Monday, August 26, 2019

“I have fooled sooooo many magicians with this.”

“I have fooled sooooo many magicians with this.” –Chris Rawlins

Drop Card by Chris Rawlins - Trick

Over the last 10 years Chris Rawlins has focused his attention on realizing an impossible effect:
Giving a SPECTATOR the sixth sense and having THEM psychically locating a chosen card.

1. From a shuffled deck, a card is fairly chosen and fairly lost back into the deck. The cards are spread and the magic begins…
2. Taking their finger and ‘scanning’ the spread left to right, groups of cards are eliminated until there is just one card left.
3. Audible gasps are to be expected when they reveal that IT IS THE SELECTED CARD.

Watch the demo:

GET READY FOR EXPLOSIVE REACTIONS from this semi-automatic miracle. As with all Chris’ material; it is direct, easy to do and puts performance and structure first.

With an ultra-deceptive method here, and no moves, there’s nothing to get busted on.

This is one of those great tricks that makes your spectator the star and guarantees that everyone gets on board, and as a worker for both magicians and mentalists, this is perfect for any performer of the mystery arts!

Not only will you learn the reputation maker DROP CARD, you will also learn a couple of extra bonus effects that are achievable with the special supplied deck of cards.

Get ready to put the spotlight on your spectator and order Drop Card today!



A sheep, a drum and a snake fell off a cliff.


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