Friday, August 30, 2019

This trick works EVERY TIME! Die-Abolical and better than ever! FREE USA SHIPPING!

"The perfect magic and mentalism effect that doesn't use cards!"

Die-Abolical V5 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Steve Cook - Trick

Imagine giving your spectator a choice of one from 6 colored dice and you clearly show you predicted it from the very beginning.

Die-Abolical is BACK and better than ever in this latest V5 version!

The original was a best seller and used many times on TV by the pros; and this is even better!  This is NOT a card trick - this is mentalism. NO sleight of hand, NO switches, TOTALLY examinable and can be done in ANY language. Includes 2 alternate endings and an additional kicker ending.

Demo Video:

If you own one of the previous versions, this one is different because it appears as if you got a lot more choices going on.

And depending on how they reveal the dice, you could end up having MULTIPLE endings which all were predicted by you!

Any trick that can be fully examined, requires no sleight of hand, and can be carried around with you is ALWAYS a winner!

Preorder this now and we begin shipping those orders first in just a few days!  Free USA shipping option on any order that purchases this!



I challenged the number 1 to a fight, but he brought his friends 3, 5, 7, and 9.

The odds were against me.


I want to create this new section of our newsletter (called Personal Peeks) to always share something PERSONAL with our customers.   Being a family owned business, we consider you like extended family of ours, and we want you to feel like you KNOW US.

This section will not try to sell you anything.  It's meant to bring you closer to us and share some personal stuff.

Did you know that I (Jeff) started MJM Magic when I was 28 years old?   I was working a very nice paying job in the Silicon Valley doing tech support and customer service.   However, I was tired of driving 3 hours a day in traffic, and spending so much time away from family.

So I started MJM Magic and basically went into debt for EIGHT YEARS!  LOL.   I worked shipping your orders and answering emails simultaneously while juggling my other full-time job.  It took eight years before I was finally able to quit that other job and do MJM Magic full time.   By doing so, I took a MASSIVE paycut, but it meant working MJM Magic 100% of the time and spending more time with my family.

It's now been nine years working only at MJM Magic and while it's challenging, I am thankful everyday to those of you who support us by always coming back!   Every order you place means I made the right decision to give everything up to do this.

Want to know anything specific about myself, Brandi, the business or the family?   Just ask and I'm sure it will come up in a future Personal Peek right here!

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