Monday, August 05, 2019

"A Powerful Card Trick without Damaging Your Cards!"

"Make your spectator's chosen card unique, but have the ability to re-use that card over and over again. The gimmick is ready whenever you are."

Stick To It Red (DVD and Gimmick) by Shahrul Nizar - Trick

Raise your hand if you don't like to destroy your cards by having spectators SIGN them before an effect?

Let's face it, many card tricks rely on you to permanently alter (or destroy) a card in order to show that it's unique.   The problem is that once you do that, you can no longer use that card for anything else.

(Not a big deal for professional magicians who purchase new decks of cards from us daily......but those who are hobbyists and don't want to alter your favorite decks?  This is for you!)

"STICK TO IT" is a card trick that doesn't require you to mark up your cards, but still will accomplish the same effect as making a selection unique and identifiable.   It allows you to mark a spectator's chosen card by sticking a removable sticker on it........and then doing something MAGICAL with it!

Something that a sharpie and ink won't do!

Watch the demo:

"The trick is very visual and will get an audible gasp. The handling is easy and the gimmick card is self-working. " -Paul Romhany

Reset is very fast, and you won't destroy or permanently mark up your cards in the process!



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It APPEARS as though things are back to normal, but if you are experiencing any issues trying to go to our site, or with checkout, please let us know!

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