Monday, January 28, 2013

"This is going to BLOW you away!" - Arriving Next Week!

SSS by Shin LimAre you ready for the hottest new upcoming item to hit the market?  I know I sure am!  It's not often that I send out a newsletter to rave about an item which isn't shipping yet, so that should say something about this item!

SSS by Shin Lim:

Imagine this: the ability to produce smoke on command from your hands, mouth, or even remote objects!  What's that you say?  It's been done before?  Well how about this:

- Perform Completely Surrounded
- Light, Durable, and Affordable
- Silent, SLEEVELESS Smoke

Don't believe me?  Watch the DEMO Video by clicking this link:
ARRIVING AND READY TO SHIP ON FEBRUARY 6TH!  Preorder this RIGHT NOW with MJM Magic and you will be guaranteed to get this from our first batch.  Trust me, at this price, this is going to sell out if you don't preorder with us.
More about the effect:

With NO sleeves, NO complicated hookup, and NO noise, you can cleanly produce smoke from an isolated place far away from your hands. Imagine standing 2 feet away from an untouched glass cup. Then, imagine that glass cup slowly, eerily filling up with a cloud of white smoke. Imagine have the power to produce smoke literally ANYWHERE.

On this DVD, Shin teaches you how to make the gimmick from scratch with the exact parts that he uses to make his own Smoke gimmick. And before you shy away from the idea of spending hours upon hours making the gimmick; Don't worry! The gimmick takes literally 10 minutes to make, costs under $25.00 and will last you for years. In fact, most of the parts that Shin will require you to get are readily available from local stores as well as on line.

You will have the ability to produce the cleanest smoke at will without worrying about spectators hearing any noise or hum. This is SSS.

*Included in this DVD is a gimmick that is “the right size” and a harder to find in small quantities than the other parts required, which is why it was included. However, every single part of SSS can be found at any hardware, CVS store, etc. or online for under $25.00. (Shin goes in extreme detail of how and where to get them).

The smoke produced from SSS is completely safe, and has no odor whatsoever.
Pick it up today at MJM Magic:
Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash (MJM Magic, Inc)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Wow - 15% Coupon at MJM Magic PLUS New Features!"

Happy Saturday everyone!  In this week's newsletter, I'm going to cover a few things for you!  We will discuss the latest best selling items in the store, the new Save For Later Feature, and the new redesigned DOWNLOADS area of the store!

But first off, let's celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. with a little savings in your pocket!  This Monday is a Federal Holiday in honor of M.L.K. Jr, and since we can't ship anything out that day (because the mail isn't running), we like to use those opportunities to give our customers some extra savings!

So between RIGHT NOW through Monday night, use the following Redemption Code on our website and you will save an extra 15% off on all qualifying items*.

There are no minimum orders!  Use as many times as you like between now thru Monday the 21st!

* This code will take 15% off all discountable items.  Many items in our store are "price protected" by the manufacturer and not discountable.  So those items won't be effected by this promotion, but anything else is fair game!  Just enter MLK2013 when you checkout between now and Monday night, and if any items apply in your order, you will get an extra 15% off the sale price!

This cannot be used with any other discount codes, and it CANNOT (repeat, CANNOT) be applied towards any prior orders placed before 1/19/13.  Thanks for understanding.



So you want to know what's hot in our store?  Here are the TOP SELLING five items over the past 30 days:

#5. Ultimate Marked Deck:
(Imagine knowing the value of the card without ever seeing the face.  Endless possibilities!)

#4. Criss Angel Presents - RISEN:
(A selected card visually rises from the card box.....and more!)

#3. Undernail Writer:
(A must have for every magician.  Small but versatile in all your mentalism routines!)

#2. Haunted 2.0:
(One of a small handful of stores to actually have this in stock, this is a great improvement to one of the bestselling effects of 2012)

.....and the number 1 best selling item in our store these past 30 days.....

#1. Nest of Wallets:
(First two batches sold out in days.  Preorder this now and get one from our next upcoming batch.  You won't regret it!)

Hey, did you know that you can EASILY see ALL the best selling items on our website?  Simply go to and look on the right hand side of the page.  It will display the TOP 10 BESTSELLING ITEMS in our store!

And check this out.....what if you want to know the Top 10 bestselling items in the MENTALISM category?  Simply click the Category you want to see on the left hand side of our page, and that will load the category.  Then look at the BESTSELLING list on the right side of the page, and it will now list the bestselling items in that specific category!  This is a great way to see what's hot in individual categories (like Card Magic, DVD's, Downloads, etc).



Speaking of Downloads, we are very excited to share with you the new DOWNLOADS area!  We have completely redesigned and revamped our DIGITAL DOWNLOAD software.  Not only can you watch hundreds of DVD's online through MJM Magic, but you can now DOWNLOAD THEM and save them for later.  This is perfect for people who don't have a fast internet connection.  Just save it to your computer and then watch it anytime!

Simply go to this link (, and purchase a download product.  Once we process your order (during normal business hours), you will be given access to the files!

