Wednesday, August 14, 2019

"THE CODE is visual, shocking and amazing. THE CODE blew me away."

"THE CODE is a Masterpiece."
- Allan Ackerman

THE CODE (English Version) by Fenik - Book

If you're a book worm like me, you're going to LOVE this book.   Collectors are already asking us about it, and regular performing magicians want it just to glean from its pages.

THE CODE is a new classic in modern magic.   It's pages are packed with highly visual magic, straight from the working repertoire of Fenik.

If you don't know who Fenik is, he has been a student and friend of true legends of magic and is considered the most outstanding heir of one of the best schools of card magic in the world: the school of Larry Jennings.

This collector's item is over 200 pages long, and filled with well-drawn illustrations and easy to follow text.

"Fenik is one of most skillful magicians I know. This book will be wonderful for anybody who loves classic and twisted magic. Recommended!"
- Shoot Ogawa 

"Without a doubt Fenik is one of the world's best modern magicians of our time. THE CODE is a true jewel that will become a classic of modern magic."
- Baltazar Fuentes 


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If you say "gullible" slowly enough, it actually sounds like"oranges"

Give it a try!

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