Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FREE ITEM + Downloads Just Got Even Faster!

Every once in a while, my brain goes into "engineering mode", and I start adding new functionality to the MJM Magic website which makes life a lot EASIER for both myself and for you (my customer).  So yesterday, I began coding again, and I am EXTREMELY PROUD of what came out of it!


As you know, our Digital Downloads are the way of the future.  First there was VHS tapes, then came DVD's, and now technology has moved onto Digital Downloads.  With Downloads, there is nothing to ship, which means you pay NOTHING IN SHIPPING CHARGES!   Why wait days (or even weeks for you international folks) to get that DVD in the mail when you can simply watch it online or save it to you computer?

So what's the big deal?  I'll tell you!

Up until now, whenever you placed an order with a Digital Download item, you still had to wait until one of our employees "approved" the order.  While this approval normally came within the hour, sometimes it would be longer (in the case of people who ordered in the middle of the night, and then had to wait until morning when we open for business).


Now, whenever you order any of our Digital Download items, you will get INSTANT ACCESS TO IT!  In other words, IMMEDIATELY!  Literally as soon as you submit your order to us, rain or shine, 24/7, you can then immediately access your purchase!

HOW COOL IS THAT?  And let me tell you, it's a weight off my shoulders, because I no longer have to be up at all hours of the night approving downloads anymore, because this new functionality will do it immediately for me!   So less work for me, and FASTER ACCESS FOR YOU!

(Note: While you now get instant access to watch or access your download immediately after purchase, there will still be a little delay if you want to download the video, but that's only for the very first time you try to download the video.  All videos that are downloaded can take up to 60 minutes to prepare, but while you're waiting for the video to prepare, you still can have instant access to watch your video immediately now, without any wait time!)



In order to celebrate this new functionality (and to show you how easy it is to access it), we are giving away a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VIDEO for a limited time!

Grind Out by Mechanic Industries - video DOWNLOAD

A highly visual piece of magic that see you pull the Joker completely of the card and into the real world, you then take it and smack it straight back on the deck.

In order to do this exact effect, you will need The Mechanic Deck as well as a full dollar Grinder Coin.  However, if you don't have one, then you can still take advantage of this FREE DOWNLOAD VIDEO just to see how easy it is to purchase and access them from our Download Library!  Simply add it to your shopping cart and submit your order to watch it!

HURRY - This offer EXPIRES JULY 18TH!  After that time, it will be back to it's regular price!



Now on our website, we are trying to have a "HOT DEAL ITEM" on a daily basis.  These are items that we highlight and do SEVERE DISCOUNTING to give you the best deal possible.   Today's HOT DEAL ITEM is the Color Changing Rose, a popular trick that's easy to perform!

Regular Price: $15.00

A rose visually changes color and your hand can be shown empty after the effect.
  • Easy to perform
  • No magnets
  • Visual effect designed for stage
  • You finish clean

HURRY - This offer expires in less than 24 hours or while supplies last!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

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