Monday, May 14, 2018

"This is THE perfect hands-off commercial effect."

A few years ago, our friend Peter Eggink came out with Haunted, an amazing animated deck effect that was an instant best seller.

Today, MJM Magic is pleased to bring you the LATEST 2.0 version, which has improved upon the old design.

Check out HAUNTED 2.0 by Mark Traversoni:

Paul Harris Presents Haunted 2.0 by Mark Traversoni and Peter Eggink

Why should you get Haunted 2.0?   Think about it.   People usually put magicians into two categories:
  1. Either you're a sleight of hand expert
  2. Or you're a wizard with super natural powers
With Haunted 2.0, you make people believe you're squarely in the NUMBER 2 category.   No one can think you're using sleight of hand when you MAKE THE DECK MOVE BY ITSELF and you're nowhere near it!

This is EASY.  It's CREEPY.   But best of all, it's MEMORABLE.   People will be talking about "what you did" long after it's over with!

This is just as fun to perform for yourself as it is for a crowd of people!



Two guys are trying to escape from prison at midnight.   As they reach the last and final fence, it's lined with BELLS along the top of it.

The first prisoner jumps over the fence, but accidentally rings the bell with his legs.

"WHO GOES THERE?" shouts the prison guard.

Having to think quick, the first prisoner says, "Meeeeow."

"Oh, it's just a cat," says the guard as he begins to walk back to his post.

So then the second prisoner tries to jump the fence, but he too hits the bell.

The guard quickly comes running back, "WHO GOES THERE?"

The second prisoner, not too bright, says "Just another cat."

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