Monday, July 20, 2020

"An IMAGINED Destination, Name, and Flight Number match your luggage tag!"

"This is perfect in today's crazy world, where people are DREAMING to travel again!!"

Manifest by Vortex and Danny Weiser - Trick

This is so easy and clever to do, you'll be performing it the same day you receive it!  In fact, it works whether you're performing in person, -OR- you could do this online via a video call (Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc).

You ask a spectator to name a place they'd love to travel to.   You ask them to name some person they'd like to take with them.  You even ask them to imagine what the flight number would be.

Then, you direct their attention to a luggage tag that has been away from your body the entire time.  You open the tag and inside, they see that the last place you traveled matches their destination, their name, and their flight number!!

Watch the demo:

Skilled magicians will probably know how this is done, but for the non-magician people you will perform for, they won't have a clue how you did this!

What we like about it is that there's NO PALMING involved, and no complicated loading of your Manifest gimmick.  It literally does all the work for you.

Manifest comes with everything you need, including Luggage Tag, the notepad and the labels!   And when you run out, you can just make up more labels or use other notepads if needed!

Have any questions about it?  Just go to the link below and click the Ask a Question link on that page!



DOWNLOAD - Memory Man Returns is FANTASTIC!

Yesterday, we released our new download called MEMO MAN RETURNS, and I can't stop performing it.  It's so easy to do, and can be performed with ANY DECK.

The premise is simple.  A spectator selects two random cards (free choice), and turn them face down in the deck.  You then mix the deck in a chaotic fashion, and have the spectators make all the choices on how it's mixed.  Do they want you to turn two cards face down, or five cards?  They decide!

Do they want you to flip the deck upside down or right side up?  They decide! 

In the end, your left with a jumbled mess of cards, all mixed face up, face down, back to back, etc.

And putting your hands under the table, you are able to REARRANGE the entire deck back to normal.......WITHOUT LOOKING........all but their original two cards!

It's fantastic, and you should download this one if you're looking for an easy, mind-blowing effect that can literally be performed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with ANY DECK!



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Yesterday, a clown held the door open for me.

It was such a nice jester!


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