Monday, April 22, 2024

HUGE Savings - MJM Magic's April Sales Event!


"Over 200+ items to choose from, save up to $150 off on some of them!"

April Sale

Whether you're a into magic, mentalism, or just a street performer, we always want to bring you the freshest deals in the industry.

We went through and hand-selected 110 items which we think you'll love to have!


Here are just a few of the items on the sale:



Looking to add some SMOKE to your card magic?  Now you can, and it even will appear under a glass, at your full control!

Save $30.00 now and also get FREE USA SHIPPING!

Watch TORNADO performed and read more here!



Statue Vanish

An expertly crafted trick by Roy Kueppers, now you can make the Statue of Liberty disappear and then reappear on a coin!

Very visual, and pocket size to carry with you everywhere!

Save $15.00 and also get FREE USA SHIPPING!

Watch STATUE VANISH performed and read more here!




The most powerful, easy-to-do book test you can own isn't actually a book test at all. Welcome to "Glance", the one-of-a-kind magazine book test that takes all the best parts of a standard book test and disguises them in an ordinary-looking magazine.

Watch GLANCE performed and read more here!



Smart scale

Flawless Precision Meets Perfection, 100% of the Time.

PITATA Smart Scale - The Smartest Way to Create Infinite Possibilities of Real Magic.

Imagine knowing the exact number of cards a spectator cuts from the deck, including which card they cut down to!  Or knowing how many candies they remove from a jar without even looking!  Those are just two of the possibilities with the SMART SCALE!

Save $150 (yes, $150 off) and get FREE USA SHIPPING!  

BONUS - Anyone who purchases this will also get an entire MONTH of 10% Discounts applied to their future orders!

Watch SMART SCALE and read more here!


Those are just a SMALL SAMPLE of the items you can purchase during this April Sale!

See all the 200+ items here!



A man on the train has to poop.  He goes to the bathroom but someone is using it. 

He goes back five minutes later, and it’s still being used.

He goes back again later, and you guessed it: it's still occupied.

Finally, he can’t wait any longer, so he drops his pants and sticks his butt out the window.   This happens just as the train is pulling into a station.

The conductor on the platform yells out, "Will the bald man with the cigar in his mouth please pull his head back in the window!"


Friday, April 19, 2024

"I loved this work, I'll take 5. " - David Copperfield


"This magical piece has left thousands or millions of people speechless in the real world and on social networks."

Twister Flavor 2.0

Twister Flavor has been one of the most viral magical effects in the world, more than 10 million views and counting.

Now, the 2.0 version is here, making it even easier to execute and carry around with you.

Take a pack of gum, and split it into two!  Or take two packs and merge it into one larger one!


With a little misdirection and a switch, you can then pull out a stick and chew it as you walk away, leaving a field of fried spectator brains in your wake!

This comes in TWO versions:

Order today!



Last Chance

In this industry, products come and products go.   We are contacted DAILY by customers who are asking for things which are no longer available.  Bummer.......

So we created a LAST CHANCE category for you to view all items which are going away forever.   This is your last chance to pick up these items so you won't be left out!

See anything you like?  Now's the time to get them!




One day, the US military decided to take a poll to see how the different branches handle a specific situation, in this case a scorpion in a service member's tent. One representative from each major branch is selected, and each answers privately.

The question was a simple one: "There is a scorpion in your tent. What do you do?"

Army: "I would crush it with my boot and throw it outside."

Navy: "I would pick it up by the tail and throw it outside."

Marines: "I'd bite its head off before cooking and eating it."

Air Force: "I'd call down to the front desk and ask why there's a tent in my hotel room."


Thursday, April 11, 2024

"Please explain how THIS is possible?!"


"How on earth can you do card warp with no cover and have their card examinable?"



Never before have you seen a card warp like this!

Take a spectator's SIGNED card.   Fold it in half, and watch as you SEPARATE it into two pieces!  


WARPZAG is a three phase routine that ends with you handing the card back to the spectator for full examination!

This effect SOLD OUT in less than 24 hours when we first got it, but now we have a small batch left!

Priced to sell, you can carry this one with you and perform at a moments notice!




1. Con Cam Monte by R. Paul Wilson Con Cam Monte by R. Paul Wilson (Only 2 left!)
$19.95 - A baffling 3-card monte routine with crazy transpositions and an impossible kicker ending! Give the classic three-card Monte plot some wild visuals, impossible transpositions, and a kicker ending your audience won’t see coming....... more info
2. Fan2C by R. Paul Wilson Fan2C by R. Paul Wilson (Only 2 left!)
$24.95 - A visual change of five cards into a royal flush so good it looks like CGI. The best part? It's EASY TO DO. Visually change a terrible poker hand into a royal flush. One of the most visual multiple-card change gimmicks is back and better than ever. ...... more info
3. Key Motion by Seth Race Key Motion by Seth Race (Only 4 left!)
$24.95 - The Haunted Key enters the 21st century when you perform it with a modern key! Bring the Haunted Key into the 21st century. A house key rises as though lifted by a spirit or psychic energy. With no strings or magnets, this special key lets you perform an incredibly visual piece of magic...... more info
To see the other 100+ Penguin Magic products we have available, please visit this link!



