Wednesday, August 14, 2019

"This trick really BLOWS!"

"This trick really a good way!"

BLOW (Red) by Juan Capilla

People love card transposition effects.  They're visual, and easy to understand what just happened.
However, I don't think you've ever seen one quite like this!

With just a simple blow, the cards magically and visually change places!  This can be performed in many settings (at a table, walk-around, or in the spectator's hand).

Best of all - instant reset!   So if you're table hopping or strolling to different groups, you're all ready to go!

Comes in either RED or BLUE, so choose the color deck that you prefer to work with:
Begins shipping soon so reserve yours today to guarantee one before they're sold out!


How did the Pharoah get so rich?

He was running a huge pyramid scheme!

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