Wednesday, July 15, 2020

"This will be your favorite IMPOSSIBLE way to reveal a signed card!"

"This is my new favorite way to reveal a card.  It's going to be yours too!"

Bolted (Gimmick & Online Instructions) by Jared Manley - Trick

We can't stop talking about this one, and once you get this in your hands, you will see why!

BOLTED is our newest effect which allows you to produce a signed card in the most IMPOSSIBLE way.

Check this out:

  • The spectator can choose ANY CARD.  That's right, no forcing.
  • The spectator SIGNS their card (so it's one of a kind).
  • The spectator's card disappears and ends up SEALED between a BOLTED plate!
  • You can hand it out for examination!  It's REALLY their card in between the bolts!!

Watch the demo video:

BOLTED is incredibly well made, and the design is so INGENIOUS, it does all the hard work for you!

There are MANY WAYS to produce their card inside of your BOLTED gimmick.  (You don't have to wear a jacket, for example).  You could easily produce their signed card from inside of a playing card box that has been sitting on the table the entire time!

You will be taught a variety of ways to use BOLTED, ranging from easy (sleight free) handlings, to more advanced ones which allow you to switch one signed card with another like you see in the demo video.

SUPPLY IS LIMITED......reserve yours today by preordering it now, and we will begin shipping very soon!

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Performance Idea Tip: One of the ways you could perform BOLTED is with business cards!  Imagine going up to an owner of a restaurant that you'd like to get a strolling job with.  After taking his business card, you put it inside of a stack of other business then explain that out of all the important business cards that you have received, there is one SUPER SPECIAL one that you keep in a very important place.  You then pull out BOLTED from your pocket to show that it's HIS business card which is securely trapped inside of it!  Talk about leaving a magical impression with someone!


INITIAL SHOCK - Arriving In a Few Days

In case you missed it, be sure to pick up INITIAL SHOCK if you're looking for some EASY to perform visual magic!  Your signature JUMPS onto the back of a spectator's signed card!

Heck, if you wanted, after you perform it, you could end it with BOLTED (product advertised above) by having the card end up sealed inside of a bolted plastic case!

Check out Initial Shock and be sure to preorder it now before we begin shipping in a few days!




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