Tuesday, November 20, 2018

MJM 50% OFF Black Friday starts NOW! + Additional Discounts!!

"This is the largest Black Friday event we have ever launched!"

MJM Magic 50% Black Friday Sale

This is it!  Today is the day where we launch our HUGE Black Friday Sale!   We will make this really simple for you:
  • 50% OFF over 2000+ Items!!   Click here for the list: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/50-off-c-87.html
  • Additional 5% Off your ENTIRE ORDER! ***   Use this discount code: MJMBLACK5
  • Lower FREE SHIPPING requirements!   Now select FREE USA Shipping on any order $40.00 or more!
*** Discount code will not apply to preorder items.

And some ADDITIONAL BONUSES for MJM Magic customers only:
  • If you spend more than $300.00 in our store before the end of the month, we will give you a $30.00 Gift Certificate back into your account!   (This only applies to customers who haven't already earned it in November)Click here for details!
  • Any $25.00 order or more has a random chance of winning a $10.00 Gift Certificate during checkout!  Click here for details!
Not to mention, Brandi will be busy giving surprise "Free Priority Upgrades" to random customers all throughout this promotion!  :)

This Black Friday Promotion is good for ALL ORDERS placed between November 20th through Monday December 3rd!   After that time, the promotion will abruptly end, and the 50% Items Sale, extra Discount Code, and lower free shipping rules will expire!



In order to spend quality time with our families during the Thanksgiving holiday, MJM Magic offices will be closed Thursday through Sunday.   While myself or Brandi may log in periodically throughout the weekend to try and answer emails, we won't be physically shipping anything out until Monday when we return from the holiday.

Of course, our website is completely OPEN and ONLINE for you to purchase these Black Friday deals, but our response to customer service emails may not be as lightening fast until we return.   Thanks for understanding and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday!



A man goes to a job interview.

"Well, everything looks great," the employer said. "But I see here there was an 8 year gap since your last job. What happened there?"

"Oh, I went to Yale," the man told him.

"That's greatt!" The employer responded enthusiastically. "You're hired! You start on Monday."

"Yay!" the man exclaimed. "I got a yob!"


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