Overstock Sale

Here are 15 additional items that we just added to our permanent Overstock Sale!  Get 40% off or more on these items (but only for the in-stock quantity listed below):


1. Sankey Skutt Sessions by Jay Sankey - DVD - (5 Available)
Link -

2. 25' Mouth Coil Glitter - Uday - (1 Available)
Link -

3. Split Decision by Kenton Knepper - (20 Available)
Link -

4. The Doctor Is In - The New Coin Magic of Dr. Sawa Vol 5 - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

5. Genii Magazine - July 2009 - Alan Alan: A Detailed Life - (1 Available)
Link -

6. Genii Magazine - December 2009 - The Great Jasper - (6 Available)
Link -

7. Genii Magazine - July 2010 - Tom Stone - (2 Available)
Link -

8. Red Streamlined Convertible by David Regal - DVD - (3 Available)
Link -

9. OUT-STANDING by Roberto Mansilla and Vernet - DVD - (1 Available)
Link -

10. Genii Magazine - August 2013 - Ali Cook - (2 Available)
Link -

11. Pro Bill Tube (Brass) by Premium Magic - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

12. Genii Magazine - November 2013 - The Aronsons - (5 Available)
Link -

13. Spectacular 100 Trick Magic Suitcase (0C4769) by Ideal - (1 Available)
Link -

14. Mini Harmonica Chop Cup (Aluminum) by Leo Smetsers - Trick - (1 Available)
Link -

15. Bicycle Excellence Deck by US Playing Card Co. - (1 Available)
Link -

WANT MORE? To see the other 100+ items in our Overstock category, please visit this link and take advantage of all our limited deals:



Do you know what's the difference between a crow and a raven?

Well the long straight feathers on the birds tail are called pinions. A crow has 12, a raven has 13.

So the difference between a crow and a raven is a matter of a pinion.


"It's BAAAAACK! The hottest card trick of 2023!"


"A FOUR MONTH WAITING LIST and they're finally ready to ship!"


Did you miss getting one of our DEMI DECKS last year?  You probably did, because these sold out very quickly.

And once you see it in action, you'll understand why!

Take a deck of cards.  Yes, a normal deck of cards.   Push a solid blade right through the middle of it.   You even show the two halves of the deck clearly separated from each other!

Then reconnect the two halves, restore the deck, and pull out your regular playing cards to begin your next card trick!



This is the perfect addition to your card magic!  Not only do you carry your cards in this as a protective case, but it allows you to perform this amazing ILLUSION at the same time!

Consider the following:

  • Works with any regular size deck of cards!
  • So EASY to perform!
  • Fools magicians!
  • No switches of any kind
  • Completely self-contained

We have these IN STOCK and ready to ship!   Don't miss out on this newly produced batch, or else you'll miss out on all the fun performing with it!




The old church needed a fresh coat of paint.

But money was tight in the budget, so the pastor figured he would save a few bucks by only buying about half the paint that was needed and thinning it out with turpentine to make it go farther.

So he did this, and the next Saturday the entire congregation gathered to help paint the church.

They worked all day, from dawn til dusk, and when they were finished the church had a beautiful fresh coat of paint.

But just as they were packing up to go home, storm clouds suddenly rolled in, and a torrential downpour began. The rain washed all of the thinned paint off the church's walls, undoing their whole day's work.

And just then, a mighty voice boomed down from the heavens saying: "REPAINT... and thin no more!!"


Friday, April 05, 2024

"Two AWESOME new effects that will BOGGLE your mind!"


"Check out these two new effects from Mickael Chatelain!"


First up is CRACK!  It's a BIG STAGE illusion made for close-up performances!

You take a bank note (for example, a $10.00 bill) and after folding it, you ZIG ZAG the bill and separate it from each other!


How it this possible?!
The bill is undeniably cut in two!  It is not possible otherwise!   You then put the bill back together again. It is 100% INTACT!  Show the front and back! 

At just under $40.00, you will want to carry this one around with you to amaze anyone who wants to see a miracle!




Money Money

With MONEY-MONEY, a playing card turns into money!  

A transformation as fast as lightning, in full view, right in front of your spectators!

Here's what happens:

Explain to your spectators that your last trip to Las Vegas was truly amazing and that luck was on your side.

Take your deck of cards and explain that one evening, you played blackjack!  You take out two cards from your deck, and explain that "with these two cards, I won!" 

