!!   This book has turned into a collector's item because of how long it's been off the market!   Make sure you get your hands on it before it's gone again!

Order Destination Zero here:



A woman visits a bank on downtown New York City and asks for a short-term $10,000 loan.

The Banker asks her for collateral, and she hands him the keys to her Mercedes.

She says, "I'm going on a vacation, and I'll return the following week to repay the debt and retrieve the car."

A week later, she picks up the vehicle and pays back the loan, plus $50 in interest.

The Banker says, "Thanks for doing business with us. But, while you were away, we did a bit of research and discovered you're an extremely wealthy woman. Why did you need a loan?"

She replied, "Where else can I park my vehicle for $50 a week in NYC?"


Friday, August 04, 2023

"My FAVORITE thing to do with JUST THREE COINS!"


"Pack 12 moments of magic in just three minutes!"


"This routine alone could take you very far, even if you never learned any other coin magic." - Rick Holcombe

Imagine using only three coins, but being able to perform an entire routine with them.   Minimal pocket space.  Maximum entertainment value.

And for a very LOW PRICE!

Watch the 5 MINUTE LONG demo video here:

What's great about Evanescant is that it's MODULAR, meaning you can break it down into parts and do all, some, or even just one part of the routine.

You can incorporate it into other routines on your own.

  • No gimmicked coins needed
  • No magnetic or fake coins used
  • Everything can be fully examined

If you perform magic with coins, this is a must have.

MORE IMPORTANTLY - If you have never performed with coins, this is is a great way to start learning coin sleights and perfect a skill that will last a lifetime.

DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY and get instant access to learning immediately! 

Click here to purchase the Evanescant download:



DROP by Thomas Badar

This sold out in less than 60 minutes when it was released.   Now it's back but we're down to less than 10 left!

DROP is an amazing routine with cards.   In fact, it's so amazing, the entire demo video is a real-time, uncut presentation of it.

No fluff, no distracting camera effects......just an exact performance of what everyone will see when you perform it.

Watch the DROP performance here:

Trust me when I tell you, THIS WILL SELL OUT QUICK.    It took almost a month to get more in stock, and I don't know how long it will take to get more after this batch is gone.

If you missed picking up DROP the first time, then don't wait.

Order DROP here: 



What do you get when you mix birth control and LSD?

A trip without the kids!