Friday, August 30, 2019

This trick works EVERY TIME! Die-Abolical and better than ever! FREE USA SHIPPING!

"The perfect magic and mentalism effect that doesn't use cards!"

Die-Abolical V5 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Steve Cook - Trick

Imagine giving your spectator a choice of one from 6 colored dice and you clearly show you predicted it from the very beginning.

Die-Abolical is BACK and better than ever in this latest V5 version!

The original was a best seller and used many times on TV by the pros; and this is even better!  This is NOT a card trick - this is mentalism. NO sleight of hand, NO switches, TOTALLY examinable and can be done in ANY language. Includes 2 alternate endings and an additional kicker ending.

Demo Video:

If you own one of the previous versions, this one is different because it appears as if you got a lot more choices going on.

And depending on how they reveal the dice, you could end up having MULTIPLE endings which all were predicted by you!

Any trick that can be fully examined, requires no sleight of hand, and can be carried around with you is ALWAYS a winner!

Preorder this now and we begin shipping those orders first in just a few days!  Free USA shipping option on any order that purchases this!



I challenged the number 1 to a fight, but he brought his friends 3, 5, 7, and 9.

The odds were against me.


I want to create this new section of our newsletter (called Personal Peeks) to always share something PERSONAL with our customers.   Being a family owned business, we consider you like extended family of ours, and we want you to feel like you KNOW US.

This section will not try to sell you anything.  It's meant to bring you closer to us and share some personal stuff.

Did you know that I (Jeff) started MJM Magic when I was 28 years old?   I was working a very nice paying job in the Silicon Valley doing tech support and customer service.   However, I was tired of driving 3 hours a day in traffic, and spending so much time away from family.

So I started MJM Magic and basically went into debt for EIGHT YEARS!  LOL.   I worked shipping your orders and answering emails simultaneously while juggling my other full-time job.  It took eight years before I was finally able to quit that other job and do MJM Magic full time.   By doing so, I took a MASSIVE paycut, but it meant working MJM Magic 100% of the time and spending more time with my family.

It's now been nine years working only at MJM Magic and while it's challenging, I am thankful everyday to those of you who support us by always coming back!   Every order you place means I made the right decision to give everything up to do this.

Want to know anything specific about myself, Brandi, the business or the family?   Just ask and I'm sure it will come up in a future Personal Peek right here!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Download Thursday - Three Awesome Titles to CHOOSE From!

"From old school to new school, check out these instant downloads!"

As you know, we like to highlight DOWNLOAD products on Thursdays.   Today, we are highlighting THREE different titles for you to checkout!


The Vault - A Jam With Frank Garcia video DOWNLOAD

This is a masterclass from the LEGEND himself, Frank Garcia.   Don't let the old school quality fool you.   This is hard hitting magic and there's a reason why Frank is one of the greatest of all time.

Not only is this affordable, but for the price, you're getting FOUR of his classic effects that you'll be performing in no time!



The Vault - 11Touch by LongLong video DOWNLOAD

In this downloads, you will learn 11 strong sleights for cards and coins!  It's a very professional download and detailed video of 11 well-chosen moves. Some are almost effects as is. Highly recommended.

If you're into sleights and want to learn more, this is the download for you!



M.O.Ring Plus by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD

When Shin Lim saw this, he said, "Very cool! I love the concept of this."

This is a very visual and practical disappearance of a ring. You can borrow a ring from the viewer. Preparation takes only a minute. Having learned this technique, you will replenish your arsenal with another visual trick. This technique has been tested over the years and has surprised hundreds of people.



A man and his wife are sitting in the living room one evening. He was tapping away on his phone while she was curled up reading a book when suddenly she heard her phone ping from the kitchen.

She went to the kitchen to read the text message from her husband: "Could you bring me a beer from the fridge while you're there?"

Monday, August 26, 2019

"Every serious magician should own this book." - Jeff McBride

"Maximum Entertainment is essential reading if you're serious about performing magic." - Joshua Jay

Maximum Entertainment 2.0: Expanded & Revised by Ken Weber - Book

One of our all time BESTSELLING books (out of print for a while now) is BACK and better than ever!

