Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"An ENTIRE SHOW with only one deck of cards!" - FREE SHIPPING OFFER

"You are going to have so much FUN with this!!!"

Woody Aragon Memorized Deck Set by Woody Aragon

There's so many great card tricks out there, but many don't like gimmicked decks.   Why?  Because many times, you can only do one trick with them, and then you have to switch it for another deck to perform something else.

If you're looking to perform an ENTIRE SHOW with one deck of cards, then you need to check out THE SHOW by Woody Aragon (produced by our friends at Vanishing Inc).

The Show DVD:

THE SHOW is DVD that's almost three hours long, and you'll learn an entire show of card material, with each trick better than the last, and each trick different from the one before.

Since the DVD revolves around a Memorized Stack, then we also highly recommend you check out this other item as well:


In this separate DVD, Woody shows you how to take a REGULAR SHUFFLED deck of cards, and secretly arrange it into a secret stack that allows you to perform MIRACLES with it!

Instant Memorized Deck DVD:


Don't just buy one or the other.   Purchase BOTH below and SAVE MONEY!

If you purchase both together in this special package below, you will SAVE $10.00 off the price:

That link above will give you BOTH DVD's (the Instant Memorized Deck and THE SHOW) for a special low price!    And we will give you FREE USA SHIPPING on that special combo!

If you're looking to incorporate a memorized stack into your act, then this is the PERFECT combination for you!   There's a reason why so many people use a memorized stack in their shows, because laymen WILL NEVER EVER EVER think it's possible that you can have the location of every card memorized!

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