Saturday, November 24, 2018

"The BEST card control that I have EVER seen!" - Download Today!!

"This is not, I repeat, NOT trick photography!!"

The Vault - Selenium Shift by Chris Severson and Shin Lim Presents

This is probably the best card control you will ever learn.   Big statement?  Watch it for yourself:


Check out what other top pro's are saying:
"The best control that I've seen."
- Charlie Frye

"The BEST card control that I have EVER seen!"
- Justin Miller

"Upon learning the technique, I was amazed that this could have ever worked. It has become a favorite move, one that I know that I can always fool myself with in a mirror that I can't stop smiling at."
- Daniel Madison

"This is by far the sexiest shift I have ever (not) seen! I love this move!"
- Adam Wilver

"*Casshan died... seriously. He dead."
- R.I.P. Casshan Wallace

"This is as fun to do as it is to watch!"
- Chris Ramsey

"Is that what's going on?! I can't see you do a thing."
- Chris Mayhew

Check out the Selenium Shift here:

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