Thursday, April 11, 2024

"It's BAAAAACK! The hottest card trick of 2023!"


"A FOUR MONTH WAITING LIST and they're finally ready to ship!"


Did you miss getting one of our DEMI DECKS last year?  You probably did, because these sold out very quickly.

And once you see it in action, you'll understand why!

Take a deck of cards.  Yes, a normal deck of cards.   Push a solid blade right through the middle of it.   You even show the two halves of the deck clearly separated from each other!

Then reconnect the two halves, restore the deck, and pull out your regular playing cards to begin your next card trick!



This is the perfect addition to your card magic!  Not only do you carry your cards in this as a protective case, but it allows you to perform this amazing ILLUSION at the same time!

Consider the following:

  • Works with any regular size deck of cards!
  • So EASY to perform!
  • Fools magicians!
  • No switches of any kind
  • Completely self-contained

We have these IN STOCK and ready to ship!   Don't miss out on this newly produced batch, or else you'll miss out on all the fun performing with it!




The old church needed a fresh coat of paint.

But money was tight in the budget, so the pastor figured he would save a few bucks by only buying about half the paint that was needed and thinning it out with turpentine to make it go farther.

So he did this, and the next Saturday the entire congregation gathered to help paint the church.

They worked all day, from dawn til dusk, and when they were finished the church had a beautiful fresh coat of paint.

But just as they were packing up to go home, storm clouds suddenly rolled in, and a torrential downpour began. The rain washed all of the thinned paint off the church's walls, undoing their whole day's work.

And just then, a mighty voice boomed down from the heavens saying: "REPAINT... and thin no more!!"


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