Without a doubt, this is one of the MOST beloved and practical books for the magician and mentalist who wants to rise above the crowd!

Now more than 75 pages longer, with tons of amplifications, clarifications, and additions, all aimed toward making you a better, stronger, more impactful performer.

Yet the same price as when it debuted in 2003.


There are no tricks in this book, but it's loaded with secrets!
The most important secrets - techniques for mastering your audience!

Ken Weber is one of the most successful mentalist/magicians in America. Newsweek magazine named him "one of the most frequently requested" performers on the college circuit. Ken Weber has performed for over 500 colleges and universities, and for major corporations, associations and resorts.

Through careful study, he uncovered the many secrets that helps top performers stand apart from their peers. He shares a blueprint for success in Maximum Entertainment 2.0 including:

  2. Puzzle, trick, or EXTRAORDINARY MOMENT; Be sure you know the difference!
  3. How to precisely target the "BIG THREE" REACTIONS.
  4. Discover the SIX PILLARS OF ENTERTAINMENT SUCCESS. You will never reach your full potential until you master all six.
  6. Discover invaluable VOICE tricks and LANGUAGE SKILLS.
  7. Do you know the smart way for magicians to be FUNNY? This book will show you.
  8. Immensely practical tips on MUSIC, SOUND and LIGHTING.
  9. Find out what the most successful performers do BEFORE, DURING, and even AFTER every show
  10. Plus bonus chapters zeroing in on the special problems faced by CLOSE-UP MAGICIANS, "SILENT" ACTS, and MENTALISTS.

50% OFF DISCOUNTS - Ending in Four Days!

You still have a few days left to save 50% off on more than 1600+ items!  Check out what's left here:


They say don’t go grocery shopping while you’re hungry.

But it’s been a week and I just keep getting hungrier.

“I have fooled sooooo many magicians with this.”

“I have fooled sooooo many magicians with this.” –Chris Rawlins

Drop Card by Chris Rawlins - Trick

Over the last 10 years Chris Rawlins has focused his attention on realizing an impossible effect:
Giving a SPECTATOR the sixth sense and having THEM psychically locating a chosen card.

1. From a shuffled deck, a card is fairly chosen and fairly lost back into the deck. The cards are spread and the magic begins…
2. Taking their finger and ‘scanning’ the spread left to right, groups of cards are eliminated until there is just one card left.
3. Audible gasps are to be expected when they reveal that IT IS THE SELECTED CARD.

Watch the demo:

GET READY FOR EXPLOSIVE REACTIONS from this semi-automatic miracle. As with all Chris’ material; it is direct, easy to do and puts performance and structure first.

With an ultra-deceptive method here, and no moves, there’s nothing to get busted on.

This is one of those great tricks that makes your spectator the star and guarantees that everyone gets on board, and as a worker for both magicians and mentalists, this is perfect for any performer of the mystery arts!

Not only will you learn the reputation maker DROP CARD, you will also learn a couple of extra bonus effects that are achievable with the special supplied deck of cards.

Get ready to put the spotlight on your spectator and order Drop Card today!



A sheep, a drum and a snake fell off a cliff.


Monday, August 19, 2019

"This Trick Looks like a LUCID DREAM in Real Life!"

Lucid Dream (DVD and Gimmicks) by Jason Yu - DVD

Ok, let me warn you up front.  You're going to look at this demo video and you will swear that it's trick photography, or some computer special effect.

It's NOT.


With Lucid Dream, you will reach cause a picture of a playing card to be made into a real object!

It's highly visual, resets quickly, and great for walk-around or for your own promo videos!

  • Easy to perform.  Beginner skill level.
  • Can be customized
  • Can produce a card, cardbox, or even money/bills
  • Affordably priced and comes with supplies and DVD
We are taking preorders now since these are shipping in the next few days.  Only those who preorder will get shipped theirs first!


50% OFF SALE - Few Days Left!

