Thursday, May 31, 2018

"This works every single time, with ZERO setup or preparation!" - DOWNLOAD Today

"This works every single time, with ZERO setup or preparation!"

The Vault - Omega = Alpha by Woody Aragon video DOWNLOAD

In today's VAULT, we are bringing you an amazing SELF WORKING trick that we originally released a few years ago.

Check this out.   You take a SHUFFLED DECK of cards.   It can even be BORROWED.

You have the spectator cut a packet of cards off the top (FREE CHOICE).   You have NO IDEA how many cards they selected.

The spectator then remembers a card that is at the random position of the deck.  (You have NO IDEA what card they are thinking of, nor the number they are thinking of).

And yet, by slowly eliminating packets of cards, you will ALWAYS end up at their THOUGHT OF CARD!
  • Completely Self Working
  • Instantly Repeatable
  • No sleight of hand
  • No crazy memorization
  • Can be done with a shuffled borrowed deck
Best of all: it costs less than a Starbucks coffee and you can DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW!

Pick this up and begin learning it today:


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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"An ENTIRE SHOW with only one deck of cards!" - FREE SHIPPING OFFER

"You are going to have so much FUN with this!!!"

Woody Aragon Memorized Deck Set by Woody Aragon

There's so many great card tricks out there, but many don't like gimmicked decks.   Why?  Because many times, you can only do one trick with them, and then you have to switch it for another deck to perform something else.

If you're looking to perform an ENTIRE SHOW with one deck of cards, then you need to check out THE SHOW by Woody Aragon (produced by our friends at Vanishing Inc).

The Show DVD:

THE SHOW is DVD that's almost three hours long, and you'll learn an entire show of card material, with each trick better than the last, and each trick different from the one before.

Since the DVD revolves around a Memorized Stack, then we also highly recommend you check out this other item as well:


In this separate DVD, Woody shows you how to take a REGULAR SHUFFLED deck of cards, and secretly arrange it into a secret stack that allows you to perform MIRACLES with it!

Instant Memorized Deck DVD:


Don't just buy one or the other.   Purchase BOTH below and SAVE MONEY!

If you purchase both together in this special package below, you will SAVE $10.00 off the price:

That link above will give you BOTH DVD's (the Instant Memorized Deck and THE SHOW) for a special low price!    And we will give you FREE USA SHIPPING on that special combo!

If you're looking to incorporate a memorized stack into your act, then this is the PERFECT combination for you!   There's a reason why so many people use a memorized stack in their shows, because laymen WILL NEVER EVER EVER think it's possible that you can have the location of every card memorized!

70% OFF THOUSANDS OF ITEMS - Ends Friday!!!

We still have tons of items still up for grabs on our Memorial Day Sale which ends this week!   Click this link below and be sure to browse through all of the items for some killer deals:


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Monday, May 21, 2018

MJM MASSIVE Memorial Day Sale - Up to 70% Off!

Massive Memorial Day Sale - Up to 80% Off!

Wow, hold onto your butts!   We just picked over 1700 items in our store, and we slashed the prices by UP TO 70% OFF!

Seriously, we didn't think we could TOP the last sale we had.   It was earlier this month, and we gave you 50% off on about 1000 items.

But STARTING TODAY, we selected almost twice the amount of items, and we INCREASED the discounts!   Check out all the items here:

These are all brand new items, some which have only been on the market for a few months.   We GUARANTEE that you're going to find lots to choose from on this list!

  • First come, first serve deals!   Once these sell out, the clearance prices will no longer be available.
  • We absolutely CANNOT honor these amazing prizes after the sale is over, so don't wait!
  • These items WILL GO FAST.   If you see something you like, purchase it quickly because there is no guarantee that it will be available tomorrow.
Sale will end on June 1st at 2:00pm PST......or until the items sell out, whichever comes first!

HAVE FUN SHOPPING and scooping up these incredible CLEARANCE deals!



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Friday, May 18, 2018

OOUCH! - "First they will SCREAM, then they will APPLAUD!"

People like SHOCK magic.  Something that catches them off guard.   Remember the trick where the magician has a NAIL hidden under a styrofoam cup, and then slams his hand onto it?   The element of danger is what gets people talking.

Here is a SHOCK magic trick that anyone can do, but without posing any danger to you or your spectators.

