Wednesday, May 02, 2018

50% Flash Sale Starts NOW - Ends Sunday!

50% Off Flash Sale at MJM Magic!
SURPRISE!   We decided to have a SUPER QUICK FLASH SALE to spring on you guys!   Heck, we didn't even plan it until today, so it truly is a spur of the moment thing!

We chose a few hundred items that we have on our shelves, and we threw them into the 50% OFF category.   DVD's, Tricks, you name it.  

List of Items:

Quantity on many of these are limited (only one or two available at this discounted price), and once we sell out of our local inventory, the price WILL go back up when we order more from the supplier.

I need to make that clear.  If they sell out today, they will immediately go back up to full price once our local inventory is gone.

The sale starts NOW and ENDS on Sunday the 6th.   Due to the high demand for these items at 50% Off, they will go back up in price once they sell, or once the sale is over.

Do yourself a favor and browse through the few pages of 500+ items in this sale.   You're bound to find something you like!



What has one horn and gives milk?
A milk truck!

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