Then, hold the two cards in front of your spectators and without any suspicious movement or manipulation, the two cards change into DOLLARS!   Believe me friends, you have to see it to believe it because the transformation is just unbelievable!


We emphasize this point: THE TRANSFORMATION IS INCREDIBLY FAST!  Let your imagination run wild with MONEY-MONEY!  Also perform transformations, disappearances, ticket appearances... and all this in sight!

MONEY-MONEY comes ready to work! Nothing to make! Receive your turn and present it immediately!




What eats its victims two by two?

Noah's Shark.


Thursday, April 04, 2024

"A few of our favorite things!"


"Adrian Carratalá Fooled Us with this!"

Ring On Shoelace


...A borrowed ring disappears under a handkerchief and immediately appears tied to the magician's shoelace...
Adrián Carratalá has jealously guarded the secret with which he managed to fool Penn & Teller.
Now, you too, can amaze your audience with this miracle!
Inspired by an original idea by Richard Sanders.


(Order this item and then begin to earn an Automatic 5% Discount off all your future orders for 30 days)


STOP by Bachi Ortiz



If I tell you that this trick is really magic, I'm not lying to you!

It is not easy to achieve magical simplicity and produce amazement.This trick does it, so STOP! and offer it.


A completely free card is chosen, and lost in the deck. The cards are spread on the table and a completely normal cap is made to run over the cards. Magically stop in a certain place. Some cards are removed, a new spread is made...

Again, the cap is moved over the cards, and again, STOP suddenly on a card... The OG chosen card!

The Stop magic trick is money well spent:

  •     Free choice.
  •     Signed playing card.
  •     The cap is totally normal, use the local one!
  •     Everything is fully examinable.
  •     Easy to perform.
  •     Clean motions, without strange movements.



DEViOS by Mark Lemon


"Two years in development, DEViOS is the ultimate Shortcuts project for Mentalists. A comprehensive and powerful system for mind-blowing effects."

Here are just a few of the things you can do with DEViOS:

  • Reliably force numbers, places, names, and words on your audience
  • Covertly peek at your spectators' thoughts in a variety of different ways
  • Secretly know the specific part of an image someone is focussing on
  • Learn exactly what has been written on a billet without your phone in play
  • Accurately predict the outcome of an apparently random game
  • Perform routines that prove complete control over your spectators' choices and decisions



Bicycle Star-Fire Pink Neon Playing Cards

Bicycle Star-Fire Pink Neon Playing Cards

"These cards are a one-and-done print run with high quality Pantone UV GLOW reactive ink! These iconic rider backs are also printed with a bonus card, double copies of the ace of spades!"

  • Print run 1,200
  • Fully custom courts
  • Pantone UV GLOW reactive ink




WGM RING ON ROPE SET by Murphy's Magic



In this effect, three pieces of rope, all of differing lengths magically becoming the same size, then change back!

Professor's Nightmare has become a classic in magic because of the powerful effect it has on the audience.

And EVERYTHING is examinable before and after the routine with no switching or extra gimmicks.




To the irritation of the judge, a man was trying to be excused from jury duty service.

"Tell me," asked the judge, "is there any good reason why you cannot serve as a juror in this trial?"

The man replied: "I don’t want to be away from my job that long."

"Can’t they do without you at work?" demanded the judge.

"Yes," admitted the juror. "But I don’t want them to realize it."


Tuesday, April 02, 2024

"A first-of-its-kind playing card storage and display system!"


"The ultimate all-in-one-solution for collectors, cardists, magicians, and hobbyists alike."


MJM Magic is proud to bring you a new product that is specifically designed to show off and display your playing card collection!

Introducing VELO by Vanishing Inc.   VELO is a modular system that is designed to be used in tandem with each other.


VELO CLEAR (Top Display)


VELO CLEAR is a clear, standalone clear-top display case. 

It's the perfect way to showcase 12 of your favorite decks while also protecting them from dirt and dust!

Each one includes a removable soft insert that rests the tuck boxes at the perfect angle for highlighting their most elaborate details, while also giving you quick and easy access to your cards whenever the top is open.





VELO DRAWER is the wooden drawers that you can stack on top of each other.  

These specially designed modular wood drawers stack together in seconds. Simply place one on top of the other, and for the perfect finish, add a Vélo clear on top. They also have the angled insert for easy access to your cards, but you can easily remove it to quickly transform the "Vélo Stack" into a more traditional drawer for other small props or accessories.

Pick up your VELO DRAWER right here!


We recommend picking up ONE of the CLEAR, and as many of the DRAWERS as you want to stack beneath it!  (Although it's not recommended to stack more than 8 on top of each other due to the weight).

In that photo above, you can see what it looks like to have one clear and three drawers beneath it (enough to store 48 decks)!

You can remove the inserts and store anything you want in the boxes, including your magic props, jewelry, or anything else that you want to protect inside of it!




What's Mr. T's girlfriend's name?

April, foo!