Check out OOUCH! by Hugo Valenzuela:

Oouch! by Hugo Valenzuela

In a nutshell, you use a sharp pointed DART to find the spectator's card.......but there is a SHOCKING TWIST to it!   Check out the demo video:

Order now and we will begin shipping out to you in about a week.  FREE SHIPPING!


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Thursday, May 17, 2018

"This download will turn your SPECTATOR into the Magician!"

When I was a kid, I remember being called on stage by a magician, and he made me feel like the STAR of the show.    I don't know how he did it, but I felt like I was the one performing the magic.

THAT is what you can do with this week's VAULT Trick available for download right now:

The Vault - Code of Silence by Gary Kurtz video DOWNLOAD

With Code of Silence, you will be taught a method that actually let's the SPECTATOR perform the magic.   This is perfect when performing for a guest of honor, or a birthday kid, or a CEO of a company!

Watch the demo video to see some of it in action.

In addition to having your spectator know the freely selected card from a spectator (and yes, it IS a FREE SELECTION), you will also learn another system for having the spectator reveal a random three digit number when they're not even in the room!

For $5.00, it's a great purchase that you can use in your routine to make someone feel like THEY are the magician!

Download it right now:


The world tongue-twister champion just got arrested.   I hear they're going to give him a really tough sentence.

Monday, May 14, 2018

"This is THE perfect hands-off commercial effect."

A few years ago, our friend Peter Eggink came out with Haunted, an amazing animated deck effect that was an instant best seller.

Today, MJM Magic is pleased to bring you the LATEST 2.0 version, which has improved upon the old design.

Check out HAUNTED 2.0 by Mark Traversoni:

Paul Harris Presents Haunted 2.0 by Mark Traversoni and Peter Eggink

Why should you get Haunted 2.0?   Think about it.   People usually put magicians into two categories:
  1. Either you're a sleight of hand expert
  2. Or you're a wizard with super natural powers
With Haunted 2.0, you make people believe you're squarely in the NUMBER 2 category.   No one can think you're using sleight of hand when you MAKE THE DECK MOVE BY ITSELF and you're nowhere near it!

This is EASY.  It's CREEPY.   But best of all, it's MEMORABLE.   People will be talking about "what you did" long after it's over with!

This is just as fun to perform for yourself as it is for a crowd of people!



Two guys are trying to escape from prison at midnight.   As they reach the last and final fence, it's lined with BELLS along the top of it.

The first prisoner jumps over the fence, but accidentally rings the bell with his legs.

"WHO GOES THERE?" shouts the prison guard.

Having to think quick, the first prisoner says, "Meeeeow."

"Oh, it's just a cat," says the guard as he begins to walk back to his post.

So then the second prisoner tries to jump the fence, but he too hits the bell.

The guard quickly comes running back, "WHO GOES THERE?"

The second prisoner, not too bright, says "Just another cat."

Friday, May 11, 2018

"A FUN display of mentalism with MOVIES!" - Easy and Repeatable!

BOX OFFICE By Jeremy Marouani

We all love tricks and mentalism, but the goal of anything you do is to STAND OUT.   You want people to remember you for doing something DIFFERENT.

There's no better way than using Hollywood MOVIES to capture your spectator's attention. 

In today's highlighted product, you show TEN large postcards with 100 different Movie Posters on them.   The spectator merely THINKS of one of them.  Nothing is written down.

And then, without asking any specific questions about their movie, you reveal what they were thinking of!

This BLOWS people AWAY!   It's great to perform as a GAME too.   "Let's play a little game and see if I can't figure out what your favorite movie is!"

We love this effect for many reasons:
  • It's different!  It's not a card trick, or a boring "read your mind" trick.   It involves MOVIES and gives your spectator the option to pick their favorite one.  NO FORCING AT ALL!
  • It's EASY!  You will literally be performing this in no time!
  • It's REPEATABLE!   "Let me see you do that again!"   Okay, no problem!   Pick a different movie and do it all over again!
  • It's FUN!  Once you read their mind, you can have fun in how you choose to reveal the selection!
  • INSTANT RESET!   Immediately perform it again without setting anything up.
We will begin shipping these out very soon, so get your orders in NOW to avoid missing out:

ONE FINAL TIP: Because you can perform this MULTIPLE times to the SAME group, it feels like you're performing a bunch of different tricks.   For example, the first time you perform it, you might just reveal their thought-of movie.   When you perform it again, you might reveal it as a test of cold reading ("I'm seeing a male actor with blonde hair, yes?  And he is older than 40, yes?" etc).    A third performance, and you may choose to have a second spectator get involved (by having them read the movies out loud while you stop them at the first spectator's thought-of selection). 

