Friday, September 06, 2019

Save $50 - "Three Poker Chip Effects at one INCREDIBLE Price!"

"Keep reading for an unbelievable package deal!!!"

All In -Series One (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Matthew Wright- Trick

Matthew Wright has created THREE great poker chip effects!   We're super excited to share them with you!

Straight Thru - Sharpie Thru Chip

Exactly as it sounds, this let's you penetrate a poker chip with your Sharpie.  Comes ready to go with two chips (the gimmick and one to examine):


The Hold'Em Chip

One of our favorites!  This is a 4-in-1 magnetic locking poker chip that allows for multiple productions and vanishes at the finger tips, in the hands or even on a table.


Floating 3 Fly Chip Routine

This allows you to hold three casino-style poker chips at the fingertips. One by one, the chips jump from one hand to the other... the first two magically and invisibly transfer, while the final chip slowly and beautifully floats across. The chips can then be put into your pocket or purse and are ready to go again with no fear of tangles, breaks or reset issues.



If you purchase each of those Poker Tricks separately, you will spend $130.00.   But if you purchase all three in our special Package Deal, it will ONLY COST $80.00!

Package Deal Link:

That is a savings of $50.00 if you purchase using that link above!

OUR TIP: If you're only interested in one of these, just buy the one.   But if you are interested in at least two of them, then get the package deal.   That way, you will get the third one for the price of two.

Again, the link for the package deal is here:


In our last newsletter, we highlighted an amazing trick called "LAST LAUGH!"  A few of our customers THOUGHT they knew how it was done, and asked, "Does this trick always end with the same card being selected?"

The answer is NO!  So if you're table hopping, you could have a completely different card selected and revealed at the end of the trick!

Watch the demo here to see the trick performed: Link:

We still have a few of these left so get yours today!


What’s the worst thing to lose?

A spider!


Today (September 6th) is mine and Brandi's 16th year wedding anniversary!   We've actually been a couple for 20 years, but married for 16 of those.  Usually around this time, we would take the weekend off to go to Monterey and spend some quality time away from everything.......but because of my dad being sick, I didn't want to make any plans.

So instead, we just ate a nice little breakfast together, and now it's business as usual!  I will be here finishing work before heading down to see my dad for the weekend......and Brandi is off to work a second job today through Sunday to help earn money for our daughters' gymnastics tuition. 

Good thing we have a strong relationship or else it would be strange to not spend your anniversary together!   Thanks to all of you who shop with us and help support MJM Magic with your business.  We really appreciate you and we always want you to know that.

- Jeff

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