Friday, May 04, 2018

"This visual illusion will BLOW your MIND" - No switching!!!

PCTC Productions Presents PUSH by Sultan Orazaly

You've all seen the classic "Pen Thru Dollar Bill" trick before, right?   Classic, and highly recommended.

But tell me this.   Have you seen a PLAYING CARD go through a bill?  Perhaps.........but what about a SIGNED PLAYING CARD?

Read that again.  The bill can be borrowed.   The playing card can be SIGNED.   You penetrate the card through the bill, and then you hand BOTH out for examination without any switches!

Without.  Any.  Switches.

Nowhere have you seen anything like this.  

Carry PUSH with you everywhere you go!   And the best part: it's only $24.95!

WATCH THE VIDEO and get it here:
(Begins shipping in about a week, so if you purchase it now, you'll be the first to get it when we release them).


What do you get when you cross a bunny and a Rottweiler?  Just the Rottweiler!

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