If you haven't yet checked out the huge 50% Off Sale we're having, you still have a few days left!
Over 1600+ items are slashed in price.  This includes DVD's, Tricks and Books!

See the full list here:

TIP - Click that link, and then look at the RIGHT SIDE MENU (scroll down a little), and you will see a list of the bestselling items in that sale.  It might give you ideas on what others are purchasing and what's HOT on the sale!

Here are just a few:
All the rest:


A man waved at me, so I waved him back but apparently he was waving at a woman behind me, so I kept my hand up and stopped a taxi that took me to the airport.

I am now in Ireland starting a new life.

"Probably the BEST Puzzle Solving Trick EVER!" - FREE USA SHIPPING

"Wait until you see this!  It's literally unbelievable and handled by the spectator!"

Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright - Trick
Not going to lie......this one really excites me!   A LOT!  Not one but MANY different ways to solve this puzzle, and ALL will blow people away!

You show one of those old fashioned number slide puzzles.  You hand it to the spectator to fully mix up.  They inspect it and can see that 1) there's no secret markings on the tiles, and 2) they completely mix it up to their satisfaction.

Then, by having them cover the puzzle to make sure you can't switch or see anything, you SOLVE the puzzle by putting all the numbers into numerical order!   Despite there being almost 20 trillion different combinations, you always get it right!

Watch the full demo performance:

In the demo, you actually see ANOTHER VERSION of this trick.   In that version, it looks like you failed to solve the puzzle, only to find out that you predicted the SUM of all the numbers on it in EVERY DIRECTION!

This is going to blow people away, and it literally fits right in your pocket!

We will begin shipping this very soon to those who preorder here at MJM Magic:



50% OFF over 1500+ ITEMS!

Our huge Summer Sale is going strong, and we have slashed the price on over 1500 new items!  Check them out here and add some to your order before the prices go back up:


What do you call a Bee hive with no exits?


Wednesday, August 14, 2019


"Our BIGGEST Sale of the Summer starts NOW!!"

50% Off Everything - MJM Magic Summer Sale

A few weeks ago, we had a 50% off sale to clear out some much needed stockroom space.   On that sale, we had about 500 items eligible for the discount.

Starting today, we added over ONE THOUSAND additional items to the list! 

Come check these out, because we are giving you 50% Off over 1500 different items!

This will be the LAST big sale of the summer, so don't miss this opportunity to scoop these up!

See something you want?  Add it to your cart before they are gone!  Prices will be going back up soon.

Already own something on this list?  Heck, buy more at this low price and you can resell them on eBay or your own website to make some profit!

Some items make great giveaways or pitch items for after your performances, or just as gifts to fellow friends and family this holiday season!

No matter what, you will find a TON of items here to add to your next order!


List of all the items:


If being sexy is a crime......Then I am a law abiding citizen .

"THE CODE is visual, shocking and amazing. THE CODE blew me away."

"THE CODE is a Masterpiece."
- Allan Ackerman

THE CODE (English Version) by Fenik - Book

If you're a book worm like me, you're going to LOVE this book.   Collectors are already asking us about it, and regular performing magicians want it just to glean from its pages.

THE CODE is a new classic in modern magic.   It's pages are packed with highly visual magic, straight from the working repertoire of Fenik.

If you don't know who Fenik is, he has been a student and friend of true legends of magic and is considered the most outstanding heir of one of the best schools of card magic in the world: the school of Larry Jennings.

This collector's item is over 200 pages long, and filled with well-drawn illustrations and easy to follow text.

"Fenik is one of most skillful magicians I know. This book will be wonderful for anybody who loves classic and twisted magic. Recommended!"
- Shoot Ogawa 

"Without a doubt Fenik is one of the world's best modern magicians of our time. THE CODE is a true jewel that will become a classic of modern magic."
- Baltazar Fuentes 


FREE USA SHIPPING on any order that has this item in there!!


If you say "gullible" slowly enough, it actually sounds like"oranges"

Give it a try!

"This trick really BLOWS!"

"This trick really a good way!"

