Friday, August 04, 2023

"My FAVORITE thing to do with JUST THREE COINS!"


"Pack 12 moments of magic in just three minutes!"


"This routine alone could take you very far, even if you never learned any other coin magic." - Rick Holcombe

Imagine using only three coins, but being able to perform an entire routine with them.   Minimal pocket space.  Maximum entertainment value.

And for a very LOW PRICE!

Watch the 5 MINUTE LONG demo video here:

What's great about Evanescant is that it's MODULAR, meaning you can break it down into parts and do all, some, or even just one part of the routine.

You can incorporate it into other routines on your own.

  • No gimmicked coins needed
  • No magnetic or fake coins used
  • Everything can be fully examined

If you perform magic with coins, this is a must have.

MORE IMPORTANTLY - If you have never performed with coins, this is is a great way to start learning coin sleights and perfect a skill that will last a lifetime.

DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY and get instant access to learning immediately! 

Click here to purchase the Evanescant download:



DROP by Thomas Badar

This sold out in less than 60 minutes when it was released.   Now it's back but we're down to less than 10 left!

DROP is an amazing routine with cards.   In fact, it's so amazing, the entire demo video is a real-time, uncut presentation of it.

No fluff, no distracting camera effects......just an exact performance of what everyone will see when you perform it.

Watch the DROP performance here:

Trust me when I tell you, THIS WILL SELL OUT QUICK.    It took almost a month to get more in stock, and I don't know how long it will take to get more after this batch is gone.

If you missed picking up DROP the first time, then don't wait.

Order DROP here: 



What do you get when you mix birth control and LSD?

A trip without the kids!


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