Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Equilibrium will leave you DIZZY!"

"If magic is a brain teaser, this trick is a KICK TO THE HEAD!"

Imagine being able to take off the flimsy cellophane from your card deck, and then slowly balancing objects on top of it......

We're not talking about light objects either.  Balance drinks, playing cards, heck, use a stack of your business cards on the pile and leave a lasting impression on people!

EQUILIBRIUM uses a brand new concept in magic that will fool your spectators and leave magicians scratching their heads at the impossibility of Equilibrium!

• Exciting new concept
• Easy to do
• Resets in seconds
• No threads, magnets, or sticky stuff
• Use borrowed objects
• Never throw your cellophane away again!

DVD includes gimmicks and full instructions

Price: $24.99 (+2 Reward Points Earned)

Begins shipping July 24th!  Preorder today and have us ship your order first!



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