Monday, October 08, 2018

"An EASY WAY to Make a Chosen Card appear OUT OF THE BLUE!"

"This is so EASY to perform, you will be doing it all the time!   It's something you'd see a television magician perform, it's that convincing!"

Out Of The Blue (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by James Anthony and MagicWorld - Trick

We love how smooth this one is, and the premise is super easy to follow.

You show a pile of red cards, and a pile of blue cards.   The spectator has a FREE CHOICE to select any red card they touch.   They memorize their card, and IN AN INSTANT......literally, in less than a second, the card VANISHES from the red deck.

You spread the cards and it's really gone!!

The other person who was holding the BLUE deck the entire time can spread the cards, and there is ONE RED CARD in there.   They can remove the card, and yep, you guess it, it's the originally chosen card!

Be sure to watch an UNCUT PERFORMANCE VIDEO on this page:

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I just started taking classes on sign language..

I gotta say, it's pretty handy.


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