Thursday, May 17, 2018

"This download will turn your SPECTATOR into the Magician!"

When I was a kid, I remember being called on stage by a magician, and he made me feel like the STAR of the show.    I don't know how he did it, but I felt like I was the one performing the magic.

THAT is what you can do with this week's VAULT Trick available for download right now:

The Vault - Code of Silence by Gary Kurtz video DOWNLOAD

With Code of Silence, you will be taught a method that actually let's the SPECTATOR perform the magic.   This is perfect when performing for a guest of honor, or a birthday kid, or a CEO of a company!

Watch the demo video to see some of it in action.

In addition to having your spectator know the freely selected card from a spectator (and yes, it IS a FREE SELECTION), you will also learn another system for having the spectator reveal a random three digit number when they're not even in the room!

For $5.00, it's a great purchase that you can use in your routine to make someone feel like THEY are the magician!

Download it right now:


The world tongue-twister champion just got arrested.   I hear they're going to give him a really tough sentence.

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