Thursday, April 12, 2018

"Two Incredible Card Forces that you can download today!"

The Vault - Two Incredible Forces by Lubor Fiedler and Gary Ouellet (From the Hand Picked Astonishments Series Volume #2) video DOWNLOAD

Can I be honest with you?   I'm of the firm belief that CARD FORCES are one of the best "magic tricks" out there.   Why?   Because if you have the power to force a card on someone, you can literally come up with HUNDREDS of tricks with it.

This is why in today's VAULT, we are teaching you two extremely deceptive card forces.

Check them out here and begin learning these today:

The demo video is for the entire Card Forces DVD (which teaches 10 different forces for $19.95), but in this special VAULT file, you will get access to TWO of them at half the price.

These are simple and sure-fire card forces that you can add to your ninja skill set today.

Fiedler's Flyer by Lubor Fiedler
This has been one of magic's best kept underground secrets for years. It is a card force and a vanish of the card all at the same time. You ask a spectator to thoroughly shuffle a deck of playing cards. When they are satisfied, you then ask to borrow their driver's license. They stick their driver's license into the deck anywhere they want and are asked to simply look at the random card next to where they stuck their license. They have now chosen a card in the fairest possible manner and are thinking of it in their head. Now... the miracle. You ask them to go through the deck and find the card they were thinking of and... yes, it is gone! The card they are just thinking of can reappear in your wallet, inside your shoe or any other place your creativity takes you.

The Touch Force by Gary Ouellet
The cards are shuffled, and the spectator has a truly free choice to touch the back of any card in the deck. You now open the deck up like a book to show them their card as you clearly turn your head away. You should have no idea what card they have chosen and are now thinking of... but of course you do. This is one of the cleanest and most deceptive forces on the planet and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, on this download you will also learn how this force can double as a card control as well.

Note: As mentioned, both of these forces were taken from The Handpicked Astonishments Series Volume #2 and we highly suggest that you purchase the full download if you enjoy these two exceptional forces:



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