You're only limited by your imagination with this fantastic system of movie mind-reading!


I asked my father what it was like learning Braille, but he didn't want to tell me.   I didn't realize it was such a touchy subject.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

"They SEE their signature slowly MORPH into yours!"

We love Thursday's, because we always get to bring you an Instant Download from our VAULT!   In today's offering, we are bringing you something called BACKLASH 2 by our friends Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert.

The Vault - Backlash 2 by Paul Harris/Bro Gilbert video DOWNLOAD

What's great about this download is that it has all the qualities of a great card effect:
  • Spectator participation
  • Double Climax (meaning just when the spectator thinks the trick is over, you hit them with another phase of the routine)
  • It leaves the spectator with a souvenir to remember you by!
Oh, and it's also EASY, works with ANY DECK, and makes the spectator's think that you've HYPNOTIZED them!

Download this today and get instant access to it:



Two old men, Abe and Sol, sit on a park bench feeding pigeons and talking about baseball.

Abe turns to Sol and asks, "Do you think there's baseball in Heaven?"

Sol thinks about it for a minute and replies, "I dunno. But let's make a deal -- if I die first, I'll come back and tell you if there's baseball in Heaven, and if you die first, you do the same."

They shake on it and sadly, a few months later, poor Abe passes on. Soon afterward, Sol sits in the park feeding the pigeons by himself and hears a voice whisper, "Sol... Sol... ."

Sol responds, "Abe! Is that you?"

"Yes it is, Sol," whispers Abe's ghost.

Sol, still amazed, asks, "So, is there baseball in Heaven?"

"Well," says Abe, "I've got good news and bad news."

"Gimme the good news first," says Sol.

Abe says, "Well, there is baseball in Heaven."

Sol says, "That's great! What news could be bad enough to ruin that?"

Abe sighs and whispers, "You're pitching on Friday."

Monday, May 07, 2018

"One of the CLEANEST and EASIEST prediction effects of 2018!"

Happy Monday, everybody!  Boy, are we EXCITED to share with you this brand new effect.   We know you're absolutely going to LOVE it!

Chosen by Ron Timmer and MFH

It's EASY, it uses a REGULAR DECK, and the premise is simple.

You take out a prediction card and leave it face down on the table.

The spectator FREELY CHOOSES any card.   That's right, NO FORCE.

Their card is put face down in the middle of the deck, sandwiched between all the face up cards, so you cannot possibly touch or manipulate it.

And you guessed it......the one card that they freely chosen happens to perfectly MATCH your prediction card!

We have two demo videos for you to see it in action (one is explaining the trick, the other is a full UNCUT PERFORMANCE).   You can watch both here:

Demu video of Chosen by Ron Timmer and MFH

And are you ready for the best part?   The price: only $15.00!

And for those of you who only use a certain color deck, we got you covered!  CHOSEN comes with everything you need to use with your RED or BLUE Bicycle and Phoenix decks!

Order it today and we will begin shipping as soon as it's released in a few days:


Why were the Star Wars movies released Episodes 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3?   Because in charge of scheduling, Yoda was.

Friday, May 04, 2018

"This visual illusion will BLOW your MIND" - No switching!!!

PCTC Productions Presents PUSH by Sultan Orazaly

You've all seen the classic "Pen Thru Dollar Bill" trick before, right?   Classic, and highly recommended.

But tell me this.   Have you seen a PLAYING CARD go through a bill?  Perhaps.........but what about a SIGNED PLAYING CARD?

Read that again.  The bill can be borrowed.   The playing card can be SIGNED.   You penetrate the card through the bill, and then you hand BOTH out for examination without any switches!

Without.  Any.  Switches.

Nowhere have you seen anything like this.  

Carry PUSH with you everywhere you go!   And the best part: it's only $24.95!

WATCH THE VIDEO and get it here:
(Begins shipping in about a week, so if you purchase it now, you'll be the first to get it when we release them).


What do you get when you cross a bunny and a Rottweiler?  Just the Rottweiler!

Thursday, May 03, 2018

"SUPERCHARGE your card magic with VIBE by Bob Solari" - DOWNLOAD Today!

Vibe by Bob Solari video DOWNLOAD

Today we have opened up our Vault to bring you one of the most DEVIOUS SECRETS in card magic.  It's called "VIBE by Bob Solari", and you can perform TONS different effects with it.

