Sunday, May 30, 2021

"The most visual torn and restored cards that I have EVER seen!"


"This effect was TEN YEARS in the making........and now you have full access to it!"

The Vault - Skymember Presents ELIXIR by Lyndon Jugalbot

This isn't your ordinary Torn and Restored Card routine.   Unlike others (which can be very complicated), this one actually lets the SPECTATOR feel the moment the magic happens!

It's HIGHLY VISUAL, almost self working, and fully examinable with a quick reset!

You will get full access to this download and learn how to make the gimmick on your own.

But if you want to purchase the gimmick already made, you can always purchase that physical product here:



If you have been following our past newsletters, you know all about these preorder products......but now they are available and ready to ship!

WOW 3.0 (Blank Version) - Never before have you seen such and EASY and VISUAL way to make a spectator's signed card materialize out of thin air!  We have the last remaining inventory, so pick this one up before they're sold out:

FPS COIN WALLET (BROWN) - It took almost TWO MONTHS for these to become available, and again, we took all the remaining inventory!   If you do any sort of coin magic, it's worth it to own one of these amazing and well made coin wallets -

NEXUS WALLET - Speaking of wallets, this one is for you card magicians.  It's THIN PROFILE, and designed to be used as your everyday carry wallet.  But it has so many built-in features, it's a powerful weapon you can carry in your pocket to perform mentalism, transpositions, and more -



An older man, Mr. Smith, got a notice in the mail from the IRS.

The letter said for him to show up at the local office for an audit. Being a shrewd kind of guy, he decided to take his lawyer with him.

They show up at the office that Monday morning and meet the agent that is doing the audit. "Please have a seat, Mr. Smith. We called you in because we have noticed a great deal of really large sums of cash moving in and out of your account..."

"Oh, that's easy to explain, " said Mr. Smith. "I'm a gambler.  I'll bet on anything.  And sometimes I win really big."

"I don't think I understand," says the agent.  Looking at his paperwork he says, "You're telling me that you've won as much as a quarter of a million dollar gambling??"

"Oh, sure. I'm telling you I'll bet on anything. I'll give you an example. I'll bet you ten grand right now that I can bite my left eye."

"Well that's just silly, Mr. Smith, really."

"Then what do you have to lose?" Mr. Smith said, pulling a checkbook from his pocket.

"Fine," said the agent, "I'll take that bet." 

And as soon as the last word came out of the IRS agents mouth, Mr.Smith took out his glass eye and placed it between his teeth. "Well, I'll be darned!" says the agent, feeling really stupid.

"Now don't worry about that," says Mr. Smith, just as calm as he pleased.  "I'll let you win it back. I'll tell you what......I'll bet you double or nothing, twenty grand, that I can bite my other eye."

The IRS agents starts thinking about it. "Well, he doesn't have a cane, so it's not like he has TWO glass eyes. Plus, I'd be up ten grand so........."

"You're on!" he says out loud.   And Mr.Smith proceeds to take out his dentures and promptly chomps on the other eye.

Before the IRS man could speak, Mr. Smith says, "Look.  I'm telling you this is how I make my money.  But I don't want you to be mad at me.  So one last bet.  You see that garbage can over there in the corner?"

It was about ten feet away.  "I'll bet you THIRTY GRAND that I can stand here and pee in that can without missing a drop."

The IRS agent looks at the distance, looks at the old man, looks back at the can, then says, "You're on!"

Our friend, Mr. Smith, proceeded to pull out his member and whizz all over the man's desk, soaking everything on it.  "Ah Ha!!" says the IRS agent with a huge smile on his face.  "I GOT you!  You owe me $30,000!!"

Suddenly, Mr. Smith's lawyer pounds his fist on the table in anger.  "SON OF A B*#!&*!" the lawyer yells.

"What's the matter with you?" asks the IRS agent.

"On the way over here, Mr. Smith bet me half a million dollars that he could piss all over your desk and that you'd be happy about it."


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