Friday, October 12, 2018

"Gripper Coins are incredibly easy to grip. They truly are incredible." - Shin Lim

"The Gripper Coins work amazingly well, and the grip is Fantastic. These coins are a must have."
- David Stone

"The Gripper Coins are a terrific new development in coin technology. I see many possibilities with this utility item."
- Joshua Jay

Gripper Coin by Rocco Silano

The verdict is in, and the new Gripper Coins are getting a LOT of positive feedback from top professionals in the industry.

Whether you're wanting to learn coin magic, or if you're looking to take your coin magic to the next level, we highly recommend you check out the new Gripper Coins.

The Gripper Coin is a special, handmade coin that has a space-age silicone band embedded into the edge of the coin which prevents it from slipping in just about any palming position you decide to use.

Check out the demo video here

These come in a wide range of currency denominations, and we are selling both individual and multi-packs of them.

Available in: US Quarter, US Half Dollar, Euro 50 cent, and British 10 pence sizes!

Our recommendation: if you're a beginner, pick up a single coin and practice with it.   Then invest in the multi-pack to have a bunch more of these coins on hand.

Link to ALL the Gripper Coins:



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