Download Link:

For example, here is just a small example of what you'll learn to do with this download purchase:

Out of this galaxy
A deck can be fairly shuffled and turned face up and spread on the table. The magician says he is able to memorize the entire deck in SECONDS! to prove it he turns the cards face down and deals them into two piles. When he turns the piles face up, he has dealt all the red cards in one pile and all the black in another!

Got The vibe
A card is freely selected and lost in the deck. The spectator can shuffle and cut the deck, proving the card is legitimately lost. The magicians asks the spectator to concentrate on their card as the magician deals through the cards. When the magician feels a vibe from the spectator, he stops dealing and turns the card he stopped on over.....and its THE RIGHT CARD!

4 Of Any Kind
Imagine removing the four kings (or any other 4 of a kind), having the spectator lose the four kings into the deck and shuffle. The magician is able to deal through the cards and find all four Kings with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND!!!!! It can't be more fair!

Covert Vibrations
Slydini student and magician Bill Wisch joins in on the fun with this minor miracle. Using his fingertips, Bill is able to separate the deck red from black. Without looking, not only is he able to separate the colors, he can separate the cards into ODDS and EVENS!

Each one of those effects could sell individually......but you will learn them all with this download!

Remember, all the tricks are:
DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY and begin using VIBE with your own deck of cards!!

Download Link:

(Don't want the download version?  You can purchase the physical DVD right here instead:


If I had a dime for every time I didn't understand what was going on, I'd be like, "Why y'all keep giving me all these dimes?"

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

50% Flash Sale Starts NOW - Ends Sunday!

50% Off Flash Sale at MJM Magic!
SURPRISE!   We decided to have a SUPER QUICK FLASH SALE to spring on you guys!   Heck, we didn't even plan it until today, so it truly is a spur of the moment thing!

We chose a few hundred items that we have on our shelves, and we threw them into the 50% OFF category.   DVD's, Tricks, you name it.  

List of Items:

Quantity on many of these are limited (only one or two available at this discounted price), and once we sell out of our local inventory, the price WILL go back up when we order more from the supplier.

I need to make that clear.  If they sell out today, they will immediately go back up to full price once our local inventory is gone.

The sale starts NOW and ENDS on Sunday the 6th.   Due to the high demand for these items at 50% Off, they will go back up in price once they sell, or once the sale is over.

Do yourself a favor and browse through the few pages of 500+ items in this sale.   You're bound to find something you like!



What has one horn and gives milk?
A milk truck!

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

"The ULTIMATE in Rubik's Cube Magic!" - LIMITED SUPPLY

Typically, we don't send out a newsletter to promote an item which is a little expensive.......unless it's REALLY GOOD and LIMITED IN SUPPLY.

This is such an item, and you'll see why it's going to sell out quickly.

Real Cube by Harry G - Trick

Check out the demo video:

This is the ultimate in Rubik's Cube magic, and it's perfect for stage or parlor settings.
Some of the routines you can do with this:

  • Instant Restoration Version 1: Audience mixes up the cube freely. The cube is placed inside a paper bag. All 6 sides are solved and displayed to the audience, with an empty bag left behind.
  • Instant Restoration Version 2: Magician mixes up the cube thoroughly, then places it inside a paper bag. The audience can still see the cube is mixed inside the bag. The cube is solved instantly when it is poured onto a surface. The cube can be examined immediately.
  • Matching: Audience member and magician mix two cubes separately, and the color patterns of each cube are identical! Then the magician takes of one of the cubes and restores it with one hand.
  • Harry's Full Rubik Routine: Harry's multi-phased professional routine used for his commercial performances. Spectator mixes up a cube at the start. After a series of solving and matching, both cubes are examinable!
Real Cube by Harry G - Trick

Like I said, it's a little more expensive than the average product we promote, but also consider:
  • FREE SHIPPING OPTION anywhere in the USA!
  • We also give you $9.00 back in Reward Point credit for purchasing this!
  • And our personal favorite: with this purchase, you're more than HALFWAY to the $300.00 Benchmark for May's Achievement prize!   That's right, if you spend a combined total of more than $300 in the entire month of May, we will pay you back $30.00 in credit!    So this one item will get you most of the way towards a $30.00 gift!  
So free USA shipping, an immediate $9.00 back in credit, a huge leap towards the $30.00 credit-back reward, and you get this awesome effect on top of it all!



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