Monday, January 28, 2013

"This is going to BLOW you away!" - Arriving Next Week!

SSS by Shin LimAre you ready for the hottest new upcoming item to hit the market?  I know I sure am!  It's not often that I send out a newsletter to rave about an item which isn't shipping yet, so that should say something about this item!

SSS by Shin Lim:

Imagine this: the ability to produce smoke on command from your hands, mouth, or even remote objects!  What's that you say?  It's been done before?  Well how about this:

- Perform Completely Surrounded
- Light, Durable, and Affordable
- Silent, SLEEVELESS Smoke

Don't believe me?  Watch the DEMO Video by clicking this link:
ARRIVING AND READY TO SHIP ON FEBRUARY 6TH!  Preorder this RIGHT NOW with MJM Magic and you will be guaranteed to get this from our first batch.  Trust me, at this price, this is going to sell out if you don't preorder with us.
More about the effect:

With NO sleeves, NO complicated hookup, and NO noise, you can cleanly produce smoke from an isolated place far away from your hands. Imagine standing 2 feet away from an untouched glass cup. Then, imagine that glass cup slowly, eerily filling up with a cloud of white smoke. Imagine have the power to produce smoke literally ANYWHERE.

On this DVD, Shin teaches you how to make the gimmick from scratch with the exact parts that he uses to make his own Smoke gimmick. And before you shy away from the idea of spending hours upon hours making the gimmick; Don't worry! The gimmick takes literally 10 minutes to make, costs under $25.00 and will last you for years. In fact, most of the parts that Shin will require you to get are readily available from local stores as well as on line.

You will have the ability to produce the cleanest smoke at will without worrying about spectators hearing any noise or hum. This is SSS.

*Included in this DVD is a gimmick that is “the right size” and a harder to find in small quantities than the other parts required, which is why it was included. However, every single part of SSS can be found at any hardware, CVS store, etc. or online for under $25.00. (Shin goes in extreme detail of how and where to get them).

The smoke produced from SSS is completely safe, and has no odor whatsoever.
Pick it up today at MJM Magic:
Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash (MJM Magic, Inc)

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