Thursday, May 03, 2018

"SUPERCHARGE your card magic with VIBE by Bob Solari" - DOWNLOAD Today!

Vibe by Bob Solari video DOWNLOAD

Today we have opened up our Vault to bring you one of the most DEVIOUS SECRETS in card magic.  It's called "VIBE by Bob Solari", and you can perform TONS different effects with it.

Download Link:

For example, here is just a small example of what you'll learn to do with this download purchase:

Out of this galaxy
A deck can be fairly shuffled and turned face up and spread on the table. The magician says he is able to memorize the entire deck in SECONDS! to prove it he turns the cards face down and deals them into two piles. When he turns the piles face up, he has dealt all the red cards in one pile and all the black in another!

Got The vibe
A card is freely selected and lost in the deck. The spectator can shuffle and cut the deck, proving the card is legitimately lost. The magicians asks the spectator to concentrate on their card as the magician deals through the cards. When the magician feels a vibe from the spectator, he stops dealing and turns the card he stopped on over.....and its THE RIGHT CARD!

4 Of Any Kind
Imagine removing the four kings (or any other 4 of a kind), having the spectator lose the four kings into the deck and shuffle. The magician is able to deal through the cards and find all four Kings with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND!!!!! It can't be more fair!

Covert Vibrations
Slydini student and magician Bill Wisch joins in on the fun with this minor miracle. Using his fingertips, Bill is able to separate the deck red from black. Without looking, not only is he able to separate the colors, he can separate the cards into ODDS and EVENS!

Each one of those effects could sell individually......but you will learn them all with this download!

Remember, all the tricks are:
DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY and begin using VIBE with your own deck of cards!!

Download Link:

(Don't want the download version?  You can purchase the physical DVD right here instead:


If I had a dime for every time I didn't understand what was going on, I'd be like, "Why y'all keep giving me all these dimes?"

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