Friday, April 19, 2024

"I loved this work, I'll take 5. " - David Copperfield


"This magical piece has left thousands or millions of people speechless in the real world and on social networks."

Twister Flavor 2.0

Twister Flavor has been one of the most viral magical effects in the world, more than 10 million views and counting.

Now, the 2.0 version is here, making it even easier to execute and carry around with you.

Take a pack of gum, and split it into two!  Or take two packs and merge it into one larger one!


With a little misdirection and a switch, you can then pull out a stick and chew it as you walk away, leaving a field of fried spectator brains in your wake!

This comes in TWO versions:

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Last Chance

In this industry, products come and products go.   We are contacted DAILY by customers who are asking for things which are no longer available.  Bummer.......

So we created a LAST CHANCE category for you to view all items which are going away forever.   This is your last chance to pick up these items so you won't be left out!

See anything you like?  Now's the time to get them!




One day, the US military decided to take a poll to see how the different branches handle a specific situation, in this case a scorpion in a service member's tent. One representative from each major branch is selected, and each answers privately.

The question was a simple one: "There is a scorpion in your tent. What do you do?"

Army: "I would crush it with my boot and throw it outside."

Navy: "I would pick it up by the tail and throw it outside."

Marines: "I'd bite its head off before cooking and eating it."

Air Force: "I'd call down to the front desk and ask why there's a tent in my hotel room."


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