Thursday, August 29, 2019

Download Thursday - Three Awesome Titles to CHOOSE From!

"From old school to new school, check out these instant downloads!"

As you know, we like to highlight DOWNLOAD products on Thursdays.   Today, we are highlighting THREE different titles for you to checkout!


The Vault - A Jam With Frank Garcia video DOWNLOAD

This is a masterclass from the LEGEND himself, Frank Garcia.   Don't let the old school quality fool you.   This is hard hitting magic and there's a reason why Frank is one of the greatest of all time.

Not only is this affordable, but for the price, you're getting FOUR of his classic effects that you'll be performing in no time!



The Vault - 11Touch by LongLong video DOWNLOAD

In this downloads, you will learn 11 strong sleights for cards and coins!  It's a very professional download and detailed video of 11 well-chosen moves. Some are almost effects as is. Highly recommended.

If you're into sleights and want to learn more, this is the download for you!



M.O.Ring Plus by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD

When Shin Lim saw this, he said, "Very cool! I love the concept of this."

This is a very visual and practical disappearance of a ring. You can borrow a ring from the viewer. Preparation takes only a minute. Having learned this technique, you will replenish your arsenal with another visual trick. This technique has been tested over the years and has surprised hundreds of people.



A man and his wife are sitting in the living room one evening. He was tapping away on his phone while she was curled up reading a book when suddenly she heard her phone ping from the kitchen.

She went to the kitchen to read the text message from her husband: "Could you bring me a beer from the fridge while you're there?"

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