Thursday, August 01, 2019

"The Ultimate Impromptu Coin Vanish AND 50% Off Sale UPDATE!"

"It's The Ultimate Impromptu Coin Vanish!"

The Vault - Evanese by Eric Jones video DOWNLOAD

It's a classic by the great Eric Jones, and it's got great reviews!

"Your new coin vanish looks like crazy insane real magic! #kudos"
- Jay Sankey

"I've seen this live and it fooled me so bad. I had no idea where that coin went!"
- Kyle Marlett

Check it out and access this download today:

On this video, you will learn:
  • JW Grip
  • Coin Selection
  • JW Grip Muscle Pass
  • Evanesce: The basic technique


I may have made a Boo-Boo.  When I was checking our 50% Off Sale this morning, I noticed that for some unknown reason, some of the items were NOT showing up on sale!

Yikes!   So if you happened to check out our sale and didn't see anything being discounted, please check again!

The GOOD NEWS is that the items are back on sale, and we still have about 400 to choose from.

Check out the full list here:

Sale ends on Saturday so be sure to pick up these deals before they're gone!


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