Friday, August 18, 2023

"Perform PURE PSYCHOMETRY without any guesswork!"


"Beautiful performance of energy reading!"

Pure Psychometry

What if we told you that even though you're blindfolded, you can accurately reveal four different objects that have been placed inside of solid velvet bags!

The bags are inspected, the blindfold is inspected, and you still prove that you can REVEAL what is in each bag.

Check out PURE PSYCHOMETRY here:

Why we think you'll love it:

When it comes to magic or mentalism, most people KNOW that you're using some kind of sleight of hand, or mental phishing.  

But with PURE PSYCHOMETRY, your spectators are truly left BAFFLED, not sure HOW you did what you just did.   It can't be sleight of hand, because you're not doing any tricks.......and it's not guesswork, because you've been completely BLINDFOLDED and the objects are hidden inside of opaque bags.

PURE PSYCHOMETRY plays well in any environment.   Stage, parlor, or just sitting around a table with friends.

It comes with the bags and of course, the blindfold, along with all the instruction you'll need to perform a mentalism routine that fits YOUR style.




Cube 52

This is the PERFECT DECK to upgrade your Rubik's Cube magic!

Order your CUBE 52 by Craig Petty here:



Crazy Sam's Finger Ring

Magicians make money with their hands, and there's no better way to demonstrate how talented your hands are than by performing CRAZY SAM'S FINGER RING!

Just watch the demo to see how FREAKY this is!

Order your ring in multiple sizes and colors here:



Once there was a king who was only 12 inches tall. Terrible king.

But a Great Ruler.


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