BLOW (Red) by Juan Capilla

People love card transposition effects.  They're visual, and easy to understand what just happened.
However, I don't think you've ever seen one quite like this!

With just a simple blow, the cards magically and visually change places!  This can be performed in many settings (at a table, walk-around, or in the spectator's hand).

Best of all - instant reset!   So if you're table hopping or strolling to different groups, you're all ready to go!

Comes in either RED or BLUE, so choose the color deck that you prefer to work with:
Begins shipping soon so reserve yours today to guarantee one before they're sold out!


How did the Pharoah get so rich?

He was running a huge pyramid scheme!

"I LOVE this move!!" - Gregory Wilson

"WOW FOOLED ME!! I suspected a gimmick because it looks too perfect. Oh, was I wrong. Nova is one of the best examples of visual sleight of hand card magic I've seen in a while!"
- Dave Buck

The Vault - Nova by Avi Yap video DOWNLOAD

Once in a while, a sleight of hand technique comes around and it causes a HUGE SPLASH in the magic world.  Nova by Andi Yap is doing exactly that.

First check out the demo video here:

Now see what so many respected magicians are saying about it:

"I LOVE this move!! This breathtaking move is not easy, but soooooo worth the time and effort required for your card man arsenal!!"
- Gregory Wilson

"It's a slick visual move with lots of potential to create many effects."
- Shawn Farquhar

"Might you consider this move like a knob: it might open a door to infinite possibilities, or you might just end up using it to break someone's head with it. Either way, a win-win situation."
- Bizau Cristian 

This download video is over 90 minutes long and will cover a color change, a torn & restored effect, a utility move, and MORE!   The difficulty is advanced but if you're always looking to improve and work on something, this will definitely pay off for you!


Be sure to check this and all our other new releases right here:


I called up my work and I said, "I can't come in today, I have a wee cough."

The boss asked, "You have a wee cough?"

I said, "Wow, thanks boss!  See you next Thursday!"


Monday, August 05, 2019

"A Powerful Card Trick without Damaging Your Cards!"

"Make your spectator's chosen card unique, but have the ability to re-use that card over and over again. The gimmick is ready whenever you are."

Stick To It Red (DVD and Gimmick) by Shahrul Nizar - Trick

Raise your hand if you don't like to destroy your cards by having spectators SIGN them before an effect?

Let's face it, many card tricks rely on you to permanently alter (or destroy) a card in order to show that it's unique.   The problem is that once you do that, you can no longer use that card for anything else.

(Not a big deal for professional magicians who purchase new decks of cards from us daily......but those who are hobbyists and don't want to alter your favorite decks?  This is for you!)

"STICK TO IT" is a card trick that doesn't require you to mark up your cards, but still will accomplish the same effect as making a selection unique and identifiable.   It allows you to mark a spectator's chosen card by sticking a removable sticker on it........and then doing something MAGICAL with it!

Something that a sharpie and ink won't do!

Watch the demo:

"The trick is very visual and will get an audible gasp. The handling is easy and the gimmick card is self-working. " -Paul Romhany

Reset is very fast, and you won't destroy or permanently mark up your cards in the process!



This morning, we did a network upgrade to the MJM Magic web server in order to improve a few things.  In the process, the website was briefly inaccessible for about 10 minutes.

It APPEARS as though things are back to normal, but if you are experiencing any issues trying to go to our site, or with checkout, please let us know!

Like I said, it looks like all is working as of this moment but we want to make sure you have ZERO problems with your shopping experience here at MJM Magic.


I joined a gym and said to the trainer, “I want to impress beautiful girls, which machine should I use?”

He said, “Try the ATM outside.”

"This effect will blow your SOCKS off!"

"Watch the INCREDIBLE UNCUT performance below!!"

SOCKS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Michel Huot - Trick

Just wait until you see this one!   It's so clever and unique, we'll dare to say that you've probably never seen anything like it!

You show two packets of cards, and each pair shows two different style socks.  They don't match at all.

You have the spectator stop at any pair they want.

