Monday, July 01, 2013

Policy Change - Free Shipping to Canada Weight Decrease

This is just an update to our Canadian customers.  As you know, MJM Magic has always strived to offer free shipping to our friends up North.  In fact, when we first opened for business almost a decade ago, we were virtually able to ship almost every order for free.

Unfortunately, times change and the US Postal Rates are becoming sky high.  This has forced us to change the way we offer free shipping.  So while we still have a Free Shipping option available to Canada, it will only be enabled if the following two criteria are met:

1.  The order must be at least $50.00 or more

2.  The order must weight LESS THAN TWO POUNDS.

Both of those requirements must be true in order for the free shipping option to be available.

Again, it's unfortunate, but with rising Postal Costs, we are literally losing money for shipping packages over two pounds.  However, the good news is that aside from most BOOKS, the majority of items we carry (DVD's, tricks, cards, etc) are less than that amount.  So this policy change will really only effect customers who are book shopping.

Keep in mind that regardless of what you order, we will still do whatever we can to minimize (or eliminate) any duties or fees that may be collected by properly labeling our international packages to you.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

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