Monday, April 12, 2021

"Whaaat?! That just shrunk before my eyes!"

 "Incredible!" - Juan Capilla (Got Talent)

Perspective (Illusion Series) by Julio Montoro - Trick

Some would say that LIFE is all about your perspective......and magic is no different.   You gotta check out our newest effect, "Perspective by Julio Montoro."

Make a playing card or a Starbucks card SHRINK right before your eyes, all messing with your sense of perspective.

You have to watch the trailer to understand how impossible this looks!


This effect is designed specifically for your virtual or social media performances, and it absolutely slays!  Whether you're a professional performing for a virtual client, or a grandfather entertaining the grandkids, this is an illusion that is sure to get people scratching their heads with amazement!

You will receive two amazing perspectives: a King of Clubs and a Starbucks' business card.

You will also get a tutorial where Julio Montoro will show you how to perform this in an amazing way.

You cannot miss this amazing optical illusion! Get yours now!

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I called my wife from my best friend's phone.

And she answered saying: "Hey baby!"

She loves me so much that she can recognize me without hearing my voice!


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