Incredibly, you happen to be wearing the exact pair of unmatched socks that they freely stopped at!
Think that's the end?  It's strong enough to end right there, but WAIT!

You then show that all the cards actually have matched up with their correct pair!

Watch the UNCUT DEMO video:

We begin shipping this very soon to those who preorder it first, so make sure you purchase it today and reserve yours!



A sweater I bought was picking up static electricity. So, I returned it to the store.

They gave me another one free of charge.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

"The Ultimate Impromptu Coin Vanish AND 50% Off Sale UPDATE!"

"It's The Ultimate Impromptu Coin Vanish!"

The Vault - Evanese by Eric Jones video DOWNLOAD

It's a classic by the great Eric Jones, and it's got great reviews!

"Your new coin vanish looks like crazy insane real magic! #kudos"
- Jay Sankey

"I've seen this live and it fooled me so bad. I had no idea where that coin went!"
- Kyle Marlett

Check it out and access this download today:

On this video, you will learn:
  • JW Grip
  • Coin Selection
  • JW Grip Muscle Pass
  • Evanesce: The basic technique


I may have made a Boo-Boo.  When I was checking our 50% Off Sale this morning, I noticed that for some unknown reason, some of the items were NOT showing up on sale!

Yikes!   So if you happened to check out our sale and didn't see anything being discounted, please check again!

The GOOD NEWS is that the items are back on sale, and we still have about 400 to choose from.

Check out the full list here:

Sale ends on Saturday so be sure to pick up these deals before they're gone!


What's a horses favorite wine?


"Not one but THREE Amazing Special Offers for YOU today!"

"We got a LOT packed into today's newsletter!  Strap yourself in!!!"

Rift (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Cody Nottingham - Trick

Completely FRY your spectators as you effortlessly pull their selected card through a SOLID WINDOW!

We have never discounted this as low as we are today!

Normally, $35.00, we are giving the next few units away for only $20.97.  That's a 40% DISCOUNT to those who claim it!

Watch the demo video:

Unfortunately, we only have a few available at this price, so be sure to add it to your order before the price goes back up!


Fire When Ready by John Bannon video DOWNLOAD

It's no secret - John Bannon is one of our FAVORITE magicians.   His magic is so powerful, direct, but simple to perform.

In this DVD we released today, you will receive an immense 180-minutes of magic on two packed DVD discs!

Watch the video below and see why you'll be armed with some of the strongest card magic imaginable!

50% OFF HOT SALE - Only a couple days left!

Yesterday, we announced our 50% Off Hot Sale, which featured over 500 items at half price.

We are BLOWN AWAY by the amount of people who swarmed onto our website to purchase them.   (A huge THANK YOU from Brandi and myself for those of you who spread the word and let others know about it).

In fact, we are down to just over 400 items left in that category, and many of those only have one unit available at that discounted price.

So check out what's left here, because the prices all go back up this weekend!


Sunday and Monday are in a fight. Who wins?

Sunday. Monday is a weekday.

50% OFF EVERYTHING - Selected Items Going Fast!

"500+ items at HALF PRICE!   Very LIMITED SUPPLY!   Ends soon!"

50% Off Sale at MJM Magic
It's super HOT here in California, so we decided to have a super HOT SALE for a very limited time.
We selected over 500 DIFFERENT ITEMS from our stockroom and discounted them 50% OFF!   These items are ready to ship RIGHT NOW!

See the full list:

The only catch?   Every one of these items is limited to our supply on hand.

That means that we might only have ONE or TWO units available of a certain item at these low prices.

After we sell out of our on-hand supply, the prices go back up.

This is because we are trying to free up inventory space in our stockroom, so we're discounting these items to help accomplish that goal (and to give you an amazing deal at the same time)!

Sale begins RIGHT NOW and ends on SATURDAY the 3rd, so you only have a few short days to take advantage of these discounts!


Once again, these rock bottom prices are only good while our on-hand quantities last, and then the price goes back up.  


I have been telling everyone I know about the benefits of eating dried grapes.

It’s all about raisin awareness.