Want to know what's hot in the DOWNLOADS category right now?  Here are the Top 3 Downloads in the past 30 days:

#3. Flurious ($5.95):

#2. Ring Slide by Justin Miller ($15.00):

#1. Two Amazing Card Tricks by Pit Hartling ($10.00):

Click those links to watch demo videos for those poplar downloads.
NOTE: For your convenience, we also added the new DOWNLOADS link to the top of every page of our store.  Click it to always be taken to the latest download releases!



It's been called the best new feature we've added to our website in the past year: SAVE FOR LATER!  How it works is EASY!  Simply add items you want to purchase into your shopping cart.  Once you're on the Shopping Cart page, you will see a big Black Arrow next to your items.  If you want to save those items to purchase later, just click the Arrow!  It will load that item into a private shopping cart for you to purchase later!  This works just like a Wish List, only easier to use!  If you ever want to purchase the items that you've saved for later, you can just click them back into your Active Shopping Cart and wallah!  You're good to go!

Try it out and see!  We're very proud of this new feature!

Okay, well it's Saturday so that means it's time to take my daughter Madison to gymnastics!  I hope you all have a GREAT weekend, and remember......since Monday is a holiday, we won't be shipping orders until Tuesday when we open again.

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Website Changes and We Need Your Feedback!

Happy Friday, everyone!  This is just going to be a real quick email to fill you in on what's been going on this week.

As you know, we have been very busy with a website upgrade.  This has brought some very welcome changes and improvements that we've been working on for a long time!  Below are some of the highlights:


In the past, we offered Streaming Videos.  While those were good, it limited our customers because you could only watch them from an active Internet connection, and you couldn't save them.  Well, have no fear, because we have REVAMPED the way we offer downloadable products now, and you can now SAVE (ie DOWNLOAD) the files to your computer to watch offline!

The process couldn't be easier.  Simply browse our DVD DOWNLOAD category on our website (, and once we process your order, you will have access to the file on our website.  You can then choose to watch it online through the free video player that we embed on our website, or you can SAVE the files to your computer to watch offline.

We are offering new DVD Downloads almost every day, so be sure to check back daily!


One of the most common questions we get is always, "When will my order ship?"  While I have gone to great lengths to let my customers know how long an individual item takes to ship (on the product's description page), I did some more coding and made things even simpler for you guys.

So now, no matter what products you're purchasing, as soon as you add an item to your shopping cart, you will see our HIGHLIGHTED Shipping Estimation time displayed right there for you!  While it's not a guarantee, it's a pretty darn close estimation as to when your order will ship based on the items in your shopping cart.

Try it out and see!  Add some items and you will know before purchase exactly when we EXPECT to ship the order.  NOTE: We usually ship EARLIER than the estimated time, but we always publish a little extra time to allow for unexpected delays with UPS deliveries.


The biggest issue we've been hearing about is the removal of the Wish List feature on our website.  The reason why it's gone is because the software developers for that module haven't yet updated it with new/improved code to be compatible with our new software.

So even though the Wish List is currently gone, the DATA and all your saved items are still there in our database.  It's just inaccessible until we can get the program back up and running (no current ETA).

However, I want your FEEDBACK on this issue.  To me, the MAIN purpose of a Wish List is to serve two purposes:
  1. To save items that you want to purchase later
  2. To email the list to friends and family so that they can purchase items for you
Now, my question to you Wish List users is this: How many of you actually used the email Wish List function?  In other words, did you mainly use your Wish List to SAVE ITEMS for later, or did you seriously utilize the email feature to send to people?

The reason why I ask is because we do have an alternative program called the "Save For Later" program.  It works much like a wish list, where it will allow you to SAVE items into a private shopping cart, allowing you to ADD/REMOVE them as you see fit.  However, there is no EMAIL function, and I don't know if I can port all your old Wish List items into it.  I can try, but I haven't played around with it yet, so let's assume that I can't.  Would you find this Save For Later program useful (and a worthy replacement of the old Wish List program)?

I want to know your thoughts, so let me know!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Major Website Updates - In Progress

If our website looks a little different, that's because we are slowly updating it this month.  We are trying to keep the basic look and layout the same, but you're going to notice some differences as we go along.

First off, if for some reason you go to our website ( and the layout looks really, really bad (like missing colors, misaligned menus, etc), then here is what you need to do:

1. Right click your mouse on our website
2. Select the RELOAD menu option

That will reload all our image files and updated templates, which will correct any layout problem.

In the meantime, if you see ANYTHING out of the ordinary, please let me know.  Here are some things I am interested in hearing about:
  • If you see something MISSING that you want us to bring back
  • If something is broken or not working (like not being able to checkout, or search for products)
Anything else that you want to bring to my attention, just click the CONTACT US link at the top of our website and let me know.

As you can imagine, there is a LOT of things that I've had to try and import into our new software update, and I may have missed something.  Or if you want to see some new features offered at MJM Magic that we haven't done before, let me know that as well!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.