Tuesday, September 03, 2019

"Visual Eye Candy! Two Brand New Effects with your Sharpie Marker!!"

"Two incredible new SHARPIE effects!  EASY TO PERFORM!"

Show of hands: how many tricks use a Sharpie marker?  Probably more than you can think of!   Sharpies are almost synonymous with magicians because they're the universal tool for writing and signing objects.

So ask yourself, "Wouldn't it be better to incorporate my Sharpie into my magic by doing something MAGICAL with it?"

Check out these two new effects!
THE MARVELOUS FLOATING SHARPIE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Matthew Wright - Trick

Instead of just taking your Sharpie out, you can have it levitate and float from one hand to the other!

This could be a cool trick all by itself.   Just impress people by having the power to control the flight of the Sharpie pen before you sign something like your business card, etc.

But you could also use this before handing the pen to a spectator to sign something, as you'll see in the demo video!

LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-marvelous-floating-sharpie-gimmicks-and-online-instructions-by-matthew-wright-trick-p-29720.html
Sharp Turn by Matthew Wright - Trick

This one has endless possibilities!    A Sharpie marker goes from being capped to uncapped, no matter how you handle it.   A comedic routine that gets a lot of laughs!

Best part is that it's an instant reset and requires no palming or complicated sleight of hand!

LINK: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/sharp-turn-by-matthew-wright-trick-p-29721.html


So my friend decided to get a face tattoo of her favorite Star Wars character.

You should've seen the Luke on her face.


We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.  For me, my weekends are bittersweet.   Monday through Friday, I am always busy working and taking care of our MJM Magic customers.   On Saturdays (non-business hours),  I usually work and package up orders to get things shipped faster for you guys.

However, my dad (68) was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  The doctors only gave him a few months to live.   You can't imagine how hard this has been on me.  So now, every weekend, instead of monitoring emails and packaging orders, I travel down to see my dad and spend Saturday's hanging out with him.

I'm sharing this with you for two reasons:

1.  You are all important to me and I want you to know what is going on in my personal life.   Your thoughts and prayers for my dad's health would really mean a lot to me.

2.  When the time comes that my dad is no longer with us, I'm going to be a mess and might need your support and understanding if we need to take some time off for a few days.

Of course, I'll try to keep you all posted as we go on here.

In the meantime, I want to thank all of you who shop at MJM Magic and help keep my mind occupied!  Brandi and I really appreciate you.  

- Jeff

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