Thursday, December 21, 2017

"A trick like this can change someone's life. Watch!"

Dr. Fun by Paul Harris - video DOWNLOAD
Once in a while, you see a card trick that makes you feel like it AFFECTS a person in a deep way.  A trick that will leave the spectator remembering it for the rest of their life.
This isn't a simple "think of a card" trick.   This is something that CONNECTS with your spectator on an EMOTIONAL level.  It makes them focus on a memory that is SPECIAL to them......something you could never know about.......and yet, you predict it before the trick even starts!
Check out DR. FUN by Paul Harris, our newest download in The Vault series:
Watch the demo video, and pay special attention to the spectators.  Look at how they INVEST themselves in the memory.  How they hold onto that FEELING of positivity.   And then watch how they react when you reveal it in the most impossible way.
After you see the demo video, you can't tell me that the one girl isn't going to remember this moment for the rest of her life.  Anytime anyone mentions the word "magician", she is going to think of THIS TRICK and the magician who performed it.
This is now available at MJM Magic, and you can watch it online today after purchase:

A man took an airline to court after they lost his luggage.   He lost his case.

HOLIDAY REMINDER: Brandi and I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and we hope you have a great New Year!  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our magic family here at MJM Magic!
Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Sneak Peak at Upcoming (and now available) Magic!

Hey everyone!  Jeff here, and I wanted to share with you this Sneak Peak video at upcoming (and now available) magic that is hitting our store this month!

Check out this quick video which highlights some of these great items:

See anything you like?   Here are the links for them below:

Kayfabe (KAYFABE)

Regalia Playing Cards by Shin Lim (CARDSREGALIA)

Chris Philpott's PANTHEON (PANTHEON)

Super Hole by Mickael Chatelain (SUPERHOLE_RED, SUPERHOLE_BLUE)

The Gift Red Limited Edition by Angelo Carbone (THEGIFT_RED)

SNITCH by Peter Eggink (SNITCH)

Queens Playing Cards (CARDSQUEENS)
PREORDER your copy now!
Releasing December 13th

52 Shades of Red V3 by Shin Lim (52SHADESOFRED3)
PREORDER your copy now!
Releasing December 18th


Offworld by Jean-Pierre Vallarino (OFFWORLD)
PREORDER your copy now!
Releasing December 18th

Did you see anything in that video which isn't on our website yet?  If so, it will be up there soon, so be sure to subscribe to our social media accounts at the bottom of this email to be informed of all upcoming releases!


My top 3 assumptions when the doorbell rings:
  1. Murderer
  2. The police telling me that everyone I know is dead.
  3. That book I ordered about positive thinking.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

"The best force in magic just got easier!"

Show of hands: how many of you would love to do the CLASSIC FORCE, but have been too intimidated to pull it off?
(For those who don't know, the classic force is where you force a spectator to pick a specific card, but they literally have a FREE CHOICE to touch any card that they want).
In my opinion, it's the most fair looking way to force a card.   You literally spread the cards, they touch anyone they like, and it's exactly the card you want it to be.
However, it can be scary because 1) What if they pick a different card?  2) What if it doesn't look natural?
Say goodbye to the What If's!  Today we open THE VAULT and we present to you the FORCE OF WILL, a new way to do the classic force that is fooling top magicians!
DOWNLOAD - Force of Will
Here is what professionals are saying:
"David actually fooled me with his force, it was a joy to be fooled."
- Doc Eason
"He forced the same card on me FIVE times, and it was fair. Every time."
- Chris Ramsay
"Dave has made all other forces irrelevant. If you're going to learn the force, this is the best. It blew my F***ing mind!"
 - Kieron Lefever
If you are struggling with the Classic Force or are looking to refine and make it absolutely 100% undetectable and effective, then there is no alternative. The proof is in this video download.



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Why did the partially blind man fall down a well?  He couldn't see that well.